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Google this guy. There’s a lot of people who have left Mosaic because they wouldn’t address abuse issues. Jesus said be careful who you listen to, and warned us about bad fruit. Use good discernment.


Holds to the truth of portions of God’s Word, but not the entirety of scripture.
2020 has been a crazy year and I’ve seen it change churches in a way that makes them seem like they’re hopping on a band wagon. Mosaic is different. Mosaic has always been the same and they adapt yes but they have not changed their core values. Thank you for all you all do!
This podcast feels like someone saying, “YES!” to the season of life I am in right now. I love how mosaic refuses to let Christianity become mindless. And I LOVE the way Erwin thinks. I probably could listen to him all day.
Mystery is what I run for and I found it!!! After all that is what make life worth living for. Nothing is guaranteed but learning to live life like the battle ready podcast way is guaranteed. Long story short because I can go on... if you are living a miserable life!; Period. Now, is the prime time to go seek out what everything Mosaic has to offer, and if you are living an awesome awesome life!; get ready to go double that joy, and cherish that sense of fulfillment which is found beyond yourself. I’m not saying it right... what I’m meaning to say is that; I love this podcast. Every episode I tune is teaching me not to tell my story better, but to share my story truthfully. "Because better is in the future but Truth is in the Past.” Okay! I’ll leave this review here for now...
Thank You for bringing messages that relate to life, are applicable, and shine a light on Jesus. Many Blessings to you, Pastor.
I grew up listening to Erwin with my dad. He is my first podcast preacher that I have listened to and he is still the best. Its amazing how he brings the Bible to life and pulls insight from places I would have never looked.
I’ve been following Erwin since I was 19 y/o when someone handed me one of his books, The Barbarian Way. His genuine faith-filled teachings have fueled my love and passion for relationship with God and for all people for almost 15 years (I am near 34 now). So much love and good has been done to so many. All I can say is thank you to Erwin, Kim, his family and all of Mosaic. Looking forward to the next 15 years.
This speaker advertises himself as a Christian pastor, but he is preaching a false gospel of self-actualization and psychobabble. Jesus said “You must be born again. Unless you are born again, you won’t see the Kingdom of God.” By contrast, Erwin is teaching “You must elevate your mind by changing your thought patterns and behaviors.” He then co-opts a verse from Romans to provide a tenuous anchor in scripture. The true gospel instructs individuals to recognize their need for a Savior and to trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, not to become one’s own savior through empty philosophy. This man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Following Erwin’s methods may make you feel better about yourself and even improve your immediate circumstances, but that will leave you damned and deceived. Only the blood of Jesus cleanses us of our sin. Receive Him by faith and follow Him instead.
In the midsts of my painful divorce and emotional turmoil, this message broke me down and brought me to the very bottom of the floor... this was the best thing that is happened to me. The best realization, this is the opportunity, the beginning of the NEW ME... the old broken down me no longer serves me or God... this is the beginning of making things right! Jesus, I thank you to allowing Erwin speak to my soul through this message. 🙏🏻


By kkumfer
I live off Hollywood Blvd. and one day stumbled upon Mosaic Church. What happened next fundamentally shook what I thought a church and pastor could be. I found Pastor Erwin’s sermons to be riveting and full of intellectual thought — a rarity for most Christian preachers. I even brought my Atheist friend, who went with me for the duration of his stay in LA and genuinely enjoyed the talks. While I had unpleasant and downright weird experiences with people at Mosaic, and while I eventually left this church because Mosaic got involved in things a church shouldn’t stick its nose into — I can’t deny Pastor Erwin’s messages. It still bothers me how Mosaic and most LA churches keep you at an arm’s distance, unless you’re famous. (In my 1+year at Mosaic I never even got the opportunity to shake hands with Pastor Erwin once. Such a 180 from my Catholic upbringing.) All in all, there’s so many bad things I could say about Mosaic and the way Pastor Erwin operates, but none of them are related to this podcast. I hope these messages find you in bringing you closer to Jesus in a way that is raw, authentic and real.
Really I have heard Pastor Pastor Erwin McManus’ messages after messages. He is just amazing. Not only is he an excellent communicator, but you can sense his true love and dedication for people, for a better world. He takes the light of the Gospel of Jesus with such passion and truth that time after time it traspases our hearts. I have served in many churches and I did it with all the love for them. But Ps Erwin has a true love to better this world and so many issues that affects us all. He is relentless in in his calling from God. He is amazing. Esperanza Hope Milian
Loved listening to this podcast and it was really life changing!
It’s a truly blessing for me to be able to listen you your podcast while working. God uses you in a beautiful way to bring His message into my life. Victoria
We are not able to attend meetings due to our location and we so appreciate being able to hear the positive messages from the Mosaic family in LA!
My favorite podcast for so many reason. Inspiring, challenging, faith building, and Jesus loving. Thank you Mosaic!


Erwin, all of Mosaic and MSC are simply incredible. I listen to every message many times over because the word is just so good and meaningful and inspiring!! The MSC music is out of this world good! So very thankful to be able to listen to these podcasts and this music!! THANK YOU!
Erwin McManus has definitely inspired me to be all that God says I am! I to him as a spiritual father because he has already lived life and I can learn so much from him! I have found myself not being afraid to live life and if I make a mistake with a choice then it’s okay because it’s not the end of the world.. on the contrary I can learn from my mistakes and move forward! I love the encouragement!! I love Kim McManus too she’s so inspirational to me! Their kids are great influences in my life as well! They are living not in a bubble but in the world and making it a better place by empowering us to go out and be the change we want to see!! #tribe - this is my tribe! I found them!
Living overseas, podcasts are one of the main ways that I receive Truth so I can go out and live it and share it. This is one of my favorite podcasts! Thank you for making these sermons accessible from anywhere in the world!
Erwin’s combination of common sense, and simplicity breaking down the word with empassioned delivery is something to behold. He is absolutely my favorite. Our whole family loves him. God has truly gifted this man & he is an amazing disciple
As a Christian business owner I find this podcast to be exactly what I am looking for. Inspiration yet challenging at the same time to be authentic in both my life and my business. Absolutely loved his series on his book “The Last Arrow”. Wished I lived in LA to attend live but very grateful for the podcast.
I love this podcast in the style of Erwin’s teaching of the Bible he breaks down the principles in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand and relate since you’re real life 2018 life suggestions
Why did you take down the "truth between us series"? I mean, this other stuff Is okay, but that series was so raw and something every "Christian" should be exposed to and hear. Unfortunately this topic seems to be something most churches are afraid to dive into. - Lloyd
It’s heartbreaking to listen to. Claims that it’s Christ-Centered, but it’s all about YOU. Just another self help, human potential gnostic.
I love the way Erwin McManus articulates ideas! He brings fresh insight and expression to everything he talks about!


By jmRolo
I have been so moved by Erwin's words. I can't explain the wholeness I have found through this podcast. So much hope and life. I share his podcast with so many. Grateful
I have listened for over 20 years to Erwin's insights and have always found him unique in his depth and call to live greatly. This series is changing me. Listen, spread this talk like a juicy rumor - God is on the move!
I first heard Erwin McManus speak at my old Church in Melbourne, Australia 9 years ago and it changed my life. For the first time I heard someone who spoke straight to my soul and showed me what a relationship with Jesus really looked like. I’m forever grateful and so will you be by listening to his talks.
Pastor Erwin uses his voice and platform to always call us to more.
This podcast truly changed my life. Erwin is incredible at teaching people how to lead and how to love, and constantly calling and directing them to a deeper relationship with Jesus. So thankful for this podcast!
McManus doesn't try to be something he isn't. This is real, genuine Scripture based teaching with applications for today and tomorrow.
I'm an atheist. Listening to McManus makes you think that if there is a god, Erwin knows who it is. There is hope and challenge behind his messages.
Each and every talk hits right home. His practical and down to earth style makes the Word applicable to every area of life. P.S Praying for your speedy recovery
Erwin is the best speaker I've ever heard, his messages have truly changed my life! His approach is completely disarming & refreshing. Check this out, you will not be disappointed!
This podcast is very encouraging.
I absolutely love listening to this podcast!
So thankful for this podcast and the heartbeat of Mosaic. I appreciate Erwin's honesty, conviction, and love.
Mosaic has forever change my life. I am thankful for this community that deeply cares about telling the story of the gospel to people regardless of where they are in life. I am forever grateful!
I've had the privilege of hearing Erwin in person in Hollywood and each time I am inspired, comforted and edified. His insights and excited delivery encourages growth in my knowledge of how God works in our lives, and how we are called right where we are, right now, to be examples of God's diversity in love. This is not religion, this isn't a typical church experience, this is the narrative of a man who has done many things and seen many miracles. Erwin is a follower of Christ who welcomes all; regardless of the labels others put on us, or the labels we put on ourselves. I listen to the podcasts at work and it calms my worries, relieves my impatience and brings clarity to my questions about which path I am to follow. I've heard some of these more than once and each time, something new is revealed to me. Thanks for helping this artist Erwin, and helping all the other artisans who are searching for their dreams.
I stumbled across Mosaic about a year ago and have been Hooked ever since. Love the messages these guys are sending out. Thier group gives me hope for the new churches. I don't see the old normal, hipocracy of organized religion.
I love Mosaic Podcast! I can say without any hyperbole that it had a major impact on my life…my faith and my life would not be the same without it. Just out of curiosity, I know that Hank preached the last few sermons but it seems that the ones uploaded the past few weeks are Erwin’s. I wanted to ask someone about this but there are no comments and questions section on the mosaic website which is why I’m leaving a message here.
lol Erwin is “john the baptist” of our time! He speaks with raw passion and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Really great to listen to!
Erwin has done what most pastors refused to do, and that's tell the world that creativity is not a personality, its a calling that God has given us all. As an artist from Oklahoma I love hearing Erwin's take on applying creativity to the word of God, and he does it in way that doesn't add or take away.
Finally a place where every part of my curiosity is met. Where the teaching is funny, smart, and on point. And as person who so been needing more to my spiritual life and losing faith and being annoyed by church, this is a well needed breathe of fresh air. Also, not once felt out of place, even though I don't know anyone.
I find this podcast to be very uplifting, relavent and inspiring. People from a variety of backgrounds will find Erwin and the other speakers to be engaging a thought provoking.
I live in Miami and my Aunt recently moved to LA and started attending this church. She loved it of course and spread the word! I listen every Wednesday! (That's when the Sunday sermon gets uploaded)
I love these sermons and I used to listen to them every week. I am a Christian from the Midwest and Mosaic is everything Christianity should be. The problem is that I changed by podcast listings to block out explicit content, it also blocks out Content labeled as clean as well
Just a thank you to Erwin, Hank and mosaic for the Podcasts. Furthermore, Thank You for NOT getting hung up on Islam and a host of other "religiously correct" topics such as Sin, Law, Sin Religious Rituals, Sin, Religious Habits, more Sin, Proper Church Etiquette etc.... To those who need to be preached to about such matters, there are numerous well spoken, loud mouthed, televangelical type Podcasts to pick from. Simply download those instead of Mosaic. Again, Thank You.