Reviews For Beer Podcast Show – Beer Blues and Barbecue Show Podcast – Big Foamy Head

These guys are good but this guy Steve grates on my nerves. He corrects the other two on pronunciation all the time of French and Italian wines, and a lot of the time he gets it wrong. Tell him to back off a little. Other than that it is an enjoyable podcast.
I have about 3-4 podcasts that I listen to immediately when a new episode arrives, and Big Foamy Head is one. These guys are hilarious, and they picked the unfair advantage of centering on three of the greatest topics available.
Just listening made me want to have a beer. In a word, inspiring. Really enjoyed the sexiest beer show.
Just listed to episode #95, Amazing! Bobby Rush is a great blues artist. Great podcast keep it up! Todd Lafayette, LA
I wish I could hang out with these guys tasting brews and listening to great music. They take into account Rate Beer and other sources to give you a well rounded review. However they taste the beer and give a real, honest to goodness opinion! Good, bad, or ugly they will let you know.
Love the show. The reviews are great the news is funny and the beer is cold. But no update in two weeks? I'm jonesin' here... Need my fix of suds and blues!
It is indeed the Big Foamy Head! These guys are GREAT! I LOVE the blues and the Memphis touch coming from these fellas saves my work day! Thanks for episode 62. I would have DIED at work today without it!
We've stopped listening to the radio as our iPods now don't leave our sides! We've been inspired to enter the world of brewcasting! PS: Show 42 is my all-time favorite!!!
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows about beer. The guys from Big Foamy dont have the best sound, but they make up for it in substance. Great blues, great food and of course great beer. Oh, I almost forgot. Interviews! They interviewed the Beer Goddess! Take a listen! Groucho