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no real useful info and a lot of blanket statements that are either geared toward going commercial or often dated. i also expected better theme music and production from something geared toward musicians.
This is tied to my favorite podcast with This American Life, If you are in a band or producing your own music, you must have this podcast. It is entertaining and way informative. The best podcast of its kind.
Dave Jackson is a talented and generous teacher. There is so much good advice shared here. Where else can you get such a good education on the busines of music? And for free! Keep it up, Dave!
I've been a Cooler listener for years now, and I really look forward to each new episode. Bravo, Dave--keep up the great work!
If a non-musician finds himself listening to Dave he must be pretty interesting. He is your practical side Dave to a field where musicians tend to be soft on practicality and Dave fills in how to market yourself. His podcasts are a nice 20+ minutes long and on specific topics. And he is a student! Keep it up Dave.
David presents his podcast very well with useful informations about music! I really like it! Keep up the good work!
I've listened to Dave's show since episode 1. Great fun, lots of great information and advice. This is a must-listen for any indie musician who's looking to do more with your music.
Carving your musical niche in today's music business is so much different these days. Stop by the Musician's Cooler for a sip and hear what others have done and are doing. R U Listening?
I really enjoy the varied info and it's presentation. Fun mixed with info. Good Job
I have learned alot from Dave's podcast. Marketed a CD of my own- kinda helped make a dream come true. Maybe someday he'll use one of my "tales from the road" that I send in.....
I have over 20 years of expereince in the music business, in everything from being in a signed band, tourning, radio airplay, national television, PR, record labels etc.. I am constantly learning and this podcast has a very well rounded set of topics. From recording to promotion to gigging, there's always somthing interesting. Keep it up!
Dave Jackson works his tail off trying to get the resources and links that help each of us become more successful in our musician careers. He provides regular updates and information that has helped me time and time again. The interviews that he often holds with his guests are full of great real-life experiences and learning opportunities. We can often learn from not only the successes, but also the failures that are presented in this show. I can't miss an episode of this podcast!