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These two present very intelligent, timely yet refreshingly non-cliche perspectives on issues. They both hold progressive views and don't shy away from taking positions on the issues of our day, but they're thoughtful and independent-minded; in no way do they come across as knee-jerk partisans or flame-throwers. This is my favorite progressive podcast.
I always enjoy listening to this podcast because I know whatever issues they discuss will get some thoughtful treatment and both guys bring wit, intelligence and context to the table. From world events to politics to local Seattle issues--it's a great resource and helps round out my own knowledge base. Thanks guys!
These guys go into great detail on their topics and do not settle for easy answers to conform to their beliefs. They also have great chemistry and deliver the podcast in a light hearted manner, making it always an easy listen no matter how technical their discussion may get. If we had people like bruno and the prof in the MSM we could have a much less politically polarized society. Thank god for podcasts like this that show that political talk radio can be more than just sound bytes and ideological rage.


By WiFiSpy
I wish I found this podcast earlier!
Bruno and Mattski provide a thorough overview and analysis of the week's most important events. It's kind of like Mike and the Madog (Bruno is Mike) except instead of sports with a New York slant it's policy and political analysis with a northwest slant. Having said that, Bruno and the Professor usually stray far beyond just politics, with a fair amount of discourse on media, transportation, and historic military weapons. I highly recommend you give this podcast a shot for 2 weeks. I think you will find it is 45 minutes well spent, and you may even be smarter afterwards.
One of the best progressive podcasts.
In episode 308 Bruno and the Professor lay down a brilliantly constructed, and easily understood explination of the housing market crisis. A perfect example of why podcasting is a great medium for in-depth analysis. I'll keep listening.
For my weekly dose of sane political analysis, I always turn to this show. Definitely not one to miss.
Get schooled by Bruno and the Prof.