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Simply the best podcast I've heard on iTunes. Kieran & Rock seem to be genuine guys who enjoy laughing with their listeners and at themselves. A fun listen every time.
these guys are awesome. Better than most radio shows you will ever hear! Funny and creative.
I've been listening since 07 these guys have been one of the best things I've ever found funny dirty and extremely entertaining yet mildly informative they definitely will get u through a workday.
I've been listening to these guys since the summer of 2006 and their podcast is my dedicated morning listening material while in my car. Kieran and Rock put on a great show and are absolutely hysterical an it's amazing to me that they haven't been picked up by Sirius/XM. You won't be disappointed!
Very funny radio show! By far the best one out there. If you are looking to be entertained for 3 hour installments this is definitely for you... as long as you can take a little profanity and raunchiness in passing ;-)
Doode. This has saved my work week! My boss screams at me everytime he hears you on but its alright - hilarity on this level is definatly worth it :)
Enough said
Long time listener/lurker; have to catch these guys every week now, its part of my routine. Great lads humour with no pretentious BS that you find on other comedy podcasts.
Lunatic Radio offers a funny, sometimes raunchy, always unapologetic view into the male mind. The hosts Kieran and Rock are hilarious and they fill the shows with entertaining guests and hysterically funny stories and phone calls from listeners. I’m working my way through the archives and every show is great. Fantastic sound quality, too! This is a professionally produced show with very talented hosts.
I have been a huge fan of the show since 06 when i found the show in college, back when the guys did college shout outs. They even shouted out my college Longwood University. I think they called us the Longwood University Lesbian Beavers
Hilarious! Soooooo glad I found this show! Been a listener since Dec 2006. Love listening to it on my drive to and from work!
Awesome show
If there were Marconi Awards for podcasts, Lunatic Radio would have at least 14 of them.
Lunatic Radio is one of the highlights of my week. Kieran and Rock are consistently funny and witty, and have an amazing chemistry when they do the show. LR is great because it's as good as Howard Stern or Opie & Anthony, but it's FREE. Do not hesitate to subscribe - you will not be disappointed.
I fell in love with lunaticradio the first time I heard their show 4 years ago. They are truely the best and funniest show out there. They have great chemistry and the flow of the show is excellent too along with their great since of humor. Lunaticradio is always a guaranteed laugh and good entertainment.
Just like Kieran, I've got nothin' to say.
Truely a great podcast, never a dull moment on this show, these guys are hilarious!
I only wish I had started listening to this show in the years before it hit i-Tunes! Funny stuff!
Great adult, who act like children, entertainment!
If you like adult humor, this is the show for you. Two main hosts with a great group of third mics that join in from time to time. A lot of kawk and bawl jokes and grandma might not laugh but you will.
This show is one of the best comedy shows out there. They also are free to curse but don't just for the sake of cursing. Their take on current events is another one of their strong points. They seem to search out things before they get big. An example would be the Jersey Shore. They talked about it before it was on the radar. They also give an honest and sometimes brutal opinion of shows like Jersey shore. I have been listening to all their shows for about 3 years now.
Heard alot from Kidd Chris to Big O and Dukes. These guys take it to another level. Heard one podcast a few months ago and Im hooked. Coming from northern California. Keep it up.
This first time I listened to them, I was hooked! They take current affairs, situations, and anything else they can muster to bring you one of the funniest podcasts I have ever heard!! Do yourself a huge favor and check them out! Not only will you laugh your a*s off, you will be sure to pick up and listen to all the episodes. 2 1/2 - 3 hrs of pure insanity, amazing comic presence and just laugh out loud fun!!! But be warned: Not for the faint of heart!!! :-)
This podcast is the best ever. Why cant more podcasts be as good as this one?
I suggest anybody looking for a great comedy podcast to check this out. This is the only podcast i ever listen too. These guys have been on for years and have a very loyal fanbase. I have not missed a show for nearly 5 years. Got hooked the first time i listened. Great guests and funny banter. Check it out immediately!
...cause some of the savviest radio listeners around. Thank you all for the kind words.
Ive been a loyal listener for around 5 years. This is the best podcast I have ever heard Kieren, Rockit, and Josh have a great chemestry. every episode is Top quality, the show is both funny and entertaing. Coors lights dude
better than silence,sort of.
I have been listening since October of 2006 and have never been able to stop. These guys are the sh!t and have never given me a non-funny moment. It would benefit your life to add a little Lunatic Radio; Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo
For me Howard Stern officially ended in 2005, but it had stopped being funny a long time before that. Since then I've been looking for somebody funny to replace him. Now I've finally found these guys - and they are hysterical!
If you like Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, or anything that makes you laugh out loud then listen to this show. This show is hilarious!!!
this is the greatest podc. ast ever! words can not describe the greatness. ALL MUST LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!!
Love these guys, been listening for 2 years now. Its like a disease in a good way. Keep it up JAYYYYYY
These Guys always have great content, I hope they stay around a long time
Kieran, rock, joshy jingles, best show I have ever listened to. I'm actually dedicated to listening to anything for once. I've been hooked since the chicken noodle soup story, and since then got the girl to listen to it too. Thanks guys for making this past I dont know how long better. Thanks again, from Shank(kidneys) + Shank's Wife


By ustfdes
I absolutely LOVE this show. most of the other shows i listen to are bland compared to this one. These guys bring it every week, without a doubt!
I have been a listener since way back, probaly so far back theres stuff some of you new folks really missed out on like Ronnie Beans getting really pissed on air, and the Terry Shivo song. If you want to hear a podcast that will drop kick you right in the nuts but keeping you wanting more then this is the one, so what are you waiting for America?
the best talk radio show should be in the top 5 of comedy podcast so get it now!!!!!!!!
I have been listening to Lunatic Radio for almost a year without fail. Its a mandatory listen every week. Lotsa rants, lotsa witty banter. Drunk Call Hotline and Hottie of the Week are regular segments, cant wait to hear what they have up their sleeves each week. They also have a live broadcast with chatroom and cams going on. Lunatic Radio is definitly my favorite podcast, hands down!
Download, Listen, Laugh, Drink Coors light!!
This podcast may be the best thing ever. The audio is great and the things they talk about are funny. I just wish they were on more than once a week. If you want to laugh listen to this podcast. Yes have some!
I've been listening to these guys for a few years and it only gets better!
People at work think I am nuts because i am constantly laughing when listening to this show. Thanks guys!