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Where was Andrea Mitchell this week? ...Probably too busy brushing up on her Shakespeare


I’d rather eat toxic paint. These “honest, investigative journalists” are nothing but excrement to the normal collective brain intake.


By VBSunny
Had enough of these “let’s let the other side talk without rebuttal.” Senator Rounds should have been shut down, immediately. Chuck Todd needs schooling as to how to control interviews.
So biased it’s not worth the trouble. I wish someone would at least try to give a balanced view of the news and current events. Chuckles is one of the worst.
Chuck Todd is a shill anyone who wants to believe anything that comes out of his mouth is a shill follower He’s a partisan hack dressed in arrogance NEWS director ???? Anything BUT
I Was very surprised you made a reservation with and had a discussion with “ get over it” Mulvaney. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I believe the time slot reserved for him was wasted. Toomey is leaving the senate. ( that’s my understanding). IF this is correct I suggest that 4 or 5 years of cowardice negates any conversation of trump should go. Resign in piece. Stay in the woods. I hope the democrats can grow a spine and get this guy the heck out of Dodge. The faster the better. Thank you mr. Todd . I am a regular Sunday podcast listener. Ron
Like Tim Russert, he’s a political junkie. I’m not, but he and his guests are. I want to here their take.
As a millennial who finds himself asking the question “what core principles do I believe in and do I think represent and further the society that has been indicative of America?”, I’m glad that Mr. Todd heads this podcast. His questions are pointed, the larger themes seem to be without bent, and he seems to be adept at demanding and ferreting out answers. The guests and panelists seem to be selected to further the debate, rather than misinform or obfuscate. When the game becomes one of “hide the ball”, the host effectively puts the audience on notice that there are rules, and calls the balls and strikes without rancor or ratings seeking aravice.
Thankful for hearing from both sides on such complicated issues that are rending our Country asunder. GC Would really appreciate it if Chuck would let his guests talk without constant interruptions. Why have guests if Chuck has to interrupt and rarely let guests get a word out. If it is just Chuck then save guests for dinner. Very annoying. Dr. GC Constantly interrupting your guests, Chuck, does not add to the program. Should just be Chuck Todd instead of having guests to interrupt and speak over. Thanks for checking your constant interrupting your guests. Dr. GC Cannot get today’s Meet The Press. Only “Florida, Florida, Florida.” Dr. GC Curious why Sunday’s 12/13/2020 Meet the Press came today. Wednesday 12/16/2020. Dr. GC
Has something happened to this podcast? I’m not seeing anything available after 10/11/2020.
If some folks complain Chuck is too left and others complain he is too right, perhaps he really is close to the middle where he belongs. I have watched MTP for years and enjoy this podcast when I miss the live show. I also enjoy the ToddCast. Thank you and keep up the good work Chuck.
Chuck Todd should go back and watch 10 hours of MTP with Tim. Knowing Chick wants to put out a great show it will only make him better.
Today, a Republican operative claimed the Trump campaign was spied upon, which is utter nonsense. A legitimate warrant was filed to monitor the criminal Carter Page, based upon solid evidence. Todd just let that slide by, unaddressed. If you don’t address the BS, it becomes just another Republican propaganda platform.
Very diss appointed in Chick Todd
Geez! Can’t we be optimistic and hopeful for at least one day! The press needs to recognize it’s role stoking negativity and divisions. Please help repair the damage that has been done to our country.
Chuck Todd is literally the worst “journalist”. He clearly leans right & should leave NBC & go to Faux News. Very difficult to listen to bc he is very biased towards Dems & never positive. He lets rethugs go on and on and on & NEVER corrects them or cuts them off when they spewing their lies & misinformation.
I love this podcast. I hate seeing reviews from Trump supporters who act like bc the absolute incompetence and belligerent actions of this president are called out appropriately(I may add) on this pod cast, that means Chucks gone left and is bias. This is a historically horrendous administration. There is no equivocation on the other side. That is reality- come back to it- we miss you.
I’ve listened to Meet The Press for several years, open to hearing liberal perspectives. Today I have unsubscribed because NBC has allowed Chuck Todd to go beyond presenting Washington DC media’s liberal perspective to prosecuting conservatism and prejudicially promoting activism of liberal socialism ideology. NBC should consider renaming Meet The Press to The Echo Chamber as it no longer offers alternative viewpoints, it promotes a singular, altruistic perspective. Meet The Press is how communist/ socialist media operates.
And S Guthrie. Otherwise idk
I’m not pleased that NBC opted to do a last minute town hall with Trump but I’ve enjoyed MTP and MTP Daily for a long time and this misstep isn’t going to sway me to such an extent that I’ll stop watching you ... but please do realize that many of us were shocked to hear that you played a role in the decision 😔😔
Is awful.
Shame on Chuck for allowing Trump to schedule town hall same time as Biden. Unsubscribes
I like a lively discussion with multiple viewpoints, but Hugh Hewitt does not belong on a marquis Sunday morning network show.
Just unfollowed this podcast. Chuck needs to go, same with his production staff.
It is disappointing MTP has moved from an unbiased approach to the left. I enjoyed the show more when all guests and subjects were treated equally.
I’ve been a faithful MTP listener/viewer. It’s so sad to see how deep of a dive it’s taken during the last few years. Chuck sounds like a whiner and a Democratic Party apologist, pundit and spokesperson. He’s better than this. How can he get back to keeping his political views out and getting back to what made MTP great.
The guests recently have been more substantive ( fewer politicians with canned pitches) and Todd has been much less sound bite seeking and biased in how he approaches the show. Keep it up and raise the news standards for all of us.
It is totally weird that in an election year nobody has interviewed Biden as he is running for president.
Weak host. Tired of the gop guests who are all extreme right fringe characters. Cant wait until the gop’s reign of terror is over and the country is SANE again
Independent in a blue state - fan of the show for over 20 years. Since the Nicole Wallace timeslot shake up I feel like Chuck Todd has become more flagrantly bias. His language for Trump drips with disdain and his guests seem more and more left leaning (panel). Andrea Mitchell is a hack yet there she is. I previous listened to the ToddCast on a regular basis as well. His approach to women is condescending and somewhat dismissive. As others have pointed out his yeah yeah and uh huh is indicative of someone waiting their turn, not listening. Get it together over there! We want the quality and integrity that Tim Russert brought to the show.


By LP6850
Im prefacing this review by saying I didn’t vote for Trump and I’m no fan of his. Another softball interview of a Trump hater (Strzok). Zero tough questions about the basis of the entire collusion investigation, how they got the Steele Dossier and why they kept going after it was discredited by FBI agents very early in 2017, why the FBI lawyer forged the email to renew the FISA warrant, etc. He set him up to be the victim of how his texts were used against him. There’s no need to put a finger on the scale, yet this show can’t help itself.
I’m subscribed to this podcast. Don’t misuse my subscription sending me podcast episodes from others as “introductions” it is a breach of trust. It’s SPAM.
Meet the press used to be awesome because it hit every guest with tough questions and strove for truth over (and despite) any agenda. Now, it’s like a Fox News show only for the left. Worthless. A shame to its legacy. Get out of the propaganda business and get back to showing the failures of both sides.
I’m appalled by how infrequently Chuck adequately pushes back on the obvious and provable lies that administration officials tell on his watch. Either figure out how to fact check in real time or pass the microphone. This show has very little value in its current iteration.
I’ll preface my comments by saying I have enjoyed this show for many years, and I appreciate having the podcast as an option if I missed it on TV. My comments come from my genuine love for the show. 😊 The show is excellent overall, from the interviews to the panel discussions. What’s interesting to me, when listening via podcast (and getting *audio* only), is how much I pick up on little things I may’ve missed while *watching* the show on TV. First... When I am focused only on the audio, it is glaringly obvious to me how much sound Chuck makes while a guest is speaking. It seems like there are a whole lot of “Mm-hmm” and “Yeah, yeah”-sort of mumblings, as if Chuck is saying, “Okay, wrap it up. Let me talk now.” I realize there are definite time constraints while doing a broadcast, but man is this distracting. Second... Chuck had developed a crutch-phrase at the end of interviews, almost always wrapping them up by saying, “Thanks for coming on and sharing your views.” GAH! It got to the point where I could tell it was coming, and I could talk along with the TV/podcast in real time. Clearly, a producer or consultant noticed it, too, and must’ve had a chat with Chuck — because recently he has switched to thanking people for sharing their “perspective” instead. So now, that is the word I use when talking along with the show. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning either “views” OR “perspective,” but please at least alternate between the two. If you switch to thanking people for their perspective at the end of every interview, all you’ve done is adopt a *new* crutch-phrase. The primary reason I bring this up is that it takes away, somewhat, from the substance or gravity of an interview — you want viewers/listeners to pay attention to WHAT you’re saying, and not be distracted by HOW you’re saying it. Thank you, MTP team, for taking the time to read my review. But more importantly, thank you for all the work that goes into creating your wonderful show! 👍
You basically allow the trumpeter clowns to spew their BS and you sit there with responses: uhuh, ok, grunt,grunt. Thank you for being with us!!!! Ridiculous, I will watch george stephanopoulos instead.
Grateful MSNBC has reduced Chuck Todd’s time on the air, but seriously, he needs to go. Possibly the worst interviewer on television. No push back whatsoever.
Chuck “I take your GOP talking point no matter how patently false & offensive” Todd must go.
We get it that the show has favored Democrats for several years but at least have an opposing view on the panel
The pod takes 24 hours to come online, unlike every other news show.


Of course we are losing the battle against the Chinese virus since we have all those irresponsible people destroying our cities and infecting our vulnerable citizens
Just a disappointing podcast. Don’t waste the little free time you have with this podcast.
Not a real journalist. A leftist opinion spout. Pure junk.
There is no more right or wrong. Only whichever direction wind is blowing. Totally lost the way.
Liberal bias now permeates this previously objective program. Worth a listen, given the caliber of the guests, but tough to ignore the slant with which the questions are asked.
I’ve listened for years and been an avid “Chuck ToddCast” but have stopped with both because in the last few months (since Covid) Chuck can’t hide his bias. It’s too bad. He used to be fair but his distain for conservative is evident.
Entertaining and informative. If he sounds biased, it’s because there is no other way to present that topic. Love this show!
Fuel to the flames chuck Todd is a farce as anchor and journalist