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Reviews For Shelly's Podcast

Found it randomly and so glad I did, a fun personality and a fun show - I highly recommend!
Shelly (along with the occasional Fabulous Frank) are amazing. Her voice is so captivating and her knack for telling a story are second to none.
Shelly's show is what a podcast should be: entertaining, thought-provoking, and informative. Whether she's talking (okay, sometime ranting) about goings-on in the Apple/Mac world, giving her take on random things in the Lightning Round, or keeping us informed during the strangely addictive Driveway Update, Shelly's Podcast is always a lot of fun!
Shelly combines tech news, personal stories, and bits of old-time radio to weave a terrific mix of entertainment. She's engaging, knowledgeable, and great fun to listen to. And lest he be overlooked, she sometimes features the Fabulous Frank, too!
I've been listening a year or so and have enjoyed every podcast. Whether Shelly is talking about politics, technology, the famous Frank , the cats, or life in Texas, she is always engaging and entertaining.
Great! I love it! Filled with interesting talk!
Engaging and entertaining podcast. This one is worth a listen.