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This is easily one of my favorite podcasts out there right now. You guys are hilarious! :D Much love from Georgia!
I enjoy every show u guys provide to us! Keep it up! Thx
The boys enjoy themselves and there fore I enjoy them!
....but I think this is boring. Sexual? Not quite.
Paulie and Evan have really good chemistry. Very good adult entertainment.
I wished it was something else. These two guys never fail to entertain and inform.
Paulie and Evan have great chemisty and play off each other well. They're consistantly funny each week. I look forward to each new episode. Very highly recommended.
I just love the way these two play off each other. Paulie is hilarious and Evan's giggle always cracks me up. Great video and news reviews too. These guys are the total podcast package.


By Bob42
I don't know why this show is listed in the top section of iTunes, it's rather bad. Really lacks direction.
I love it! These two are the funniest bois in the biz. With "Woooo!"Paulie and "It depends" Evan hosting, I never fail to laugh out loud. Plus their enhanced podcast leaves others in the dust. Stay hard guys.
i love you guys!!keep it up!!gay guy i love!!
Love these guys.....the videocasts are really funny and you guys are best guys are very good when when you ad lib and go off cuff and talk current events.....the less structured the better.....
The Funniest gay podcast around, love the video and music reviews. Keep it up guys
The guys that do this cast work very well together and are really funny! I love the show and love their unique style. Gay Talk is great!
sorry guys but i really hated the show. Keep up the good work.....