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By Kellahw
I loved this show so much!! I listened to it every week! I stopped when he and Dr Francione bashed Victoria Moran( the sweetest most non judgmental woman alive) for having a vegetarian on her show! Give me a break! Self righteous egotistical down your throat statements will get you no where! I stopped listening and probably won’t listen again . There are a ton of great vegan podcasts! Thank goodness!
I'm a transitioning vegan and found this podcast hoping it would inform and uplift me. I found just the opposite. This podcast is contentious and unforgiving and I'm definitely looking elsewhere for vegan lifestyle info.
I don't understand why Mr.linden can't put out a podcast every week. Also I tried contacting Mr Linden with but response. Is he ok? It's like he fell off the face of the earth because he will not respond to any kind of inquiry and only puts out a podcast when he feels like it..typical east coaster.........He gives vegans a bad name because he just puts a podcast out when he feels like it and you can't count on listening every week.


Great podcast
Long annoying only funny the first time intro. if you can get past that the show is great. not many people know more than him. A good resource for us newb vegans.
I think the worst thing that can happen to any content producer is to run out of engaging material. This is what Go Vegan Radio has be become to me. Every week is a new edition of the same old message. It's 40% rambling about nothing, 40% bashing everyone but Gary Francione, 10% bad jokes, 10% genuinely good content. The problem with this show is that is it so rarely engaging. I've binge listened to months of issues at a time and I'm not learning anything new. I'm not getting new resources. I agree with a huge amount of what Gary Francione puts forth--but not all. The problem is that this is the only figure put forth as worth listening to, which is patently false. In the beginning I really enjoyed this podcast, but I feel like I've just grown past it.
Scratches your vegan itch.
I used to be a fan of this program, the info presented is very important...but as a long time vegan, I find that the host has become too sarcastic and self absorbed for my taste, at times not giving his guests an opportunity even to speak while he lectures them and the listeners. His style is more divisive than informative. Still I would recommend this program for those who have not heard .
The host of this show is annoyingly overbearing, constantly repeats the same silly subjects, has a very old school hippy in your face approach to activism, and spends more time condemning animal welfare groups than anyone else.
I’ll start by saying I live a vegan lifestyle and therefor enjoy the content and guests on this show very much. However, if Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is ‘the joyful vegan’, Bob Linden is ‘the angry, borderline hysterical vegan’. While I feel the content here has value, I do prefer the more approachable vegan angle especially when it comes to wanting to share this message and spread the word.
Love Bob's show! He is a real truth speaker plus very funny! Great guests and info every week. Always learn something from Gary's commentary at the end as well. Thanks for all the great info every week!!!
This guy is amazing ugly truth but truth. Love this guy. Where is the donate button. Lol. Keep this show going
Great shows. Bob helps us with knowing we aren't alone in our frustrations of being Vegan in an omnivore Earth destroying world, yet he is still informative and entertaining as well
This guy is rude, sarcastic, and pretentious to say the least. I agree the topics he speaks of are rather important but I don't see why he has to be so righteous and manipulative about it. I am not this kind of boisterous vegan, I am proud and generally happy to share my feelings and knowledge to others in a decent way. I will look elsewhere for inspiration.
Bob speaks to the truth, justice, and compassion.
Really enjoy the show for its content, information and entertainment value. The host is clearly talented and the guests are usually really good. There are some really important issues that this show covers that are otherwise absent from the media and public discourse. This show should be required listening for all sorts vegans. Non- vegans also really need a strong dose of the show. Keep up the good work!
This is one of the best shows ever created. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro and the transitions between segments. This show is great for vegans, vegetarians and Americans in general. Seriously, the first time I heard it I nearly drove off the road! I was like ... did he just say "Go Vegan" on the radio?! No way. And then he said it again!! HA. Good stuff. Being vegan is good but the show is WAY more than that. It's an educational experience. It's also interesting to find out who the "famous" vegans are -- apparently there are quite a few and the list keeps on growing. I loved this show when it was on Air America and I love it now on Clear Channel. It's great to see Vegan Media on the mainstream airwaves -- it's great for vegans, vegetarians, health conscious people and everyone else who is unaware of modern animal agriculture practices (like why young girls are "maturing" so early!!), the obesity epidemic and that kind of thing. And then there's some AMAZING guests who remind me how fab being vegan truly is. On a quest for the best vegan cupcake or vegan donut? Go Vegan's got something for you too. I can't imagine life without my weekly dose of Go Vegan.
This is a REALLY GREAT show. The host is hilarious, which is not easy considering the subject matter. The interviews are great, offering a really nice mix of informative and educational subject matter with experts, doctors, etc along with fun, high-profile celebrity interviews. I am a bit of a "know it all" but yet I still find myself learning something new from every show -- and that's really saying something considering I've been vegan for like 15 years (for mostly ethical reasons). Also, I am really fond of language, word-play and well-executed puns and the host is really a master of them. Considering the overall state of the world, the crises we face seem to be converging around the cause of veganism. Nothing's left out -- the many issues in our world can be examined from the perspective of an abolitionist vegan: climate change, ethics, corporate and governmental fraud, war and peace, poverty, world hunger, energy crisis, and practically everything else. Still, at its core, the show is founded on an unyielding belief in abolitionist veganism and love of all animals -- including the human animal. And the snarky comments are good too!
This podcast is good, in theory. I like the topics and I enjoy the conversations, but I find the host a bit annoying. He perpetuates the idea that omnis seem to have that all vegans are paranoid weirdos, just waiting for an opportunity to complain about everything going on in the world, but without offering a ton of solutions. I don't think most vegans are like this, most are joyful and proud. It's just not a match for me, I guess. He just seems like that annoying kid in high school that complained about everything, but tried to do it in a sarcastic way. The point woud be much more well-received if presented in a more forthright manner--to omnis and vegans alike.
Go Vegan with Bob Linden is one of the best podcasts out there and I look forward to receiving new episodes. Bob Linden covers a broad range of topics and has some very informative guests on his show. Although the topics are serious, Bob Linden has a good sense of humor and I often find myself laughing while listening to this podcast. I recommend this podcast for vegetarians, vegans and non vegetarians who would like to learn more about veganism. This show is a must download!