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I began listening to Mark, Mike, Wendi, and Dani within the last two years after having been a supervisor for about the last four. I earned a 27% raise in 2015 in large part through the application of concepts and behaviors I learned from the show and show notes. I may be on the verge of earning another 25% raise and a manager title in the next month or so thanks yet again to the Manager Tools team. I'm better for it and my directs are better off from it. Thanks so much! How fortunate for all of us that Mark and Mike started this podcast and business more than ten years ago! Thanks even more for keeping all the shows online through all these years. —-wow, I wrote that review above in late 2016 and by January 2017 I did indeed promote myself to “manager” by joining a new organization with greater pay. MT has been indispensable still over the last couple of years as I quickly moved up to a higher manager title and pay within a year and now in 2019 am on the verge of yet another promotion and increase. Thank you MT staff and especially Mike and Mark for starting it all! —amazing, I wrote the follow up review in 2019 and I did indeed use their guidance to promote myself to the tune of a 33% increase and more senior manager role. Now I’m 2021 still using and recommending their guidance all the time I’ve just signed a 75% increase and now Director level role. Will be a subscriber and recommender for as many years as possible. Originally I said this podcast was worth tens of thousands but it’s actually worth hundreds of thousands at this point. Thanks so much.
On your effective meeting volume 1: It would be fantastic to be able to make every meeting on time but when you have back to back meetings with no breaks (as is often true with no exaggeration in our new normal), it is simply impossible to make every meeting on time.
MT guidance is priceless. I discovered Mark and Mike in 2011 while serving in Korea. Since implementing their guidance, my leadership and results skyrocketed- I was selected to command a large organization and for senior leadership. Simply implementing O3 meetings at every assignment improved my relationships and the performance of my team. If you only have time for one PodCast, this is it.
Terrific resource on specific behaviors to improve management practices. The management trinity is priceless. I have been listening to these podcasts since 2008. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to be a better manager.
Mark and Mike continue to knock it out of the park. I listened to them years ago and often shared their assessments wth my leadership team I've caught up with the recent COVID casts, and these are great! Mark always keeps current and relevant, and is clearly a world-class though leader in Management and Leadership.
As of 2020, I am coming up on 13 years as a Manager Tools manager. I actually got a *better* job during the tough economic downturn in 2009 by practicing this advice. I love starting my work commute each Monday morning with a new Manager-Tools episode. This is targeted, useful and entertaining stuff! This is the real, specific advice on how to be better at every aspect of management. Heck, the advice works for 'real' life, too. A podcast devoted to the proper way to shake hands? Yep, they've got that. Great, great stuff here.
The cast has been going on for awhile, so there is a lot to catch up on. That said, this is great information that every manager or person who wants to be a manager should consider. It's a great resource and if you are looking for the answer to a question, they probably have a cast on it. Start with the Manger Tools Basics podcast feed to get the fundamentals.
New to this cast, but seems 10-12 minutes of time is spent on introduction.
I love to listen to manager tools, I’ve listened each week and it’s nice to get reminders of best practices in management.
I’ve listened to several of these podcasts. All I’m hearing is a litany of buzzwords. What is the message? Give me one point. Get to know your people? You could have said that in 3 minutes and I could be listening to Casefile right now. If I had a quarter for each time the host says the word “data,” I would be at the beach rather than listening to this meaningless podcast.


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This is a repetitious joke. I’m not normally one to leave reviews but you need to improve your content. There is hardly anything valuable here, I spent 40 minutes listening to the two part “1 on 1’s” and came away with 1 good insight. The remainder of the podcast is an advertisement, baiting with interesting topics, then wasting my time talking about why they are qualified to speak on the subject and never addressing the original idea. I subscribed looking for management nuance and insight, my time was wasted, get it together. If you want people to buy your product, stop treating them like idiots.
I just became a new manager without much training or official development courses, and I have been desperate to learn how to be a better manager with so many unexpected issues! These tools are like having a mentor on tap, and I can’t stop listening! I think I listened to them non-stop on my first day off, and every hour after work and as I go to sleep. Thank you so much!!!
This is the best podcast out there. I have a business degree but love listening the ideas and lessons you discuss. They are current, simple and makes sense. K.I.S (Keeping it simple). I wish I would have discovered this a couple years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and money spent going to business school! Keep the knowledge coming.
Please stop rambling. Only 1/3 of the content is actionable. Also the intro music sounds like those cheesy training VHSs back in the 80’s, I tune out before you even start.
Manager-Tools has been probably the single most useful podcast I’ve ever listened to. Mark and Mike (and other hosts) focus first and foremost on advice you can use. Not just believe or strategize, but tips you can actually use. Honestly, it changed my life and made me a better leader.
A great podcast for everyone to listen to. It puts everything in very practical and straightforward manner. If your not listening and sharing this you’re not doing your job.
Excellent information, very well done.
Looking for some daily advice and this is just what the doctor ordered. Not too short, not too long - LOTS of great information.
I'm willing to concede that the principles behind Manager Tools are sound. However, I've listened to three podcasts so far (including basics) and they have yet to actually describe their methods. They have spent 30 minutes EVERY time justifying their theories and/or explaining over and over why other resources fall short. So far, it seems like they could cover all their actually helpful content in 5-10, ten minute casts. So aggravating.
If you are a manager you need to listen to this podcast. All episodes are actionable for every manager.
Even if you just pick the episodes that pertain to a particular part of management this is a great resource. I have some opportunities and raises that were direct results of things I implemented from the podcast.
I began listening to the Manager Tools podcast 3+ years ago. I've found their advice to be practical and very valuable. They provide information that would be valuable to almost anyone in management.
If only I had this education earlier in my career, the organizations I have served would be much better off. Mike & Mark give clear directives on how to make a positive impact for your organization and be a positive influence for the individuals in your life's path. I have begun sharing listening sessions of "Manager Tools" with our employees and the results have been seen quickly. You can teach an old dog new tricks - and I'm thankful for that!
I truly value all of the insight and information these guys put out every episode. I'm in late 20s managing people much older than myself. I love having a place to go for sound ideAs and advice. Awesome podcast that I believe would be beneficial to every manager. Keep up the Awesome work. I appreciate it!!
I love that it's almost like being baby fed all this great information! As a young woman wanting to become a more effective manager, this is a great podcast!
Thanks for all your great insights over the years
You don't know it all, no one does. This podcast will help full the gaps and round out your manager skills.
Great cast for Managers and Sups.
Too much setup and introduction really hurts this podcast. It’s as if they’re padding out the podcast for time. This would be much more effective in a shorter format.
I love this guidance. Hiring, interviews, phone screens, DISC, this stuff.
I believe I have listened to every single podcast by these guys over the past year. I have been a manager for a few years, and there is no real training like this out there. I have put it as a mandatory listen to all my managers which is making my job a lot easier! Really appreciate all the work the, manager and career tools, team does! -Miron Briley
This is one of the best management podcasts around. Always relevant and informative!
I love the advice and the tools. This podcast has helped me in my career and my personal life.
Excellent advise for managers at ANY level!!
Thank you Mark, Mike and the entire MT staff for these podcasts. I found you out of necessity. Two years ago I was struggling in a role I had been promoted to a year earlier. There was talk if I was promoted too early. Frankly, it was true but I wasn't one to give up. At first I was skeptical of the trinity and its effectiveness. With my ways not working I decided to apply the behaviors they taught. To my amazement it worked! Having the initial success I started to listen regularly and rolled out the trilogy. Not only did the company see the results they were seeking, my team actually started liking me and my leadership. Over the next 18 months our results continued to improve, my relationship with my team improved and I was honored for director of the year at my company. Senior leadership start to notice and I was offered a promotion earlier this summer. Not only have I benefited from the Manager Tools podcasts, I tell my colleagues and directs about them. Simply put, I tell them everything they've recommend that I've tried has worked like gold. Over the past year four directs were promoted - further reinforcing the ubiquitous applicability of the knowledge. I can't thank you enough for how you've affected my life and the lives of others whom I've introduced to you. Thank you.
This podcast is remarkable in its precise guidance for managers. There is a lot of information in the world though there is nothing else anywhere nearly as effective. It’s usually about half an hour and is time well spent. Thank you to Mike and Mark and team for producing this timeless and invaluable podcast!
Practical, actionable advice. The MT team consistently delivers the stuff you will never be taught in school. I am grateful to Mark, Mike and the entire MT team for the the many hours of advice that has unquestionably taken my management career to the next level. The Trinity alone has differentiated me from my peers. Thanks you for the what you have done for me! I look forward to your podcasts every week.
I have been a regular listener to the Manager Tools Pod Cast for a very long time, and it is simply one of the most comprehensive sources of professional development information available anywhere, in any medium. I am eternally grateful for the difference their recommendations have had on my own career, and the benefits that my team has felt in return. We are all better managers because of the tireless work of the Manager Tools team.
As an expression of gratitude for how this podcast has impacted me and my career, I'm letting everyone who reads reviews know: if you are interested in being the change you wish to see in the world of bosses, you begin with taking one piece of advice that the team at Manager Tools offer. Put that advice into action and watch your results and team engagement improve. Repeat with the next piece of advice, because you will be addicted. Life is better with Manager Tools.
So few managers get real training, being promoted from other roles. These guys provide profound, actionable advice on what management is, how to improve your skills and interactions, and ways to ensure your team is working at peak performance. Frankly, this podcast has shown me that I've never had a "good" manager. I intend, with Manager Tool's help, to become one.
...this includes my time at HBS & Wall Street. It have made it essential for my staff
I have been listenening to Manager Tools and Career Tools since the beginning. There is not a day that goes by that I don't use some of their guidance in some way. I have reduced turnover, increased production, become a better interviewer and even helped others get better jobs all from what I learned from the MT team. If you want to lead better, have the respect of your employees and your management, and be the most effective you can be, each and every day, there is no better tool with which you can equip yourself.
I'd like to offer this expression of gratitude for how this Podcast and company has impacted me. Because of this work, I am a better manager. I am able to better serve my organization and mission. I am better at providing a better working environment for my coworkers. This podcast can really be attributed to why I am able to continue to grow in my role at my organization.
I subscribed several years ago and I have owned a personal license (paid, premium access) for most of that time. It doesn’t matter if you have a management role or not, the advice here will help you in your career. If you do have a management or leadership role the nuts and bolts, specific, actionable recommendations will help you become a better leader and manager. Learn to focus on your Results and Relationships, learn why, learn how. Become better.
I’ve been listening to Manager Tools and Career Tools since 2006. In my work as a manager and individual contributor MT has been by not so secret weapon (I recommend it to all my coworkers and friends, particularly those struggling in certain aspects of their career). MT’s advice, excuse me, recommendations, have helped me and countless others grow as professional, focusing on what is most important- results and relationships. In addition to providing excellent guidance the team at Manager Tools has provided superior service and empathy during times of change and crisis in my career, going as far as providing me services free of charge during my move and divorce. They are real folks invested in making their community more professional and effective in all aspects of their professional and personal life. I cannot recommend them enough, the podcast guidance is free but their best service as a individual license. For $200 a year you get full access to the podcasts, show notes and their digital tools. It’s a poor man’s MBA and the best value for business intelligence next to the WSJ. Well worth your time and modest investment.
I've been listening regularly for almost 10 years and this podcast regularly covers a diverse set of topics to keep it interesting, and always has concrete practical guidance. I am grateful for the help in making me improve my management skills, and I know I have made better hires and get more effective contributions from my staff by following Manager Tools. I have recently gone through a string of hiring, and candidates have remarked on the quality of our process -- all refined by following Manager Tools guidance. I even got thank you notes for the rejection letters we sent from every candidate in a recent group! There are so many podcasts now you can go o their web site for a directory of topics, but start listening today and put it in your subscription list. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
When I was promoted in my organization and started managing people, I was on my own. My organization had no training, no process - managers were just expected to figure it out. I immediately jumped on iTunes to find podcasts on managing people, and I am so thankful I found Manager Tools. Manager Tools explains the principles, and then takes the next critical step and tells you exacty how to do it so you can immediately take action. I experienced immediate benefits - my stress level went way down, my team is getting better results, and I know my people way better than before. I still have a long way to go, but whenever I run into a challenge, I can always check Manager Tools, and most likely, they 'have a cast for that'. I am totally grateful for Manager Tools.
Mike and Mark have management guidance on SO MANY TOPICS, and I have employed their strategies over and over in my work. And I’m a much better manager for it. My only complaint is that they can be long-winded, with, say, Feedback split over 6 half-hour podcasts. I listen on my commute, so it’s not too difficult to get through, but I wish that there were a bit of editorial snipping here and there. Otherwise, topics-wise, they are spot on. Thanks, Mike and Mark!
This podcast and Mike and Mark's other one Career Tools are nothing short of incredible. I’m eternally grateful to Mike, Mark, Wendii and Dani for their contributions to my success. They have helped me get every job I’ve gotten since I found them (3 so far) and have changed the way I work, communicate with and relate to people in superbly positive ways. They are the only people I've found giving actionable career and management advice. Instead of everyone else's "You should coach your people" or "Pre-wire for your meetings" you get step by step, detailed, actionable advice for how to handle an incredible array of career and management issues. They also espouse something that I greatly appreciate, which is the idea that anyone can be a great employee or manager, all you have to do is be willing to change your behavior as needed, listen to people who have been there, and work at it. Listen to this podcast, you won't regret it.