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Dave is simply brilliant. Not only does he have a way of explaining things without oversimplifying, he's got wit and humor that are always "on". Few things come as funny for free. Subscribe to Dave. If you don't like Dave, then there's something the matter with you. Seek help.
i've been listening to Dave Ross on the radio for several years and just discovered that i can hear his podcasts on iTunes. Dave Ross is one of the funniest commentators in the media, and his "fill in the blank" pieces together with his songs are my favorites. he voices the views of many of us who feel unheard by the media. onward!
His commentaries are straight to the point and funny. Best of all, he speaks my mind.
Dave Ross has one of the best satirical minds around. I love these tunes - you will too. LRM


Dear Eric, You are a baby. Love, Alex
Haven't heard Dave Ross on the radio, yet, but the bits he keeps in his podcast are wonderful. I like the "fill in the blanks" ("yes!") episodes best. Witty, intelligent, fast paced, and genuinely well done. Good job, Dave!