'Uncomfortable Questions'

Reviews For 'Uncomfortable Questions'

One of the most original and interesting podcast concepts I've heard and I've auditioned hundreds. It's interesting because each episode is completely unique. You never know what to expect but it's always special. Keep up the great work, Sue!
Ordinary people. Philosophical questions. You hear good and not so good answers. However, apply the questions to yourself as well and it is introspective as well. Nice concept.
Boring people are a reflection of boring people...Ask questions that catch people off guard. Be funny. Be a smartass. Emulate interviewers like Tom Green, Dave Letterman, or the guys on the daily show. But don’t ask plane people plane questions. I can go start up a conversation with a guy on the bus if I want to hear Joe blow do life speak. Hang in there and liven it up.
Sue Grandys interviews ordainary people with the sort of intense questions you'd only seen being asked of Big Time Smarty-pants philosophers. A very thoughtful interesting and fascinating look inside the deep thoughts of just plain folks. Turns out they're not so plain. Sure to give you stuff to mentally chew on. Good dinner conversation material too! And funny! What more do you want?