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this is my favorite podcast by far. Not only do I listen to each episode as they are released, I also am listening to the extensive back log. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is even faintly interested in cinema. This podcast has madeMy love of film grow 1000 times over! I wish I had 4 thumbs so I could give this podcast 4 thumbs up!
Recommended by a friend. A friend no more. Now a lover.
Been listening since 2014 and with its endless entertaining discussions, colorful personalities and steady release of content makes this an incredibly unique and totally engaging podcast with such great diverse opinions from each reviewer.
Insightful and genuinely funny podcast, been helping me fall asleep for the past 3 years. Fantastic website as well with all of the relevant news you could possibly want.
This has been my go to podcast for the past 5 Year’s. The king of comedy, the duke of spook and “Sean” are the best.. keep it going guys.
There are others with interesting gimmicks or niches, but this is the one you can spend 3-4 hours listening to and be sad it's over. Comedy, tragedy, medical body horror. Film Junk has it all.
If you want to listen to a boring slow show about movies this is for you !
If you're a movie lover, this podcast is for you. If your a film snob, maybe not so much. The Film Junk crew are a trio (with occasional guest friends) of Candian guys who spend 2-3 hours each week reviewing a recent movie, talking about other things they watched, busting each others balls, answering questions from listeners, and generally giving the listeners the impression they are silent attendees at a fun get-together among friends. It's a mix of lowbrow humor and thoughtful discussion, and just generally a blast to listen to. Their premium offerings (minimum $1 donation) available on Bandcamp are great as well, usually devoted to a specific director or film series (Halloween, Godzilla, HItchcock, etc). Can't recommend it highly enough--my favorite podcast.
I started to listening to Film Junk for the reviews and what we watched segments, but what keeps me listening is the humor the hosts bring to the show. These fellas are hilarious and I listen to episodes even if the main review is not a movie I'm interested in. Easily my favorite podcast.


This podcast is the GOAT!! Over 10 years later and the only thing that might stop them is if Jay is pushed into Monster overload madness due to his mid-life crisis.
listened to several movie podcasts and this is proably my favorite one. like it better than filmspotting, /filmcast, the canon
regular listener for year. probably need some ramp up to get wiht the flow but they are great fun
One of the best movie podcasts out there. These guys are hilarious and have some great insights.
Good banter, noticeable camaraderie, insightful comments and witty comedy. So why three stars? Because when I tune into a podcast about a movie I saw I want to feel like I'm "chatting" with buddies about the particulars that caused me to slap my thigh in laughter or my forehead in incredulity. But I can't with these guys because they won't "spoil" the movie. I can understand having a ten-minute spoiler-free section, but then have a spoiler-filled discussion after that. Who talks for a hour about a movie without spoiling it? These guys. They will all have done the work of seeing the movie, but then cut us listeners out of their spoiler discussion about it (which I'm sure they engage in off-mic)! Sorry, can't recommend.
The absolute best podcast. Get on board.
Film or otherwise
My absolute favorite!
I disagree with these guys often. So, the fact that I adore this podcast is not influenced by any feelings of vindication for my opinions. Quite the opposite. I wholeheartedly disagree and am still unable to miss a show (including Premiums). I can't recommend it enough. They're very funny, especially Jay's antisocial humor. They deserve more attention.
Definately the highlight of my week is checking out the new episode of Film Junk. Sometimes, I get depressed and want to end it all, and hold out to hear the new episode. By the time it's over, I have a new lease on life. Can't thank these guys enough for keeping me grounded.
I have been away for quite a while from the Podcast universe, but one of the first Podcasts that I got hooked on was the Film Junk Podcast, (when Greg was still on board). I was so happy to see it is still going strong and re-subcribed immediately. Thank you guys for being so passionate about films and junk. I am back on board and look forward to spending many hours listening to you guys. I was sorry to see Greg go and I hope he is doing well, but the new additions are great!
Listen to hosts Sean, Jay, Frank and a rotating casts of guests as they talk about all things movies. Laugh with the guys; as Jay relates a new imagined illness he believes he has, as Frank frets about seeing movies that might be scary, an as Sean tries to keep the show on the rails
Worth a listen if you care even a little about movies.
...but possibly the best podcast ever - seriously - I've listened to my share of podcasts over the past decade and I have to say that this podcast is consistently outstanding. I look forward to this every week... And I'm always sad when it's over and realize I have to wait another week for a new episode. DOWNLOAD THE PREMIUMS and keep these guys going! So, in short - it's okay I guess... Side note - no more Dax or Reed please.
It’d be better if they just did the review at the beginning and then go into junk mail. It would be much better as an hour podcast. I like that they have the time stamps now because I always skip over “other stuff we watched”. The guys have great chemistry though and a pretty funny dry sense of humor.
I have to say that I wait all week for the new episode of film junk and it is always one best parts of week. Hear this guys share their opinions on whatever film is great and a lot of fun. I particularly enjoy jay's random stories about going to best buys and buying blu Rays. Yet frank and Sean also are great part of the podcast. Each host having particular taste in films so there is always a varied an unique opinion on each film being reviewed. Keep on vibing
The hosts are a bunch of friends who obviously know each other. They say interesting things, but the show runs VERY long, and they often get sidetracked into lengthy discussions on completely banal arguments that are uninteresting.
It's like being in the room.
If you like film and, perhaps, are a male, then this is the literally the only podcast you will need for the rest of your life. It is the greatest podcast of all time. I listen to all the time. Endless hours of talk. Incredibly strong chemistry between hosts. Plenty of inside jokes to make you feel like you know these guys. Endless hours. I repeat Endless. of movie and film talk. Boom. Start now. Go. Go. Go. One of the few 5 star few pop culture products in life.
Nearly every recent show has awful static thats hard on the ears please fix, how has this not come up before? Other than that 10/10 IGN
Pretty good podcast that runs quite long, which I prefer. Good chemistry between the hosts. Frank comes across as kind of uninformed and inconsistent, which irritates me. He kind of just says stuff without thinking it and is called out by his cohosts on it. Also, he gave Chappie 5/5?! Podcast:4/5, Frank:0/5 Edit: Frank has grown on me Podcast: 6/5, Frank: Chappie/5
The shows have gotten longer and longer, but I have to say, I enjoy hearing these guys bicker for an hour on the pronunciation of Krampus. Thanks for the fun.
A bit too rambly and unfocused, but when they review movies, it’s always a blast to listen to. Jay’s insights are great, Frank’s are usually questionable, and Sean is usually neutral ground that isn’t very critical but laid back in a way that isn’t frustrating. One of the better film podcasts for the entertainment value rather than the education. Any quibbles aside, this is one of the better produced and better sounding podcasts I discovered this past year.
The substance is decent, but at times there is too much bickering and pedantry for my taste.

By Ckv2
The guys provide hours of film critique fun. Thanks for your obvious dedication to this podcast!


I tried to listen to a review of Krampus, but their stupid aruging over how the movie title is pronounced was such a turn off I couldn't finish listening. Grown men strangely arguing and seemingly putting each other down was uncomfortable, weird and strange. I couldn't listen long enough to get to the review.
There are a few things that set this apart from other podcasts: 1. The chemistry between all three hosts is amazing. In particular, the passive-aggressive feuds between Frank and Jay are hugely entertaining. 2. To keep things fresh, they’re always coming up with new in-jokes and then playing them out and dropping them before they get stale. 3. Jay really has some great insights on film that I don’t see expressed anywhere else. So check it out. Maybe you’ll like it as much as I do!
This podcast is great. The only feedback I can provide is for Jay to lay off Frank. I’ve started skipping the first 10 minutes of each episode because I know it will just consist of Jay setting up Frank to get in an argument. Great show guys…. 6 out of 6!
Very entertaining movie podcast. The hosts have a good repoire. A real testimate to the 'cast is that I will listen to them talk about a film that I have no interest in (necessarily) and enjoy it none the less. These guys have the dynamics of a classic comedy team. Never moss a show. :)
If you prefer your consumption of film with a little passion and friendship, holding the pretension, then this is THE podcast for you. The other film podcasts seem to talk to you. This one includes you. Enjoy.
Love listening to movie fans give honest reivews. This is one of the best.
I have listened to this podcast for about a year and have gone back and listened to many of their old episodes as well and have enjoyed every second of them. The show is very informal and it seems as though you are getting to be part of a conversation between three guys that are obviously great friends. This being said they still offer great insight into the films they watch and offer a good balance between genre films and more serious films. They are also extremely funny and I often start laughing uncontrollably while listening to the show. Also I would highly suggest buying their premium podcasts where they cover iconic movie franchises. Overall if you love movies you will love this podcast.
Then an hour of dullness, followed by that guy, Jay moping. So it's a mixed bag. It's not presented with any bells and whistles, but that's a good thing since this is a casual conversation vibe. Like listening to your favorite low energy, jaded film student friend, arguing about the merits of a movie you actually liked.
You guys are intelligent enough to know that what you're doing is BORING.
It is something to look forward to. It is completely unique.
The April 1st, 2015 episode is my favorite thing ever. What a hilarious episode of Film Junk. Clearly that had to be scripted, because the synergy is too spot on to be improved, but I have a hard time believing that frank and Jay are so self aware that they could script themselves so perfectly. Amazing!!
Have been listening to them for the past few years off and on and I have to say how they are the best around in terms of movie reviews and some spoilers. The hosts' hilarious antics between Reed's stories, Jay's awesome belching, and the neutral balances between Sean and Frank helps to give variety. Great show and keep up the episodes.
This is a great podcast and I'm glad that after 10 years of existence and 500 podcasts under the Film Junk moniker, they've finally managed to make it into the "New and Noteworthy" category on iTunes. Sean, Jay and Frank give nuanced and articulate reviews of new releases (usually the popular film of the week) without sounding like fan-boys or pretentious film students. The show has a relaxed vibe and many times the guys go on very funny tangents about Frank's neuroses regarding Letterboxd reviews and Jay's attempts to confront the other hosts on particular issues but that's the charm of the show. I've learned a lot about new and old films and about film criticism from these guys. Not to mention, I've laughed until crying at some of the things they discuss. Give it a listen, you won't regret it!