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Content generally solid but dry and requires a chaser. Audio quality below average. But seriously, having spent a career in brand management, the ebrands advertising is the most annoying and unprofessional and abrasive I have ever heard and makes me have to turn off the podcast. How can they purport to know anything about marketing or brands or social media and put out that garbage. We are embarrassed for them and your fine program.
IMO this is the best and most informative podcast of its kind. Great stuff guys!
Have seen the reviews but am starting to like how the show is going
Great show and worth the time each week. The SEO Rockstars know their SEO inside and out and share frontline experience and tips as to what is working now - wouldn't miss it!
...can't afford a $100 VoIP phone that doesn't sound like a potato
Sorry guys, I think you are both extremely knowledgable and have obviously been very successful, but the show is tough to listen to. I find myself counting the number of times you say "ya know"...NO, most of your listeners do not know. The general conversations lack any direction and tend to drive your audience crazy. Again, I think if we met at a bar or convention I would thoroughly enjoy a conversation with you, but I just have to ditch the podcast. The overbearing commercials are awful too (not your fault).
I am unsubscribing from all podcasts from Webmaster Radio because of the sicking amount of commercials. The guys act like they are Comcast, which is not a compliment.
This is the first time in 10 years I've EVER written a review for anything I've downloaded off iTunes. I find it ironic that the host of this show goes on and on about "quality content" when his podcast is nothing but unwitty banter with no real insight. Worst of all every other sentence this guy speaks is "uh... ya know... (three words strung together) uh... ya know... etc. TAKE A PUBLIC SPEAKING COURSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Jot down some notes before your show so you don't just ramble for 30 minutes. Sheesh.


By acw400
Very disappointed in this show. 90% BS and 10% actual information. It could have been so much better.
I have no doubt that the hosts know their stuff, but only occasionally do they actually share it with the audience. There is very little real information in the podcasts, and a lot of BS to sift through to find the valuable bits.
But what can I say...I'm a tad jaded! We've just begun doing some site clinics & folks seem to love that. Come have your site evaluated and get in the game.
I love the show but I wish they would do it more regularly.
The problem with all these type of podcasts, is that the speakers lose sight of the fact that other people are listening. We're listening to learn something from an expert. This is just a lot of jibber-jabber. A lot of petty opinions, too. Grow up and get on with the show, boys. Also, really horrible commercials.
Doesn't teach any actual's all talk, boring at that.
These webcasts are great. Informative, information packed. Thanks!!