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Best Spurs Podcast out there.
Really enjoying the new Spurscast. Paul Garcia offers in-depth analysis and I prefer his neutral viewpoint.
Great informative podcast. It's smart and zero. Please keep this podcast around for a long long time. You need sponsors too.
Love this podcast! Funny & informative.
This is just one of the many podcasts on ABPN that is full of great content. These guys are the hardest working people in podcasting.
Don't the spurs have the best old colors in the NBA? They should switch back. Grey and Black? Garbage.


By RDR923
Very informative Spurs podcast. Add this to your subscription!
From a Pop lover
Even Pop would talk to these guys!
The pod gets better and better every week. Great job guys.
This podcast is a long, boring, and sleep-inducing show brought to you by two ADD morons who can can't stay on point for longer than 30 seconds before they start rambling about God knows what. When they do talk about the Spurs, their knowledge of the subject is disappointing.
Use to be 5 stars. No problem with the host at all. Just that there's too much non-Spurs talk. Even the intro seems too long. Seriously, these podcasts are becoming more and more high-end but like anything else.. can become watered down. All I know is that there's plenty of dudes like me who can talk Spurs all day and don't like the fact that over half of the current format is non-Spurs related. Again, no problem with the host.. just the new format. (By the way Black Tapes is pretty awesome!)
I'm a long time Spurs fan who follows any Spurs related news and social media and have been a long listener of this podcast. But I can't help saying that I'm disappointed with this podcast ever since the host changed. Most of the talk is not related to Spurs and just seems to be ranting about things we don't care. I don't even remember the name of host (sorry) but I miss the former host or the format/contents back then. I am almost at the point that unsubscribing this only the podcast about Spurs. It's sad.
More! Give me More!!!
Should be a two times a week show. Thank you
Great show for any Spurs fan. I love this podcast!!!! Spurs fan for life baby!!
This podcast is produced by two Spurs fans who (1) do not have inside access to the team; (2) aren't extraordinarily knowledgeable; and (3) do not entertain while informing. They could learn a lot from the guys who do the Basketball Jones podcast. I applaud their moxie and their Spurs fandom, but this a painful podcast to listen to...
These guys give outstanding Spurs knowledge to listeners. It's a good listen to anybody that likes the Spurs or is just a basketball fan in general. Subscribe to this.
You guys are unbelivable the way u cover the team. I consider myself a very knowledgeable Sports and SPURS fan but i always learn something new when i listen to u guys... KEEP THE SHOWS COMING... GO SPURS GO! One for the Thumb, Tyler in Fort Worth
These guys are great. I am a casual basketball fan, but I love hearing these guys break it down for me. This has turned me into a huge Spurs fan! No holds barred, they tell it like it is.
Want to know anything and everything about the San Antonio Spurs? Then look no further than The Spurscast. Michael, Jeff & Mike recap games, trades, rumors and hold nothing back! Want a True Fans perspective? Then subscribe to the Spurscast.
I live in Pennsylvania, but have been a loyal Spurs fan for over 10 years. I have always wanted to hear other Spurs fans talk about the teams, games, players, etc., but have been unable to because of my location. This PodCast is perfect for out of town fans like to me stay up-to-date on the Spurs!!! So much more in depth than the NBA league pass is because you never know who's team's commentators you'll get. PLEASE keep this PodCast going, it's great!!
spurscast is exactly what I was looking for, a great podcast about the NBA champs. Podcast gives informational takes and opinions from people i can trust: spurs fans.