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Wonderful interviewer, Alison‘s questions are fresh and thoughtful. She brings a lot of energy to this time slot from Get Lit to I Need a Minute. Keep up the good work!
Alison Stewart invites people to call in to the show and then she ignores what they say completely saying “thank you for your call” and she moves on to the next caller right away. At times it’s awkward at other times it’s insensitive. In addition to this her interview style is stilted and unnatural. Her guests are all high caliber and interesting but she almost always stumbles and seemingly has difficulty truly engaging. I listened daily for more than a year hoping she would improve but she has not, I’m sorry to say that I wish they would replace her. At the very least please stop taking call ins! It’s painful to listen to and I now turn off WNYC when she comes on and return to listening when her show is over.
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Allison is great! This is my favorite show on WNYC, and the reason why I continue to give support.
Love Alison Stewart and this show. She’s a great interviewer and makes even the most mundane-sounding subjects interesting along with her well-chosen guests!


Not for me. After years of listing all day, the addition of this show has me turning WNYC off until 2pm. I tried to enjoy it but it is too “lite” on subject matter and interview ability to listen to. Maybe improve content and depth of interview skill and I would reconsider.
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s career. But this show is filled with washed up generation xers - and yes I am one of that generation. Celebrated the 25th anniversary of that Oasis album? No thanks. Horrible outdated theme music? No thanks. The guests are awful, the topics are awful, I now have to turn off npr for one of the main times I used to listen to it. Sorry npr this show is awful.
Been giving this show more than its share of chances, particularly because I’m a sustaining member of WNYC. But this tripe doesn’t measure up to what I expect from NPR. The intro “music” is simply atrocious. Secondly, the host Allison trips over her words. Her thoughts are disjointed and, more often than not, I sense the guests’ irritation at her nonsensical asides. Please remove her from midday! You’re losing daytime listeners, WNYC!
Alison is in the know about almost anything cultural. I appreciate how much I am able to learn about our city and culture at-large thanks to her show.
I usually listen from 9 or 10 till 12, then come back at 2 for Terri Gross
I really want to like this show, but after listening to WNYC from 8am - 12pm, I find myself turning the radio off until after it’s over. The guests are just not that broadly interesting and the host does not do a good job asking questions that reveal why the audience should care about their work. The questions are very shallow (“what was it like directing this movie?”) and sometimes feel like the conversation is for the benefit of the host rather than thinking about the listener. Really I’m writing this review because I want this show to be better/get better since I love WNYC so much (and yes, I donate monthly).
Alison is definitely my favorite host on WNYC. I try to catch her daily and have started catching up on missed episodes via Apple podcasts. Love her!
Ironically, for being a show about culture, “All Of It” is presenting contemporary arts culture as if it were finger painting.
it’s all surface. Interview questions are mostly fluff and obvious. I never learn anything from time spent listening. I expect more from public radio.
I miss The Leonard Lopate Show. I was always interested in his interviews—what an empty hole he has left in the lineup. After all this time, nobody has come close to his genius.
Some segments leave me cold but this program is relly superb at times. Definitely worth checking out.
I keep waiting for this show to get better, but what it has done is it has gotten me to stop listening to WNYC. There is hole in my listening schedule and I never seem to go back to the station. I find I am am not interested in the guests the way I was when Lopate held this spot. Surely the station can find someone who is more suited to this task. I understand you won’t bring back Lopate but please find some who can fill his shoes properly. Below is my original review about how wonderful the show once was: I am smarter, more informed, moved, and dare I say enlightened at times by listening to The Leonard Lopate Show. Every week I am amazed and thrilled by the variety of guests. I’ve listen to this show for years while drawing in my studio each and every day. I’ve been exposed to books, plays, films, artists, comedians, graphic novels, world affairs, and the plights of other people at home and abroad. I can’t a single show, in all of media, that is so informative on such a wide variety of subjects. Bravo!
The combination of Alison’s enthusiasm and curiosity stand out in the blur of diverse topics covered by this show. I love Andy and the Archives. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Brilliant interviews; quick, witty, and sympathetic host. Wide variety of current cultural topics. Always deeply informative.
Alison Stewart is smart, snappy and engaged. And I love seeing more ladies and “others” represented through this program. One note: can you please release the podcast in segments like BL’s show and not in single 2-hour chunks? Thanks.
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Interesting topics, solid interviews. Keep them coming!
Thanks for taking time to find the right person to take over the main NYC culture spot. This is how I decide how to pick the performances, films, concerts, series, podcasts, books etc than come flying towards me as an ever growing deluge. Necessary, interesting, well done.
Really enjoying this new show and I particularly appreciate the heavy emphasis on books and authors. Stewart is warm, well-prepared interviewer who asks questions with genuine curiosity to know the answers.
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When it was the Leonard Lopate show it was the best. They unjustifiably removed him and turned the best two hours on radio to amateur hour. Occasionally there is a good host, but basically the show is terrible. Do yourself a favor and listen to Leonard Lopate @ Large on iTunes.
To say that this chit chat has become a shadow of the Leonard Lopate show would be a compliment. I enjoyed LL’s smart in depth program for many years. The way WNYC dismissed him is just one of the examples of a deteriorating standards of the station. His replacement hosts are lacking in skill, knowledge and values that made LL a great host. I and many of my friends have decided to terminate our membership and stop our financial contribution. RIP WNYC.
Hari Kondabolou is super sharp, not afraid to gently challenge his guest (see Amy Chua interview) and is legit funny. I feel like I learn a lot by listening to him. Really hope WNYC will make sure to lock him down in a regular spot!
Count me out. Get a sober, quietly spoken permanent host (male or female) and then I'll try this podcast again.
Although I don't disagree with WNYC's decision to let LL go, I must say that I miss his show. Midday on WNYC isn't nearly as good. (I don't care for Jonathan Capehart or Martha Plimpton.) So, with disappointment, I've unsubscribed.
I like Jonathan Capeheart. I appreciate WNYC’s got a problem with diversity on-air, but 1. JC’s just not interesting to listen to. 2. Over 30 years,I’ve heard Lopate interact with women in the arts, intelligently, sympathetically. Having him frog-marched out of WNYC by security on the advice of Walker’s consultants is cruel. 3. The woman whose complaint about his explaining the origin of “avocado” (indigenous South American people’s word for “testicle”)shows how petty, humorless, autocratic and hostile to grown-up discussion the Walker regime has been. Not listening to this show, and curtailing my support of WNYC until Walker’s gone and Lopate’s reinstated or otherwise issued a thoroughly groveling apology.
Well, I loved this show, but sadly, now I have unsubscribed. Without Leonard I just am not interested. HE is what made the show so great.
Get rid of the irritating musical notes in the intro, it doesn't help me drive this truck. And why does the interviewer waste time saying stupid things? Some of the interviews have excellent content, especially enjoyed whatshername doc re CRISPR and nice to get a follow up.
So knowledgeable, right on point, and light on ads.
WNYC podcasts are excellent but how to use each one is different. Where to tap to delete, to read more about a podcast, where to tap to download--each one is different and no directions anywhere. Please help. If you have same problem please put in in the reviews so we might get some help.
Locate gets good guests, I’ll give him that. But he comes across as such a NYC snob. You can almost see him when you listen to him, acting all know-it-all and superior. Sooooo, cultured enough that if you met him at a party, shortly after meeting him you’d be excusing yourself saying “I’m, uh, sorry, I just remembered I left the oven on at home…."
If you hate Reagan, Bush, Republicans, and conservatives you will love this podcast and even if you don’t you will enjoy it.
I've been listening to his show for years, and just recently switched over to his podcast. He covers a wide range of interesting topics that keep my mind thinking. Plus- his (and his guest's) voices are very nice to listen to. Perfect for my Subway ride home!
I've been listening to this show when it was NY and Company. Leonard Lopate is an excellent host. He reads every book before he meets with the author which is feat all by itself. Always great questions and informative. I don't always agree, but I always love to listen.
Great job, Leonard. There's some sanity left on the dial.
That old question of if you could pick 5 people from history for a dinner party, Leonard Lopate would be my 1st guest. He's knowledgable in many areas and charismatic. Would make the dinner so much more interesting with interesting characters.
There is no one in the media whose knowledge ranges so widely as Leonard Lopate's. He can interview equally well artists,authors, chefs, politicians, scientists, celebrities . . . . He asks the questions you'd like to ask and the ones you never thought of, and he doesn't pontificate or interrupt unnecessarily, as so many other interviewers do. Did I say he has a great sense of humor? His puns ( ok, maybe not all of them) are so refined they can sneak up and hit you minutes later. Like Brian Lehrer, he handles the crazies graciously. Just listen to the interview with a very high or inebriated Liza Minelli, or the one with a hilariously arrogant and abrasive Jerry Lewis. Thank you, Leonard, for making us all more interesting dinner guests.
Kill me. Get Leonard Lopate off the air at noon. He's so old! It is okay late at night and on slow Sunday afternoons; but, that noon-2pm time slot kills me. Play it at 11pm, please!
Lopate is the brightest of interviewers, no doubt. You're constantly scratching your head at how he's so knowledgeable about every topic he discusses. He's liberal, so we don't get the conservative side from his show. That's my only real complaint.
Why am I getting 20 updates a week from a show that airs once every weekday? If anything, this makes the podcast easier to skip than to enjoy. I doubt This American Life, Fresh Air, or Radiolab would ever have found a podcast audience if they split shows into 4 separate updates. Can you imagine if Car Talk released a different podcast for each individual phone call? WNYC has boldly and rightly picked up a much more innovative interview program called Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, which actually started as a podcast before it was distributed by PRI. If Leonard Lopate wants to maintain a growing audience (and donors) his producers have unfortunately done a great job alienating any future listenership.


I listen to NPR a lot but now have a two hour gap when my local station is taken over by the Leonard Lopate show. As another reviewer wrote, I have come to see Lopate as a really horrible interviewer. He's a name dropper, he sometimes he seems not have done even the most basic research to prepare for the interview and almost all of his interviewees are or have been interviewed on other public radio shows by better interviewers.
Leonard does amazing interviews on a variety of topics. Always interesting!
I really miss Leonard those days I can't listen, so I subscribe to the podcast and listen when I can. There are at least two of his monthly regulars that I particularly look forward to: The Language Mavin and The Ubells — House Fix-It Guys (not the right 'feature' name for either).
Those of us who love the U.S. need to listen to deGrasse Tyson. Our future depends on our supporting research and developing a generation of scientists. He is right about how politics are doing us in.
Interviewer in radio or television today. Intelligent questions, well researched and just plain smart radio. I am miffed how anyone can arrive at any other conclusion