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A great show about geocaching! Sonnt Sandy and Sean do a great job.
This is the best geocaching podcast I have listened to. Sonny, Sandy, Sean, and Selah have quickly become like family. If you like to geocache, you need to give this an ear.
I've been listening from the beginning and love this podcast. If you are new to Geocaching or just found out about Podcacher, you should start listening to ALL from the beginning right now. Don't miss it. I don't.
Sonny and Sandy are great host. They are a great source for current information about the caching world, have great interviews, and are wonderful to listen to. Thank you for taking time to bring relevant and up to date information. I would recomend this show to anyone who likes geocaching.
Hello, I am writing to thank Sonny and Sandy for the consistently high-quality and fun podcast that they work so hard to produce every week. The programs have a good range of topics with interesting guests. It’s clear that Sonny and Sandy are genuinely kind and friendly people who love the geocaching pursuit and want to share it with others. I have been a regular listener since late 2015, and I try not to miss a single show. I’ve learned a lot about geocaching over these years, getting good ideas about hiding caches, solving puzzles, and involving family and kids in the game I enjoy so much. I even had the pleasure of meeting Sonny and Sandy at last year’s Geowoodstock in Cincinnati. That was a highlight of my GW weekend. Thanks for your Podcast, and... “Keep on cachin’!” (My geonick is PlantStrong)
The Podcacher podcast is great for experienced and new geocachers and may even be a fun way to introduce someone new to the game. The format is consistent, the content is fun and helpful. Best of all, everyone in the family, with or without technical expertise, can get something from the show. Sonny and Sandy are great at sharing their passion for geocaching! Have a listen and... keep on caching! myrthman
I listen to many podcasts because I drive a lot. I added this one to the lineup after the GIGA in Cincinnati! It has everything: tips, tricks, updates from HQ, off-the-beaten-path articles, personal stories, and a healthy dislike for LPCs (I hope Sonny isn’t logging them as found 😉)! I also really appreciate how they keep it clean and uplifting. I have tried three different times to start a soccer podcast, but coordinating schedules, hosting, website, bumps, and posting is very time consuming and a lot of work. So, it’s impressive that they’re so consistent that the next high-quality episode is #667! (Incidentally, I have only one more find than they’ll have episodes!) This is a great addition to the lineup and I recommend it as a TOTT for all geocachers!
A friend of mine told me along time ago when podcasts first started being a thing that I needed to check out this Particular channel and I did and thought wow everything one needs to know is here. For whatever reason I stopped listening and kind of re-discovered this podcast and again everything one needs to know about searching for treasure in the wild is here. The tips the tricks the interviews the stories and the collaboration with everything geocaching is pretty awesome. I definitely give this a five star rating for the in-depth interviews the out of the box thinking regarding tips and tricks and the sharing of everyone’s stories and other adventures as well thanks for the thoughtful content I am definitely tuning in every episode from here on out. Silly_One_75 aka Cathy
Sonny, Sandy and Sean are a joy to listen to each week. They have entertaining interviews, funny stories and quality product reviews. This podcast is a must-listen for all geocachers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I wrote a review for this podcast way back in 2007 when I started listening to podcasts regularly, while commuting to and from work. Back then, it was a great show - family friendly, fun, informative, entertaining, and with a lot of production value. I went through a few years with less time in the car, so I stopped listening to all my podcasts, but retirement has allowed me to go back and listen again. I started w/ Podcacher, and was amazed to find that it's just as good as it was before! It's so great, I'm listening to the current weekly show and also going back and catching up on the years of shows I missed! There are several geocaching podcasts out there, but this one's simply the gold standard. If you can only listen to one, this is it!! Keep on caching! KS&k
Found this podcast a few months ago and like it very much. It’s a great companion to a great hobby.
Sonny and Sandy cover the latest geocaching news and tips in an informative, entertaining and timely way. I listen to them each week during my workout at the gym. After their show is over, I'm always inspired to go out and either hide a cache, find a cache, or just spread geocaching goodness to whomever I meet throughout the day. They are great ambassadors for this unique and specialized hobby. Nancy of The Deadliest Cachers, Buffalo, New York.
I am an avid geocacher that looks forward to hearing a new show every week. The interviews and tips, announcements of upcoming promotions and events, and technology news are great. I also like that I can have confidence in a safe listening environment when I have the kids in the car with me. Thanks for the podcast and keep on caching!
If you're a geocacher, you should be listening! Sonny, Sandy, Shawn and now Sela, bring a very entertaining mix of stories, geocaching adventures, and timely topics for a very wide audience. A great dose of geocaching goodness each and every week!
I look forward to my commute every Monday morning as I know I'll have a brand new episode of PodCacher to listen to on the way to work. You get the latest in Geocaching news, high quality interviews, contests, and stories from around the world. PodCacher is a high quality family friendly show and definitely worth listening to if you are a geocacher.
There are so few podcasts that I can listen to in the car with my kid that I won’t be afraid of inappropriate content but also won’t bore him to death. This show is fun and well produced. One of my favorite geocaching podcasts.
Absolutely the best podcast ever!
Sunny and Sandy have created a new form of educational media. Great show and resource.
Love hearing about the tricks, quirky finds, and the "rules" of Geocaching. My daughter and I are fairly new to this (only 25 or so finds in), it quickly became our favorite hobby. I find this podcast VERY helpful sometimes I hear certain lingo and have to google it (the other night I learned LPC is Lamp post Cache) but it is always fun to learn about new things. Thank you!
I love listening to this podcast! I laugh out loud when I listen to it on the way to work every Monday morning. I love the games and contests they have (and have won quite a few of them)! Keep it up, Triple S!!
This is by far the best family-run San Diego based podcast about geocaching available! Gary Neal (duke_19_62) Annapolis, MD
I listen to Sonny on two different podcast and he never disappoints. He is a great host and always brings great and informative content.
My favorite geocaching podcast. Everything you need to know about geocaching news! Great hosts!
Podcacher is a must if you are a geocacher. Its fun and entertaining and safe for the whole family to listen to. Full of interesting interviews, tips, and fun contests. Give it a listen, I'm sure you'll be hooked.
I download the new episodes on Monday. That's the only thing that makes Monday worth getting up for. I can count on starting my week with helpful hints, tricks and insights into my favorite hobby. Thanks or keeping me fresh and excited.
I would definitely recommend this podcast to any new cacher or a veteran cacher.
For more than ten years, this has been the best Geocaching related podcast. It is always informative and entertaining. Sonny and Sandy (and occasional guests) covers topics of interest to geocachers and others worldwide. This is a well produced and polished show all done by the great hosts. An archive of all the past episodes are available which provides great insights on the development and history of geocaching.
Sonny and Sandy are great hosts and are very knowledgeable. They welcome feedback and questions from listeners and will often feature them on the show. The variety of guests on the show over the past year or so that I've been listening has been great.
This is such a great geocaching podcast! The quality is spot on, and the stories are always intriguing! Team PodCacher, thanks for providing such spectacular content!
As a listener since 2007, Podcacher is the one podcast I compare all others against. The quality of audio, the committment to producing quality shows that has withstood the test of time, is credit to this podcast. If there were only one podcast I could listen to, it would be Podcacher. Great job Sonni and Sandi!
It has only been a few months since I started listening to this show. I keep up to date each week, and the rest of the time, I have been playing catch-up! I have made it to 2010! Thanks so much guys for such a fun and interesting show! I think the best segments that I can remember, is when you have picked a name and called them and then have a chat over the phone. I love finding out where their caching name comes from. Keep up the good work, one of these days I will get all caught up....It was great meeting you at the block party this year! Cache ON! Jack of Jack & Berli
If you are a Geocacher or want to learn about geocaching then this is the podcast for you. Sonny and Sandy are great and the podcast quality is professional. I have been listening to them for years. The format is easy and the length of each show is great for my commute.
I love this podcast! They are really nice people. Rainy day, just listen to podcachers!
This is a great show for geocachers. Everything from tips to interesting geocaching stories and more!
Great podcast on geocaching. Covers many subjects in each show and are one adorable family too making a family friendly podcast! Great contest and giveaways too! Awesome! Axeman22
The most popular Geocaching podcast has to be Podcacher. It is made by a Geocaching family for all Geocachers to enjoy. It is informative and family-friendly AND I always download and listen to them immediately. Sonny, Sandy and Sean are the perfect trio to have producing this excellent podcast. This is the hottest "gadget" hobby in the world! Podcacher does not disappoint! They have released more than 400 shows and cranked it up on new topics in 2013!
This is by far one of the best geocaching podcast on the web. I've been following it for several years and look forward to my weekly dose of "Geocaching Goodness". I have learned so many tips and hints and the caching stories are the best. Keep up the good work!
I've listened to this podcast for over two years and have never been let down on the quality on the show. I listen to several different shows unrelated and many of them have good audio and content comparable to this show. But NONE of them have the entertainment value, the extra good stuff SSS add plus being versatile with on the road shows with the same quality. News - Tips/Tricks - Games/Contest - Interviews - Adventure stories - personality - genuine - humorous. Excellent Job!
Whether a vet or a newcomer to this hobby, this is the podcast for you. Alway family-friendly, fun, and informative, this show is super professional.
I used to listen to another podcast until I discovered this one. I thought the "other one" was good but know that I listen to Podcacher I cannot bring my self to listen to the other one......... Thank You for the Geocaching goodness you DO bring to everyone. Keep on Caching...............
Absolutely love it! The number of hikes and loooong roadtrips you guys have kept me company on is huge. Great information! I love the show notes to supplement. Can I tell you how many times I've wanted to take notes on the show but couldn't at that moment? The info is always right there. I have published caches based on ideas from the show. They also had a big influence on our Europe trip last summer. Sonny and Sandy's byplay makes them the modern Burns and Allen. They are a lot of fun to listen to while they are providing plenty of good ideas about geocaching. It's been a delight listening to Shawn grown up over the years too. They throw in just enough personal stuff to makes us care without overwhelming the purpose of the show. It's also fascinating watching the development of the show over the years. Even though some of the early shows were not as polished as they are now, they are still much, much better than any other home produced podcache I've heard. If you are a cacher, I encourage you to check out the show. Even if you're not, check out the show they will turn you into one. Thanks for a quality product!!!
Even when you can't get out there to find a geocache there is always a bit of the fun and adventure available by listening to S.S and s. Keep up the great show!
Sonny & Sandy should be proud of the product they put out faithfully every week for our enjoyment. I can only imagine how much time they spend compiling this high-quality show. Thanks!
I love this podcast. They bring excellent professionalism with just the right amount of goofiness to provide a highly entertaining show on geocaching. I appreciate the stories, news items and how they encourage community with call in milestones. Always a pleasure to listen to and always brightens my day!
Podcacher is a great family friendly podcast about geocaching: the hobby/sport of using a GPS or Smartphone to find hidden containers. Sonny and Sandy do an excellent job of proving informative, fun, family friendly shows each week. I love their call in line to share milestones with other listeners, contests, discounts to vendors, and audience participation. A must listen for every geocacher. -Team_Pugatch
Very good podcast. They are funny, family-friendly, and informative. TFTPC!
As a geocacher… I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now. Every week brings a new show with caching information in a fun format. New caching tools and websites are regularly introduced. Interesting destination caches are highlighted. Famous and interesting cachers are interviewed. And all this with a casual "sitting around the house" sort of feeling that makes you feel comfortable. Even the personal family stories mixed in with the caching information makes this feel like a conversation with friends rather than some "experts" talking down to you. And with the email, voicemail and Facebook interactions open all the time... it really is an interactive show. If you're new to geocaching... or if you're an old hand at it... I highly recommend listening to Sonny and Sandy.
This weeks podcast has a very interesting interview with Paul-Highdude98. Great stories and info. I think that you should do an interview with s seasoned geocacher every once in a while.
I've been listening to this for a few weeks now, and I'm really impressed by the creativity and consistency of the show!! They always find something new to talk about, and are a real pleasure to listen to. I would certainly recommend this to anyone interested in Geocaching!!! Thanks for a great podcast, and keep on cachin'!!!