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I love this podcast. There are so many podcasts to choose - and even many more worth NOT choosing. I find the still of the night just before I retire the best time to listen and reflect on the word. And find the speakers voice calming without distracting from the content. Thank you so much for making this podcast this available, timely, AND free.
This podast makes it very easy for us to begin our days with our daily readings along with a nicely presented brief history of the saints being commemorated.
My wife and I listen everyday. Thanks so much for this wonderful podcast. It really helps us get the word of god and history of our holy fathers into our daily life. Keep up the godly work. God bless you.


By Bedwa
Thank you for a way to not only go over the daily readings with the family, but also a fabulous job on getting an automated voice that can read Greek names. Fabulous!
Love this podcast alot. It is very informative on the saints and the scriptures help me learn bible scriptures.
This is a wonderful service. God bless Annunciation Church for providing this podcast for Orthodox listeners and seekers. This is a terrific way to get my day on track.
I for one know that time isn't easy to come by in this busy world, but I do know I keep my iPod with me all the time. I'm hoping this Podcast will help me grow spiritually, and we can all agree that we need to do that. This makes it easier to take a few minutes of our day and listen to the word of God, even for a few minutes. Thanks Orthodox word!
I'm not Orthodox, but I've started to listen to this podcast daily to help me 1) fill my head with Scripture (a reading from one of the epistles and one of the gospels is the highlight of the show), 2) learn more about Church fathers and history, and 3) get in touch with the annual calendar of the Orthodox Church. Though the announcer's voice is a little strange in its modulation, this podcast is a great addition to my morning routine.