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Edward Goldman is a fixture in the art scene in Los Angeles. He has a true passion for art and his exuberance comes across well in this short weekly review of what he's seen in the art world in the past week. Add in his still-thick-even-after-a-lifetime-in-LA and you get a podcast that is a work of art in itself!
This podcast is wonderful for keeping up with art in LA and current issues in visual art, contemporary visual art. Goldman is smart and supports his comments with clear thought and is entertaining to listen to.
Leave it to a Moscow transplant with a pedigree from the Hermitage to put a finger on the pulse of the diverse LA art scene. Articulated in a crisp Russian accent, Edward Goldman applies his unique and candid perspective on the galleries, art, artist and institutions that make the LA art scene.
Although the content is interesting, to be honest the reason I started listening was for a play I was in recently. It was necessary to aquire a Russian Accent. This podcast was a delightful start to my aquisition. Enjoy not only the in depth analysis of art, but also the way it is delivered.