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As a first-time listener, I heard the October 23rd SOTT Radio Network podcast about the presidential campaign. I must say that it was one of the most rational and intelligent discussions about US politics I have ever heard. Reasonable, measured, honest and in my opinion "right on". Kudos to you. Keep it up. We are listening.


By Tirede
Truth is more important than fanatic frenzy! And that's what these podcast provide, an objective discussion of any subject they take on, and boy do they take on almost everything..!! Wonderful stuff!!
The three episodes I've listened to so far have been very informative. Great information. However, I have heard a distinctive Zippo lighter clicking, and even very noticeable toking sounds. This surprised me as the podcasters seem professional, although sometimes the speakers are so quiet that I can barely understand what they are saying - especially the Scottish guy. All in all, I have enjoyed these episodes, but they are far from perfect.
rarely posts.. must be going for the laziest podcasters award
Great unbiased pure news and research. Everyone should subscribe to this podcast!
Signs of the Times is the best alternative news source out there. Not only is there site and productions good, but there podcasts are amazing. Excellent interviews and excellent points. You can't miss this podcast, best of all it's free, you won't have to pay a dime.