Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir

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I tried this podcast, and all I wanted to hear these guys talk about the episode topic. I don’t care about them name dropping their friends. Stay. On. Topic.
Great film podcast. There are many of podcasts covering film history and several specialize in Film Noir but this one's my favorite. The two speakers take the subject seriously enough without becoming overly academic. Their opinions are the product of serious film watching and wide reading. All in all, a pleasure to listen to!
The content is very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. The only thing I notice is that you can tell the hosts are reading their comments. It is not very conversational. But the content is very good and the hosts are quite knowledgeable. It does look like they stopped podcasting in 2011 and might be resuming. Regardless, there is a lot to enjoy in the past episodes.
As a film director, particularly of the upcoming film noir feature Trouble Is My Business, I have found this podcast inspirational as it makes me look at some of my favorite films a new way and also look at what I did unconsciously with my film. Great job!
Its a good and informative podcast, but I wish these guys would ACTUALLY have a discussion instead of taking turns reading from their novel length scripts. Its informative for fans of film noir, but VERY DRY, and almost boring. The show feels more like two wannabe critics who take turns reading their reviews of films instead of actually having a discussion or GOD forbid, make a joke every once in a while to break up their monotone voices. Nice try fellas, I REALLY want to like your show, but PLEASE stop reading from scripts and try a little harder to actually have a discussion or maybe a DEBATE on the show every once in a while. Film noir isn't just a boys club, ever thought about getting a female guests perspective on the show? How about an interesting guest with personality? Or better yet, how about a guest who knows very little about film noir? Get their perspective and questions on the subject.
WELCOME BACK and record more !!!! Great to hear the new episode. We need more !
This is an excellent series. I've listened to them all and will again before viewing the films they discuss. Each podcast is like a gift package. They discuss many of my favorite films and have introduced me to several I didn't know about. I now haunt the TCM schedule. I hope Clute and Edwards will give us more.
No sign of new pocasts here.
If you are a big fan of film noir as I am you will love this podcast! Clute and Edwards discuss film noir (classics and lesser known gems as well) in an intellectual way, not dumbed down. Their enthusiasm is infectious!
I'm a junkie for these podcasts. I discovered them a few months back and have been trying like crazy to not listen to them all right now. Each one is a treasure trove of insightful filmic information delivered in an informal manner and I just can't get enough!
These podcasts are great. Just watch one of the movies, then listen to the movie's podcast, and then watch the film again. You will enjoy and appreciate these movies even more.
i flippen love these guys with their huge nerd brains
The information and analysis that Clute and Edwards provide inside each of these podcasts is tantamount to a university lecture ... albeit one that I'd opt to stay awake for. These guys know exactly what they're talking about, providing insight into the black heart that drives these films. Better than DVD commentaries. Great stuff! Highly recommended!
This is a great podcast series with eloquent discussions on classic and contemporary noir that never gets too academic. In particular, their dissection of George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck appropriating a look of classic noir and their analysis of The Grifters are real stand-outs. But every podcast is top notch and definitely worth subscribing to.
Clute & Edwards provide an excellent introduction to film noir ("Is it a genre or a style?") and entertaining, informative analyses of the specific movies they examine. Even if you don't always agree with their choices, they provide interesting ideas to explore--and they keep you coming back for more.
Amazing!!! Really know their stuff amd wonderful analysis. It is great and amazing. If you love film noir you will absolutley love this podcast. Please do one on Chinatown, thats my only suggestion.
These two guys do a great job reviewing noir and neo-noir films. They consistently provide unique, creative insights into the great movies in this dark corner of filmdom. Clute and Edwards are drawing a road map into the twisted world of film noir, film-by-film, and its great fun taking the trip with them. And you can learn a lot about the history of cinema as you go. Thanks, guys, and keep up the good work!
absolutely great! love the way multiple aspects of the films are considered (cinematography, plot, character development, and how they fit into world and film history). Clute and Edwards know their stuff! Also great that old and new films are discussed...Haven't watched all the ones discussed yet, but now I can't wait to.