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The Maccast covers mostly news Ive already heard but the listener questions and Adams take are always helpful. Audio quality is great and the chapter markers are always helpful so I can jump around and save time. Thanks for the great work!
I have been listening to this podcast for years and I love it. This is where I get most of my Apple news. Thank you Adam for such a great Podcast.
I have listened to Adam for over 10 years. I have come to appreciate him more because he does not make comments about political figures. He will discuss legislation and legal decisions that have bearing on technology and privacy. I listen to tech podcasts to escape the din of commentary from all sides. Adam and the MacCast community help us get the most from our tech. This show is an asset to the tech consumer community. Martin Ellingham
Adam Christianson is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to on an iPodMini and my then laptop. He takes technology and gives back to the community of listeners, encouraging engagement and feedback. His dedication and love for the technology he uses shows in his detail, explanations and exuberance. He’s an easy listen with relevant and current topics.
Came across this podcast not so long ago and just can’t stop now. Adam does a great job in discussing all current Mac information plus more! One of the main reason I love it is because the topics are delivered in a very profesional and relaxed way making it very enjoyable, not tiring one bit. Thank you Adam and keep them coming!
Adam Christianson was one of the early podcasters discussing Apple products, how to use them and how to pick the products/services that suit your needs. He is smart. And he backs up his opinions with facts and personal experience. He is down to earth and sincere. Subscribe to this podcast to learn new tricks with Apple products and to learn what's going on at Apple (the company.)
Adam is great. If there was a flaw, and there isn’t, Adam is very pro Apple and what they do in marketing. My only complaint is I feel Apple is planning our devices to become obsolete and he feels they are moving forward with technology. But then I replace my iPhone every 7 years weather it needs it or not. All in all, best place for informed reviews and reasons for making you feel good you purchased Apple.
Adam, mac geek! Has this world of podcasting down. His informative show gives you what you need to understand how to use and expect of your Apple products (More on Mac desktops


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Updates, Reviews, Info on everything MAC


By Sara9
Hey Adam, just want thank you for all you do every week. Podcast is great, everyone should be listening. Your the best!!! Gerry
1st, great in-depth reorting on Apple news. Not only the headlines but also some analysis. 2nd, great tips and tricks that are in depth and cover all angles of a solution
I have listened to MacCast since I became an Apple fan back in 2006 and this is one of the few podcasts I have stuck with and never miss an episode.
In the past this program has been very informative and entertaining but lately it has jumped the shark with a rambling narrative and a incredible amount of whining and crying about Apple this is not a good way to go in my opinion. Let’s have more content and less crying....
Been listening for several months now and it’s getting old. Like listening to a broken record that trails off slowly... in a deep... cracking... voice... Seriously that got on my nerves every time he would do that. If you want more entertainment while getting important Apple news, not all the random junk that pops up everywhere you should listen to Mac Power Users. Maybe it’s just the fact it’s two different people, or the hosts themselves are more entertaining. Not bashing on Adam, I’m sure he’s a great guy. I just can’t listen anymore.
Adam does a wonderful job covering topics and gives personal and specific solutions to problems. He encourages and welcomes feedback from listeners and does a good job of staying neutral on topics accepting input from different points of view. A credit to the Mac community.
This is the show that introduced me to podcast, circa 2007. It'a fantastic show with great information, a knowledgeable and engageing host, and fair level of scepticsm about all things Macintosh. ...all things Apple, is the more accurate line, but there's no need to change it.
Early this year i decided to give up Facebook becouse i was useing it way too much. FB was also my main resource for most Apple news. Not useing it i decided to use my podcast App on IOS, i had tried it but i was not really into podcasting, but adter loading about 10 or 15 Apple tech news cast’s. I find many if them much more intrested in making them the main attraction of the cast then concentrating on the content about what is going on. That’s what i like about Maccast where the news is given & i find that there is less about the hosts ideas & opinions on the topics,thatsnot to say there is anything wring about that, but with so many shows doing it if one listens to many Apple news podcasts it can become repetitive. Another thing i dig about the Maccast is the in depth response that is given to listeners questions about any problems they may have. Although i have not had too many problems lately ( knock on wood) , but i do find the info usefull. In closing i Maccast for a source for all news apple plus if you need gelp with your Mac ir Iphone one can also come here for help.
But Adam is the best
Adam Christianson always does an excellent and entertaining job with informing us all about the latest news and answering questions from listeners. Great job, Adam! I’ve been a listener for several years now and will keep on listening for as long as you continue the podcast...
Adam does a great job of delivering concise information in a well organized format. The best part is that he doesn’t dance around, but rather dives right in...
This has been my excellent resource of Apple product information for several years. I highly recommend it.
Adam is gentlemen and very knowledgeable Mac aficionado! this Podcast is full of wonderful Mac news and useful insights for early Apple adopters and new Apple community members, I super recommend this Mac Podcast!
Great Apple News and Geek stuff
I have been listening to the MacCast for years and it is one of my favorite podcasts.
This is an awesome and very professional podcast. Adam does a great job. My favorite section is the weekly news. In fact, I would love to see the news section broken out into its own Podcast.
You don't want to miss an episode! Each time it is a big pleasure to listen to Adam and all the Mac-related information he provides us with every week. What a great job!!
I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I find tis one to be completely necessary for Mac users. The podcaster is very thorough and detailed in describing everything and I find that very helpful. I have learned a lot through this podcast and highly recommend it for anyone.
I've been listening to Mac and Apple-centric podcasts since I first switched in 2007, and a lot of them have come and gone since then. For me, the Maccast is the only one that has stayed the entire time since then. Adam does an amazing job putting together a show every week packed with product news, MacOS/iOS tech tips, Q&A sessions, and more. I definitely recommend this podcast to those who have switched to MacOS/iOS, and those who may need refreshing on what their machines are capable of doing as there's been more than one time I've been listening to the show and completely forgotten about a feature until it's brought up again. It's a great show, and I can't say how thankful I am for this show as it has saved me a lot of frustration during the switch and helped me in learning new things since then as my Apple collection has grown.
This is my go to podcast for years. Adam does a great job providing current Apple information that is informative as well as information that improves your knowledge iin using your Apple products. I highly recommend adding MacCast to your podcast subscritions. Great Job and Thank You Adam.
Been listening to the Maccast for years. Lost count how many. Well over a decade I think. Adam really puts together some the most relevant information about the Mac products you can find on anywhere. He has help me greatly with his expert opinons and knowledge. Thanks for all the years of helping me keep up to date with the expanding universe of Apple !
Long time listener for a reason. Not full of rumors but good Apple news. Highly recommend.
Great Apple news! Great tips and tricks for all of your Apple devices! Thank you for all the great podcasts Adam!
Very informative, I learn a lot from this podcast and stay up to date on all the Apple news. Adam is a pleasure to listen to. Love the chapter markers too. Great job Adam Thanks 😎✌🏻
Unlike other tech podcasts taht come off as a conversation that happens to impart some information, The Maccast is a well organized and very balanced discussion of Apple news, tips, and answers to questions. Certainly gain some actionalble information, and "the rest of the story" to cut through some of the hype in other tech news sources.
I have been listening to this Podcast since 2004. It has become an integral part of my week. This is the best source of information on Apple products I have found. You learn something new from every episode.
Good spectrum of news in the Apple world and some deep diving geeky bits that are likely to broaden your Apple knowledge.
I have been listening to the MacCast for years. This podcast is really a One Stop Shop for all the latest in Mac News as well as tips & tricks for all Mac Hardware. It is an essential podcast for anyone who has an intrest in Apple producs.
This is a really great resource for all things apple and mac. Very well produced and informed.
Very responsive when I’ve emailed with a question. Super helpful and never makes people feel dumb because of their questions. Makes it fun to learn! Love the show markers because I don't always have time to listen to the whole podcast so I can skip ahead if I want to.
Adam is just great. If you can listen to just one Mac/Apple podcast this is the one.
Since its origin at the dawn of podcasts and before the iPhone, the MacCast is stronger than ever with the same reliably leisurely iteration of news about Apple, a check-in with listeners, and time on fun and interesting trivia pertaining to iOS, macOS and more. When hype reaches silly heights or controversy hits the headlines, the MacCast responds with a measured, good-humoured, and down-to-earth tone without diminishing the loyalty and love felt by Apple fans around the world. A true Mac geek whose simply and almost off-the-cuff style belies his deeper knowledge of tech and programming, Adam’s long-lived production is equally engaging and valuable to recent switchers as lifelong Mac collectors.
Except for the fact that I always think he is saying his name is "tom" in his intro...he is actually saying "time"...There is nothing not to love about this show.
You really do two podcast a week. It should be about 46 minutes. If your gonna do news do news. If your gonna do commentary do commentary but not news and commentary on each item! i understand after a keynote or a three amigos show might be longer, but as with Macbreak Weekly, there is nothing in the world of Apple to talk about every week. I unsubscribe every so often when I feel i can't take it anymore. Otherwise, I like the show but it could be better.
Been listening for years. I used to find Adam's insights into apple products accurate and helpful, but at this point it's hard for me to see eye to eye with him a lot of the time. I guess it's possible that he really believes that everything apple does is completely amazing, but I'm afraid I just don't see it that way these days. To me, being informed includes understanding the downsides as well as the upsides. Wish there was a little more criticism, when it's due, for the increasing number of undeniable apple misses.
I listen to a lot of Mac and Apple-related podcasts, but if I had to pick just one, it would Adam's MacCast. I like Adam's style; casual, fun, but no fluff or lame attempts at humor. No one packs as much interesting news and useful info into a show, week after week.
Adam, Love your show, I learn so much every time I listen to it, especially thank you for all the tips concerning iMessage on IOS 10, your show is one of the most informative of all the iOS podcasts, keep up the great work Regards Mindy Reid
Every week I fire this podcast up and appreciate all over again Adam's coverage of the Apple world, his tips, and his opinions. When you are lounging or working, a worthwile podcast to listen to. Subscribe!
Really great podcast that goes into a good level of detail regarding Apple products and services. Always a worthwhile listen.
I’ve been listening for a long time, and it’s still the best IMO. I don’t have time to listen to many podcasts, but this one stays in my podcast feed. Adam always has the latest in Apple news, tips and useful knowledge.