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Captures the high lights of a weekly Tech Topic. Not as deep tech as Leo Laporte, but well researched and timely.
Hey Larry, there is a reason these are called "pod-casts" and not "Win-casts" or "Zen-casts" or another name containing the moniker of another iPod clone. iPods made this popular and my iPod won't carry your podcast anymore. Actually more because you have done nothing interesting in the months I have listened to you and I have found myself skipping forward half-way through your "stories". Maybe if you checked your bias at the door and covered new equipment and maybe look at some equipment that goes with my powerbook, powermac or iPod. Or review Linux or alternative OS-related items. Check out ANY of Leo Leport's podcasts, he and his friends manage to talk about tons of stuff and even say negative things about Apple's equipment! But they are pretty even-handed.