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They have entertained me for years and made me discover the joys of micro brewing.
Started listening to these guys when they were still Drunk Gamer Radio off a google search. While they have changed formats, they have never ceased to be hilarious and a podcast I look foward to every week. Definitely subscribe.
Now that these guys widened their scope of topics, they're more fun to listen to than ever! Keep up the good work!
If these guys ever needed a kidney,I would gladly give them one.Thats how much I love these guys.Best podcast by far!!! I hope they never stop doin the show.
By far one of my favorite podcast out there. These guys might be a few fries short of a Happy meal and by all accounts couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag even if they had a chainsaw but they'll keep you laughing the whole time.
If you are looking for recent gaming news I would look elsewhere. The hosts are too busy with the xbox and retro games.
Poopie and the Doo Doos are my all time favorite morning show! Nothing gets the morning going like some Poopie and a triple shot of Boston!
Phneri told me to check out your podcast back in January 2010, and I've been listening ever since. Love the show, keep up the drunken humor.
Upon first listen, you might find yourself thinking that you've stumbled across a survelliance tape recording of three drunken hobos with brain injuries standing pantless on the Jersey Turnpike wailing about "left-rightly" at passing Volvos. But listen closer. Hidden carefully in the inebriated wailing is one of the best gaming podcasts online. John, Moe and Hilden do an excellent job providing reviews, discussing the latest news and happenings in the industry, and keeping you laughing. Don't wait another minute, download this one now.
Like drinking? Like games? Then get ready to get kicked in the face with awesomeness!! Let's be honest if you are listening to podcasts the point is to be entertained, right?! I've been listening to DGR for some time now and as every week goes by honestly these guys get better and better. John, Moe and Hilden are going to shoot you straight as to what is good and what isn't! Listen to it and honestly if you think that they are like every morning show ever seriously? come on listen to the show for real.
Drunken Gamers Radio is exactly as advertised. They are drinking and they play games, get over it. These guys do an excellent job of reviewing games and the interaction between the hosts is excellent. One of the podcasts that I save for my "quiet" time. Keep it up guys.
It's sounds like every morning zoo ever made.
Just get it right now. This is my number 1 fav podcast. How do they only have 86 reviews. I think any one who is a fan of video games should listen to this podcast right now!
It took me a little while to get into this show. I thought that they were attempting to be exceedingly broad with their humor and appeal, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. They're not broad, they're actually piled high with exclusive, rapid fire in-jokes, and the longer you stick around, the more the show has to offer you. I think the turning point for me may have been THE RADIO MUSICAL SHOW ABOUT THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE they delivered last Halloween. You win, boys. I'll listen to whatever you have to offer from now on. I've been listening to them for maybe four or five months now, and they're easily up there as one of my top two favorite podcasts along with Giant Bomb, followed by Gamers With Jobs. I've gone back and listened to some of their older stuff. Their Halloween-centric and March "Shmuppreciation Month" shows are particular highlights. Hell, I have them to thank for my own newfound shmuppreciation - they've introduced me to an entire genre of otherwise underrepresented games I'd previously shied away from. Bottom line for me is that John, Moe, and Hilden have somehow have managed to stay interesting, relevant, and fresh for over FIVE YEARS. Now's as good a time as any to start listening.
Half gaming podcast, half comedy podcast, this one actually manages to do well at both. The comedy can admittedly be a bit childish, but it's not at all offpiutting unless you take life entirely too seriously. Covers shmups particularly well, this is a great podcast to learn about bizarre shooters you've never heard of, laughing at the hosts the whole time. Highly recommended.
DGR is probably the best video game podcast out there,I can't really say enough good things about this podcast. Helps me through my work day until I can get home to play some games and have a drink myself.EXCELLENT
Grab a bottle and tour croutch and tune in to pass out and drag yourself around the like an itchy dog does after a trip to his out house the after the drunken binge these guys will force you to go through curtosey of hildon's one shot intro and the ever lasting box of Pe0n amd jello pudding snax all in the name of gaming !! Where Bill Cosby when you need him!
as the title describes these are a group of gamers who like the drink and have an interesting taste in video games. pretty funny dudes, keep it up! punch punch go?
I discovered this podcast based on a recommendation and it's been a blast to listen to. Everyone on the show makes me laugh, especially Hilden. His rants are effing GOLD! So funny. The best segment are their reviews which are detailed and very informative. I look forward to their opinions about a game (even if I'm not interested in the game itself). Anyways, love this show. PUNCH PUNCH GO! :D
I listen to alot of podcasts each week. But without a doubt the only one I truly look forward to each week is DGR. These guys make me laugh everytime. I try to make myself wait to listen to them untill I get to work because I am guaranteed to have a good time, and usually have to explain my outbursts to my co workers :-) Anyway just go ahead and subscribe you will NOT be dissapointed. And to the DGR crew thank you for everything you do. You are truly appreciated
This is by far the best gaming podcast on the internet. These are guys that I could see myself hanging out with. They're a lot of fun. Highly recommended.
I enjoy it alot great views on games and they don't care about language plus it gets really funny sometimes n00bz
These guys are foul as hell. So not for the easily offended. But I love this podcast. It rocks. They have all systems and review them all fairly.
This is an awesome podcast for gamers, not only are they great fans of videogames but have a inmense knowledge about them, and don't forget the fact that they are drunk whyle the talk about them. So if you want listen to a good show about videogames this is the best choice. After the fall of 1up i didn't know what to listen and lo and behold the drunken gamers save the day!!!
I have been listeing to this pocdast for a while nad I must say thgis is a good podcast becasue these gueys get it. They get is all. They havea passion for ga,mes and talk a lot nut at the same time can reallyu really nail down what makes gameing great, UI suggest you listen to then because they are good, not like good good but like great good. Like MAximus in that movie they will gold the line and be tghere for you. Man what a show, I like em a lot. Hols the line guys, you are awesoome. Yeah I am a little fmessed up but what off it. Peace. Multi
I look forward to this show every week. The guys always give a good rounded view of several generations of games that often is not the case in most podcasts. The retro reviews are often funny and information for those titles that may have been overlooked in the past. They are always funny and entertaining with some serious occasions thrown in. One word Shmu-opra! Search it. Find it. Prepare for awesome!


By 7XL
Good show but they have a hard time seeing past the 360. Great audio quality with good insider information. Show moves along smoothly. You shouldnt have a problem with this show especially if ur a 360 fanboy.
funny and entertaining with some great reviews.
These guys are a blast. They cover games of all types, have hilarious conversations and get drunk. Some people might have a problem with some of their sense humor, but you should definately give it a try!
Drunken Gamers Radio is not for the squeamish. If you're not prepared to stay with it for several episodes, you'll get nothing from it. But if you can handle the profanity, you'll eventually acquire a taste for what is, more than anything else, a podcast fueled by passion-- to a greater degree than you'll find anywhere. It's that passion-- for gaming, for podcasting, for Surly Beer-- that makes Drunken Gamers Radio unique, and well worth your time.
i've been listening to this podcast for about a year and overall, it's a great podcast about video games from some average dudes whom are not industry insiders. the result of that is that you get a real world, down to earth perspective instead of what a couple of guys in the industry might be getting paid to say because of sponsorships and biases. however, the only one of these 3 guys, hildon, is really worth listening too. the other two dudes haven't grown up much since high school so it's a little hard to respect the opinions of a couple of hypocritical douches. i realize the show is free so i have no right to complain, but every week they ask for reviews, so i'm doing just that. for weeks they've been screaming into the mic to unsubscribe and this week i finally took their advice. there's plenty of other podcasts out there that supply the information given in this one without a couple of foulmouthed drunks screaming in your ears.
Video games are supposed to be fun, a podcast about video games should be as enjoyable as the games you play. the host of this show provide the comic relief necessary to enjoy the gaming lifestyle while you are in your car driving to and from work. Thanks for the great work guys looking forward to the next podcast every week.
Seriously these guys are amazing, a perfect mix of drunkeness, gaming talk, and hilirious chatter, #1 in my ipod and my heart. Continue forever please
Full of drunken fun and unbiased thoughts, DGR is the best multiplatform podcast around. Its main focus is multiplatform news and reviews mainly for Xbox Live, PSN, and I-Phone games (but also does others).
If NPR covered video games in detail and used the F word often, it would be a lot like this podcast. Equal parts quality and humour, these guys are the best personalities in the world of video game reporting! Keep up the good work!
I really enjoy the witty banter and great insights into the video game culture. Great fun to listen to, every time. These guys just do not disapoint.
About as entertaining as a bunch of guys from MN can be, which is to say VERY. DGR keeps things casual and honest. They've gotten me into quite a few games I might not have tried, and the guys' enthusiasm for games new and old really comes through.
Recently "negatively" reviewed as "Nasty, Negative, and Hostile"....The Drunken Gamers never fail to entertain and enlighten. Keeping it short and simple; this is quite literally my absolute favorite and most eagerly anticipated podcast.
There are a lot of video game podcasts out there, but Hilden, Moe, and John's show is unique in that you get all of the video game news and opinions from a gamer's perspective. They play what they want, talk about what they want, and are a riot to listen to. The audio quality is incredible and easily on par with the big name game podcasts out there. Just one word of warning: Listening to the show at work will inevitabally result in alarmed glances your way as you break out in fits of raucous laughter. Don't say I didn't want you.
A great show that is both informative and funny at the same time.
I tried to listen to this, but stopped. These guys are too nasty and too negative. I recently gave it another chance, but the show started out with a bunch of complaining and political meanness. I shut it off and unsubscribed. I'm from Minnesota like the DGR hosts, and it's sort of a cultural thing, so they probably don't even realize they're doing it. If they'd stick to the games, or if they'd just cut out the simple meanness, this could be a good show. I listen to a lot of the VGEvo podcasts. None of them seem to find the need for this kind of hostility. Games are supposed to be fun. I don't need a bunch of hate mixed in with the game discussion.
One of my top five favorite pod cast. Keep up the great work and the drinking. Hope to see you guys next year at the mid west gaming classic.


By skrebs
I barely play video games but I listen to The Drunken Gamers as soon as I get their show on my iPod. They're infinitely entertaining about games, but also when they get off on a tangent. Listen to recent rants about the Tea Party and how shaving a cat as a plot device provides water resistance (not waterproofing). And I don't know if they work in the music industry, but their recent Shmopera was like a Flaming Lips album gone completely wrong. When released on mp3 I'll buy it immediately.
I look forward to this podcast every week. I listen at the gym and sometimes I gotta stop myself from laughing or I will fall off the eliptic.
Great show! Very knowledgeable and entertaining hosts who love games. My favorite place for reviews. Keep up the great work!
i don't have a ps3 or drink for that matter. i don't care! these guys know and love games and are very funny.
I definitely enjoy this Podcast! One of the better gaming ones out there! .. . Trophies YO!