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Celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ was NEVER an annual event. Let us say that Jesus was actually born on the 25th of December, was that maked biblically? Better yet, was it celebrated biblically? The answer is a big resounding NO! So why do we? Out of a man made tradition? Be warned "Chrisitians", "Narrow is the Gate" (Matt 7:13-14). Turn to your bibles versus the words of men!
Francis Chan brings the Word with a passion that makes you drawn in just to hear what he has to say, and unpacks the Bible for it's plain message: DO WHAT IT SAYS. Don't get caught up in the mere words and forget to fall in love with Christ
I just want it to be know that the people that I have met at cornerstone practice what they preach I recently visited and was blown away by the level of commitment to the word of God and the desire for obedience to what the word says.
Thank you for presenting the truth of our Savior in such an authentic, challenging, and faithful manner. May He continue to bless His church across the globe, and use us for His glory!
What he has taught is transforming my walk with the Lord. I've always been a little unsettled with the materialism in my own life as a Christian that lives in southern California, and Francis is the first pastor that I have ever encountered as a believer (over 10 years) that has challenged the notion that Christians should be hoarding things and money for their own benefit. FC has been criticized as being similar to the prosperity gospel but opposite... the only problem with that is that the prosperity gospel isn't biblical! If we *really believe* that our home is not on this earth, then we would be holding on to the things of this earth loosely... including our own lives. Thank you FC for your faithfulness to the gospel and to living out biblical Christianity in a way that not just inspires us, but propels us to action. Thank you.
This latest series, entitled "Jesus is...." has CHANGED my life... I'm a pastors kid, grew up in a Christian home, always knew the Gospel....but never surrendered completely until 8 months ago. Then...about 5 months ago I found this series and it's BLOWN my mind. How have I been missing the real Jesus this whole time? Why is Jesus so dry and stuffy and talked about in monotone at the churches I grew up in and in my home? Woweee I am so thankful I found this podcast and that Todd is faithful in preaching the Bible. Never, ever forget....Jesus LOVES you.
Thank you for boldly speaking the Word of God and not sugar coating or softening it to fit into the American culture.
I look forward to listening to these podcasts each week. I would love to make cornerstone my home church but I am across the ocean... So right on, so uplifting, expresses the heart of Jesus.
Thank you for being faithful to the gospel cornerstone!🙏
I found this podcast years ago by accident. And felt like I had found what I had been missing. The way that Francis teaches inspires me to be a better person. I still listen even though not as frequently since Francis left. I am waiting for him to have a church in SF so I can join!!
I am grateful that the teachers at Cornerstone are committed to teaching the whole of scripture. Challenging and convicting! Just what we need to hear to live out the gospel in a lost world.
Sermons are unique with a variety of talented speakers and biblical scholars explaining scripture in a way that is easy to understand and fun to listen to!
Love this church!
Great preaching and convicting, straightforward words!!


Paul washer ,John piper ,Matt Chandler are my top three. But now after hearing Francis Chan I will have to change my list to top 4.:) Thank God for the blessing of allowing us to here the Good News. Take care.
Definitely the real way the gospel is to be preached. Francis, Todd, and all the other elders know what God really is trying to tell us and they just go out and say it. They're not afraid to say anything, as long as it's God's word. They just lay it out there. And they're definitely not lukewarm, which I love because so many people are nowadays. They're the true definition if a Christian, one who lives the way Jesus did and loves but yet fears God. Awesome podcast.
This podcast and Frank Viola (Christ is All) and Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill) are my top three favorite podcasts.
When I started to look into Pastor Chan's teachings, I was afraid that I would only find the same Joel Osteen/Rick Warren feel-good crud that is destroying the church. However, after I listened to his "Lukewarm and Loving It!" message, I was stunned and blessed. He truly preaches the truth, and takes no prisoners. God Bless!
Four words " Jesus is Life changing!!"
Cornerstone messages are filled with Truth, passion, wisdom and conviction. If you are wise you will subscribe and listen to all of these messages!


By Jaasau
Pastor Francis always brings a challenging word. Several have really rocked me to the core. Man hears from God. God bless him on his new adventure.
Francis Chan has helped in showing me more of God, the holy spirit and Christ. In a time that i was very stressed and very busy with college and work, these words and his two books opened my eyes to what God is and just how much he loves all of us. I highly reccomend his two books and podcasts for anyone who is curious of what God has to offer, or if you are a believer who is looking to get more intimate with God. Great all around!
I'm so glad that recent technical difficulties with the Cornerstone Audio and Video podcasts are now behind us, for here in Charlotte, NC, 3000 miles from Cornerstone, I still regard Francis Chan as a soul mate and my pastor still; though I've never met him nor attended Cornerstone, his podcasts helped lead this prodigal daughter home! While I recently/finally discovered a church here in Charlotte that may finally resonate with me as much as Cornerstone, I wholeheartedly recommend these podcasts to all true seekers of God. Thank You so much God for Francis, Todd and all my unknown Cornerstone brothers and sisters.
Francis is following God and challenging all Christians to walk as Jesus walked as in 1 John 2:6
I found a reference to this in the back of his book Crazy Love. I have to say, "Nice job."
I am so thankful for Cornerstone church! You have truly showed me that it is possible for a church to be in love with God and to serve Him and the world with all your heart. I am 22 years old and in college. I recently surrendered to the ministry and one day soon I will be a pastor. I have been encouraged and greatly motivated by the church of conerstone. I have listened to every podcast that yall have posted and even though I live in Waco, Tx, I feel like a member of Cornerstone. I am so excited about what God is doing with your church and I love sharing with everyone I know about all that is going on there. Please stay the course Cornerstone! Keep your eyes focused on the prize and do not lose heart! You have not ran the race in vain. You HAVE made a difference in the world and I KNOW that it is only the beginning. You are always in my prayers. Take care and God Bless!
Wow! I've never written a review on iTunes before, but felt that now I had to. First off, let's say that I don't believe in throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Francis Chan's teaching, passion & ability to challenge us to get out of our comfort zone & into a radical life for Christ is fresh, strong medicine. I'm currently reading Crazy Love & am excited about it! Unfortunately, I just listened to a sermon regarding homosexuality by Chuck Bomar & was extremely disappointed. As a Christian who is also a lesbian (that's not an oxymoron...ready John 3:16...I'm a whosoever), my heart broke to hear yet another church taking God's word out of context to perpetuate false interpretation of His word. I challenge you to ALWAYS challenge what you hear. The movie "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a wonderful & revealing example of TRUTH. But thank you for challenging your congregation to NOT JUDGE. Love God with all your heart, mind & soul...then love your neighbor as yourself. Its the greatest commandment.
Thanks so much to the guys from Cornerstone for keeping such a huge library of podcasts on here. Other places have a very limited selection of only their most current podcasts. It is amazing to be able to listen to these spirit filled Pastors that I would otherwise never get the chance to hear. Keep it up!!!
Thank you very much for you podcasts, you have helped me take a look at my life and how I can better serve others, Its nice to have when I'm at work.
If you are looking stricktly for the feel-good brand of Christianity that is destroying the church, then do not listen to Frances Chan. Chan is one of those all too rare pastors that pulls no punches and makes no apologies for being in love with God and His truths. If you are ready to be challenged in your faith & walk, then listen to Frances Chan. He teaches the Truth about loving others and loving the Father through words and deeds. He reminds us that being a follower of Christ isn't, and shouldn't be, easy. We are to die to ourselves daily in the process of loving others. If his messages aren't challenging enough for you, I recommend you read his book "Crazy Love." Hands down the most life-changing, Christ-centering book I've read to date.
Francis Chan is a good leader, a strong christian voice, and is genuinely funny too. That being said, my only concern over his teaching is that he pushes a works-based theology over a grace-based one. Now, I will not say that he's "missing the point", because i believe that Christianity is not a set of beliefs, but a way to live. I will say, however, is that we must understand that grace and action go hand in hand; it is not that we are saved by what we do, but by how our feelings about God and the world around us inspire us to do good works. God bless!
This podcast has been a blessing to me. I live in New Jersey and I feel I am apart of Cornerstone Church. Franis, Todd, all the pastors there are amazing and I thanks God for them.
To put it simply, Francis has not only inspired Christians to become closer to God through his teachings of God, Jesus, The Bible and The Holy Spirit but has also given others the knowledge and courage to give themselves to the Lord. I have only been going to Cornerstone for about 10 months, but in that time I have been able to change my life and grow in my faith. I have been led closer to Jesus and have been aspiring to live as he did, selfless and loving for all around Him. Thank you Cornerstone and thank you Francis for leading me to the Lord, it has been the best decision I have ever made.
I listen to your podcast almost everyday at work....They are trully a blessing in my life.I read your book last year with my gf we would read over the phone being that it is a long distance relationship.Nonetheless Im glad I picked out your book.I had to pleasure of being at the LIVELOVE conference here in Houston last month. God Bless you and may he continue to use you.
I've been reading Francis' book "Crazy Love" and it's perhaps one of the most spiritually challenging books I've ever read. He speaks the truth without being condemning and always loving.
very biblical preaching, funny, and inspirational.
Francis Chan is amazing! I went to a few day's of Momentum Youth Confrence in Mississippi and loved the way he taught! He truly has a gift!
Im a truck driver. Every morning I hit the open road and start my day by listen to this podcast with a fresh cup of coffee. Thank you so much! You have made my job an even greater blessing.
cornerstone is the best =]
Francis Chan, you messages have allowed me to better understand the bible in a powerful way. Thank you for explaining the bible in the way you do. It has helped me understand and allowed me to develope a better understanding of my relationship with God. I have been listening to your sermons since the summer of 2004, back in the day when I downloaded them manuel because Podcasts didnt exist.
One of the things I am most thankful for is Francis. God uses him like no other to speak to my heart and actually cause me to DO for God rather than just sit in church and listen to an incredibly gifted speaker, which Francis is. I'm honored to know him and, like Paul, I know that to emulate his life would be honoring to God.


Francis has spoken at the Evangelical Free church national conference the last three times, and everytime has been amazing. He is always everyone's favorite. All of his analogies, illustrations, and uses of bible verses are perfect. He is my favorite speaker.