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This podcast is first rate. Top guests, great interviews. I hope it comes back! I just discovered this podcast but there hasn't been a new addition for 6 months. I have a feeling I will be thru the archives soon and wanting more! A must listen for any theatre people out there!
Most of use will never see these shows but with some great questions by true lovers of the theatre we can all get an insight into the creative process. Thanks for doing this ... it is a great service to us all. This is a podcast that is not just promoting a show but rather developing an appreciation for and art form. Howard Sherman is an excellent host.
Love this podcast one of the best!!! You get alot of info and it's fun to listen to!!! If you love the theater you'll love this!!!! (if you love theater and great music buy any of the Celtic woman albums!) you will not be sorry!!!!
I have enjoyed this show even back the hiatus, but since it's return it has gotten even better. Howard Sherman does an excellent job, and the guest have become even more diverse, not encompassing the stars of the new york theater but also other creative artists (such as producers, costume and scenic designers) that rarely from in these intereview shows. It is enjoyable for the theater geek to see inside of what make theater works, and i dare say that other will find it taking them into parts of this world they may never had consdiered before.
These interviews let you hear from people involved in every aspect of the theatre - from actors to directors, designers, playwrights, composers and producers to the people responsible for marketing shows and making cast recordings. I've listened to a lot of the older interviews as well as the newer ones and they're really terrific, whether you're a long-time theatre fan or just starting to get interested in it or aspiring to a stage career yourself.
Thank you American Theatre Wing and XM Radio for an outstanding interview series with the people I really want to hear from and about. I learn invaluable lessons from hearing these insightful interviews with the movers and shakers of Broadway and Stage Musicals around the world. Keep up the good work!
Finally a podcast that really speaks, educates,elightens and above all entertains anyone who loves the theatre and appreciates all the wonderful nuances that live theatre can give us! thank you Downstage Center!
here or on XM?
These interviews are great. They’re my favorite thing to listen to on my ipod. The two men who do the interviews are very well informed. (That’s a nice quality to have in an interviewer, and a rare one, sadly.) They ask smart questions, but they also know when to be quiet and let the guest talk (as was the case with Hal Prince.) I love how they archive everything they’ve ever done. (Some podcasts only allow you access to their most recent work.) My only question: The podcasts do not include the music selections referenced in the interview. I don’t know why this is so.
I love these interviews, but I hate that they edit out the songs that they play. i wish they would include them, especially since they take so much time to set them up. Other than that, great podcast.
Great questions by the hosts...terrific guests & quite timely!
This is a fantastic podcast; I've been subscribing to it for about two months now and already I am addicted to it. The interviews are long, detailed, and entertaining, especially to thespians (new hands or old hats). I was very pleased that they recently added about two years worth of archive episodes - what a treat! I have already downloaded at least 12, and probably will get many more within the next few days.


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these podcasts are so inspiring- coming from such great theatre artists and such in depth conversations about their work and ideas. I learn something new each time I listen. I downoad thm to my ipod and listen to them on the bus, train, walking to class or rehearsal- it's a great way to get myself in the frame of mind to do my best work.
These are wonderful resources for anyone working in the professional theatre.
It's official: I am addicted to this podcast. The sessions are informative, intelligent, and engrossing. Often, with an artist I admire, I learn things about them I didn't know I didn't know. And even more often, I'll listen to an interview with someone I've had little interest in before, but nearly fall in love with them by the end of the session. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
An astonishing resource. Honest-to-god full length interviews with theater people. Not celebrity fluff, not gossip, but detailed conversations with top stars, along with writers, directors, producers, designers. Maybe people in NYC can see these people and hear them talk on local programs, but for fans -- and students and teachers and even pros -- outside of Manhattan, this is a lifeline to everyone you could ever want to hear (even if you've never heard of them before). Listen and tell your theatre friends to listen (they'll thank you). Thank you, ATW!!!
This is a great find! As I've read in other reviews of Downstage Center the variety of professionals on the program is wonderful. It's informal enough that I get the sense of being a fly on the wall as talented professionals discuss what they do, and it is truly exciting to listen to. And as an educator I find this to be a wonderful resource for my students. It's sometimes difficult to find information that I think would really inspire my students...and this is it! Each artist brings they're specific point of view and it's wonderful to hear them discuss their experiences. The interviewers are incredibly well-versed and a matter of fact, I envey them! Thank you for making this available to us!
What a wonderful podcast! A wide range of the top artists currently working on Broadway--actors, directors, choreographers, producers, etc.--are interviewed by knowledgeable hosts, Howard Sherman, the Executive Director of the American Theatre Wing, and John von Soosten, the Program Director for XM Satellite Radio's Broadway channel. Much more than just promotional flack for their current shows, these interviews explore the artists' careers and their approach to theater. Thanks so much for making this available for free!
Wow - this is a wonderful program! The interviewers ask good questions that allow the guests to speak on a broad range of topics and don't interupt too often. The guests are mostly fantastically well-spoken and passionate about their work in the theatre. I'm working my way back thru the archive and loving every minute. I've told all my friends about this one. Thanks to the American Theatre Wing for making these freely available in this medium.
I eagerly await every issue of Downstage Center. The interviews are elegant and thorough, filled with insights about New York theatre and regional artists of significance. I have learned so much from listening, I can use them to help me budget my limited resources when I have the chance to visit NY. Thanks, ATW, for making this available.
I listen to these interviews on my daily commute. By the time I get to the theatre for rehearsal or performance I find myself really motivated and ready to do my job. I recommend these programs to anyone who enjoys theatre.
Downstage Center gives you endlessly fascinating invterviews with Broadway professionals. These interviews are inspirational, candid and educational. They are great for actors looking for examples of success and for fans wanting to know what it's like on the inside.
I live on the West Coast and rarely see New York theatre, but I very much enjoy Downstage Center. The interviews are long and thorough without being tedious--it's obvious that the hosts do their research beforehand. Conversation doesn't revolve around gossip or showbiz shoptalk but on what's really interesting: the creative process. Recommended for anyone connected with the arts.
To reiterate the prior reviewers, if you have been bitten by the theatre bug, this is one podcast that is for you. A wide range of performers, directors, writers and producers are presented here. If the interviewee is someone you're familiar with, you will likely learn something new about them; if it's someone new to you, you'll become a fan and want to see or hear their work. As another reviewer mentioned, they frequently talk in depth about a song and you get excited to hear it, then they skip it due to copyright laws. This is no fault of the ATW, and it serves to make you want to buy the track, or the whole album.
I've been listening to these programs constantly throughout the last 9 months. They are wonderful. What a range of guests! An incredible source of information for a theatre fan or fellow artist. Thank you ATW!
This is a great podcast for theatre fans, or theatre professionals. The interviews usually cover a good mix of the subject's personal history, professional process, and philosophy on performance and the theatre. They maintain a really human approach, without ever devolving into gossip-column style or invasive questioning. Great stuff!
John Von Soosten and Howard Sherman host this wonderful show that provides insightful interviews with people who are currently working in theatre. This includes performers, writers, composers, and much more. Both John and Howard's love for theatre shines through even with just audio, and their great style really allows for the people being interviewed to open up. Even episodes where I wasn't familiar with the person being interviewed, I still end up finding the discussion absolutely fascinating. The only downer is that on the podcast version you don't get to hear the musical selections. This has to do with copyright issues, and doesn't reflect poorly on the podcast experience. If you have any interest in theatre, I would highly encourage you to subscribe to this podcast. I don't think you'll be sorry.
For anyone interested in theatre, this is the perfect podcast. The interviews are fantasically thorough and interesting, and the great moderators know just what questions to ask. Plus, the range and caliber of the professionals they interview is unmatched.
I LOVE this podcast so much!!!!! I learn so much from all these amazing people; I admire so many of them for what they do. This podcast is informative and, at times, funny. It's a great behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work on Broadway. Some of my favorites are the interviews with Susan Stroman, Jerry Herman, Victoria Clark, and Dan Fogler and Sarah Saltzberg. If you love the Great White Way, you'll love Downstage Center.