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I loved the 12/30 show that was entirely about climate change. We need to dedicate more media time to this issue. Urgent.
I miss Tim Russert and even David Gregory. Each week seems to be the same weak questions and the pundits are merely that....not really the press.
Love MTP Sunday podcast would love the other ones during the week as well!!


By Muzac
Love the show and the podcast. One of the best news show out there. Negatively, takes 24 hours for the podcast to be released after the TV show and the audio is oddly quiet. Hard to hear in my earbuds when I'm walking down the street.
Why not post when the show is over?
The bothsidesism nature of this show is disgusting. Hard unsubscribe.
The only time I view or listen is when Katy Tur is the moderator. Chuck is too cloying or combative, depending on who he is targeting, to endure for long. If this were Katy’s review five star thumbs up.
Chuck Todd is doing such a great job pulling together all the bits & pieces to help make sense of endless news-noise. I count on his show to help me reset my perspective every Sunday!
Please post the podcast the same day as it airs. Being a current events show & waiting in our current news cycle often makes it obsolete or at least not current by waiting.
I would like MTP more if they didn’t spend the first 10 minutes allowing a republican to lie lie lie. It enrages me.


This news is the fakest news out there. It’s tremendously fake, you got to believe me. It’s so fake even Rosie O’Donnell.
If you enjoy listening to your podcast through the left earbud, this podcast is for you. Sadly, for two weeks in a row, audio is only coming through the left earbud.
How can the first review be from 12 years ago and mention Tim Russert? Whose algorithm is that? Unfortunately MTP is no where near the caliber it once was. It may be the oldest news program but I feel it has fallen many levels below what it was 12 years ago. Unbalanced panels do not present differing views. As moderator Chuck Todd reveals his political bias. And his voice drifts lower to make it hard to hear. Not on my “must watch” list.
The sound of the podcast version in horrible. The volume is is unbalanced. Some interviews are too loud some to quiet. The sound is just on the left channel so it’s annoying to listen with headphones. It’s a shame such an American institution is such a lame podcast
First, today’s episode 7-Oct and the previous show was on left channel only. Second Chick doesn’t always have enough command of the issues to respond to BS responses from politicians.
For several weeks the Sunday podcast has been released with sound only on the left channel making it very unpleasant to listen to with earbuds, headphones, etc. This occurs via my iTunes podcast and is the same no matter which device I use - iPhone, iPad, or desktop - and no matter which earbuds, headphones, or speakers I use. Can you fix your production problem?
I used to really enjoy Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Chuck Todd is so biased and angry that I can’t watch anymore.
Great conversations, but with the audio levels jumping from high to low, it is hard to listen to.
I enjoy the show. Chuck Todd doe his predecessor Tim Russert honor - HOWEVER. The Audio plays ONLY on the left channel. Ridiculous and absurd. The year is 2018 & 9+ Months. (4716 Chinese yr) It’s time that NBC’s / Chuck Todd’s staff / MEET THE PRESS join the technological 21st Century. Right & Left Channel Audio Please.
Very informative but for some reason, they keep letting the 6th grade kids from the annex school master it down to a podcast..
My husband and I listen every night and are ardent fans. However tonight only audio with video was available. I have to use cellular to download the podcast. I cannot download without WiFi when the video is included. Please continue to make the audio only segment available.
Useless crap show by a democratic activist. These idiots think the Americans are stupid but the fact is the public can see through them
love the news.
Well produced and always pressing for the deeper meaning through their interviews; I find this program a very good source for getting the puke if America’s political climate.
Maybe it should be Meet the Press with Chump Todd. Once again, a Trump Administration official recited her talking points on MTP while the host barely put up a fight. After a very impressive show open cataloging POTUS’s repeated prevarications, Chuck didn’t even bother to ask Kellyanne Conway about it—even when she gave him a clear opening, “You’ve heard the President say on the air . . . “ In fact, he spent more time exchanging Fathers Day pleasantries then he did asking what should have been the lead questions: “Why do the president and his spokespeople including yourself and the WH press secretary routinely lie to the American people?” “What does he have to hide?” “And why should any American take anything any of you have to say seriously?” NBC, how about a journalist host who will “Press” in with tough questions, and bring on the data download guy as a feature. Has a woman other than Candy Crowley hosted one of these major Sunday shows? Maybe give Maddow a shot. Seriously . . . In the meantime, I’m switching to Jake or George . . .
Love being able to catch up with MTP on my schedule however I’ve found the audio to be really inconsistent, some weeks I can listen just fine and others (like this week) even on Max volume it’s impossible to hear the dialogue.
This podcast is great. Fair and factual reporting of the week in news.
I love MTP, but by the time the podcast is posted later in the week, the news is old.
Chuck plays the middle of the road in order to serve his corporate sponsors and get paid. He has a perspective but swallows it to save his job. Both side’s aren’t the same, Chuck!
This is an excellent podcast, the editing has definitely improved to sound just as good as live. Thank you Chuck for all the interesting news and insights. Definitely where I get my most important political news. Know that it will be a straight shot not any fake news LOL as they tell us. You are totally even handed the way you cover the news. Keep up the good work.
Love the show and look forward to it every week, which is why it’s disappointing that it’s not uploaded on Sunday consistently. Seems like they just release it on iTunes whenever they get around to it.
Still smart and interesting
Great to listen to.
I like the show. Sometimes I can’t listen each week and like to play catch up. But it seems like they only release one episode at a time. Why no mini-archive of at least the last 4 eps or so?
The audio on the recordings are very low. I like to listen to the show during my morning commute. When I turn the volume up enough to listen to everyone talking, any other audio alerts, such as from a traffic app, are nearly full volume. Please fix the recording volume. Thanks.
Just unsubscribed when blatant lies on the right we’re not challenged. How can issues be covered when you allow known falsehoods on one side!
Unfortunately like other traditional shows, they have to give time to political pundits who don’t answer the question but talk over other guests just to get their talking point out. I like to just go to the end and listen to the round table.
Enjoy listening to podcast. But please Chuck, when introducing your panel/guests, slow down, speak up, and enunciate. As you introduce your panel, you sometimes trail off, and talk way too fast. You know who they are, we don’t Chuck. Thanks Chuck!
I am a die hard, but at least once a month they don’t put up the podcast until three days after the fact by which time it’s old news. Is it that complicated? NBC can’t afford to hire a 22 year old kid to upload a fricken podcast. Totally unacceptable.
It would be great if could you get the podcast version available to download faster.
Come on guys. The reason I subscribe to your podcast is to hear what your guests and commentators have to say on Sunday not Monday or later. Old news is as bad as fake news. I don’t subscribe to the CBS or ABC Sunday shows for just that reason they are tardy, MTP usually is not. Don’t disappoint please.
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In this age of post truth craziness, Meet the Press and Chuck Todd is the antidote. Fair and balanced approach to the issues, top rate guests, and great insight from the host and panels. I’ve been watching MTP since Russert was the host and Chuck Todd is now my favorite. What I appreciate about this podcast is I’m sometimes just too busy with kids and life to watch the show live. But Chuck Todd has taken a stance that he is going to take the show to where the people are. The show’s podcast is released a few hours after the show airs and is on demand as quickly as any other. He’s the journalist this country needs and I can’t think of any other working journalist who is his equal. If you aren’t watching or listening to this show, do your country a favor and start.
Dropping listening because portions are mixed much too loud
Wow the mix was really off this week. The regular show audio was really low so I had to adjust my volume to the max to hear it at a regular volume but then the bumpers were at their regular level so when they came in between segments, they were super loud. Ear piercingly loud. Had to lower the volume for 'em but then when the regular show started playing, it was too low and I had to max it out again. Had to do this at the start and end of each segment. Audio levels matter!
It's great to have a show like this that reviews the week and stresses what's important. Chuck Todd is great. So please tell whoever mixes the theme music with the video audio to turn down the theme! Every time there's a clip going into or out of a break, all we hear is the theme song.