Reviews For Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino: Sermons

That's not a particular podcast from PBC Cupertino, that's a summary title for the content you will have access to. Here's what happens when this cynical, skeptical, flawed Christian listens: validation of what I'm thinking and feeling; answers to my questions, no matter how irreverent; wisdom without coersion; encouragement in my deepest heart; connection to our real God and other people. I always feel like I'm realigned with Truth, Grace and Love. I often find myself (understatement) off course and concerned with trivial matters. Best of all, I'm left with a sense of peace as I continue to contemplate the message. God is very very good.
The PBC sermons are excellent sources of expository teaching. The recent series on the Ten Commandments - are a great example. Brian Morgan from PBC Cupertino has the ability to teach in way as to not discourage but to encourage the body of Christ.  The Exodus series is a type of spitual bootcamp for Christians.  Knowing all Ten Commandments and understanding how and where to apply them is essential to spirtuall warfare Christian battle everyday.  PBC teaching is about building and strengthening a personal relationship with God in a practical and no-nonsense approach.