The Funtime Show

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One of my favorite podcasts when it was on. Jake Waters is a excellent host.
I don't know where Jake gets the songs and news stories, but it is so much fun to listen to every week. I always look forward to Monday when the new shows come out. It's a nice break from reality!!
For lovers of Demented Music, new and old, this is the podcast for you! The world needs demented music and Jake is just the guy to bring it.
Where can I get the other episodes? Does anyone know, because I want them and only one comes up.... Great podcast! Thanks!
A fantastic comedy music show right up there with the Dr. Demento show, the only thing missing is an old guy in a top hat! A great show with many unknown and up-and-coming artists. The entire show, from the artists to the host's segments are surprisingly well produced. Ugly album art aside... Fans of Weird Al, Alan Sherman, etc definitely need to check this one out!
This podcast is really funny! Most of the songs are so bad they break away from music as we know it and enter a new plane of existance and morph into a new and higher form of hillariousness. There are some things that become even funnier when forced, by a sumo wrestler, into a death metal mold. Admit it we all watch Whose Line Is It Anyway just to hear Wayne sing a metal song about flight attendants. Download episode 38 and listen to the last song, unless your an Emo. If you haven't suffocated from laughing then subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I started listening to this podcast about 5 episodes in and since then, its been great. Jake does great with transitioning from song to song and i enjoyed listening to the interview with Eric D. Snider. GREAT PODCAST!!!!
Good job Jake, I finally have something entertaining on my ipod. Keep it up!


By cbeard2
Good job Jake. I hop you stick with it. This is pretty funny. Too bad, it is not longer. I have listened to every one and they just keep getting better.