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Chuck just isn’t bringing it anymore. The show needs a new host.


i have been a Chuck Todd fan for years. I alway respeceted his opinion on Political issues.He has become very predictable in his analysis and willing to give a opinion instead of let his guest speak.
This show has become way too partisan. We shouldn’t be able to guess the moderator’s party and both sides should be represented. Just can’t watch anymore.
Why didn’t you point out to Lamar Alexander the GOP’s abuse of power for denying the evidence to come out? He can’t know IF he knows enough because he hasn’t heard & seen the evidence. The evidence is clearly much worse. Why didn’t you ask him about total obstruction of congress?!
I’m not a huge political person, but Chuck has a way to keep me interested and make fancy words and terms understandable. I’d like to suggest the Money personalizes like Becky Quick and mad money as your guest and there opinions on the 2020 election.
Thankful for hearing from both sides on such complicated issues that are rending our Country asunder. GC Would really appreciate it if Chuck would let his guests talk without constant interruptions. Why have guests if Chuck has to interrupt and rarely let guests get a word out. If it is just Chuck then save guests for dinner. Very annoying. Dr. GC Constantly interrupting your guests, Chuck, does not add to the program. Should just be Chuck Todd instead of having guests to interrupt and speak over. Thanks for checking your constant interrupting your guests. Dr. GC


By ABN0455
Really ? Just Really...what a moron !!
Let me know when Chuck Todd is gone and I’ll try again! Until then -so long.
I thought for a minute they were actually going to out Brian Williams when they spoke about media credibility. Liberal media has tried to kill Bernie Sanders campaign. The idea that I want to keep my health care feels like crap. But when they go to commercial the people paying the bills are often pharmaceutical and insurance companies. So are they reporting the news or shaping public opinion on behalf of the sponsor? Ask your doctor if fascism is right for you
I’ve always though Chuck Todd looked and acted like a creeper. . This podcast only proves that. He’s that creepy history teacher that all the kids avoid.
I am unsubscribing from this podcast - I cannot take the liberal bias talk of Chuck Todd anymore. The sad part is, he apparently does not even know he is bias. I have been watching political shows on TV for decades, and podcasts for many years. I use to be able to hear unbias talk from the moderators such as Tim Russert - but no more. Sad. I cannot stomach the liberal bias of Chuck anymore, so am unsubscribing. Hopefully Meet The Press will find someone to moderate the show in the future who can be unbias, and then I can start listening again. Grow up Chuck Todd.
He’s so fun. Lol. You can kind of tell by his voice he’s frantically fighting a losing battle.
This is Jim of Gainesville Florida. Want to say that I believe today December 29 the podcast was probably the most important of the year and probably the most important of a decade. Well I know it’s a show to but a lot of times I am able to follow meet the press by podcast as I did today. It’s important that we be honest and ethical in our discourse with others and that our journalist be is unbiased as they can. And if they’re not going to be they should declare that it is an opinion show or an opinion piece. I really liked the way you went through your panel discussed it with him and had very passionate believers on various sides. I hope that truth will win out and I believe it will. But it was very unsettling for me to hear that 91% of a particular demographic believed that one person news was invaluable. None of us are invaluable. And I would never get my news just from one person. I’ve been following this show for about 20 years now and I have always been impressed with the quality of Meet the Press keep up the great work. Happy new year to you and I hope everyone had a wonderful peaceful holiday season. I am blind and I dictated this so please laugh with me if there are any Siri errors. This is an excellent podcast, the editing has definitely improved to sound just as good as live. Thank you Chuck for all the interesting news and insights. Definitely where I get my most important political news. Know that it will be a straight shot not any fake news LOL as they tell us. You are totally even handed the way you cover the news. Keep up the good work.
We’re not ending the decade until next year. A new decade begins with year 2001.
Is Chuck getting dumber? It’s like he can only speak in memes and cliches... Seriously, how many times does he have to ask if there’s “any there there?”
Chuck Todd needs to show a bit more grit and push back when obvious untruths and spin gets out of control. Not a big fan of his “sing song” voice inflection either. It makes it appear as if he’s not serious.


Chuck needs to do a better job at calling out the republican traitorous talking points.
Line nails on a chalkboard, moreso when just listening, when Chuck asks one question while never finishing one complete thought or sentence. It also plays as trying to be over diplomatic and inauthentic. You want to ask one way, the authentic question, and then self-edit 3-5 times by the end. Been starting to skip it, depending on the topics and guests, but no longer a staple, including no longer, MTP Daily, as a staple. It makes no sense that MTP Daily is not a podcast but the Chuck Toddcast (an apparent vane re-branding of his prior) is. To me, this says a lot. Maybe time to hand the anchor position to Katie? Someone else? Shift things around a little? Let Chuck do long-form-cast and invite Congressmen and such for real no time limit no holds debate?
For those from both sides who complain about Chuck. Let’s be clear. Chuck is the perfect replacement for Tim Russert. The difference you see is not the style of the host, but the change in discourse that has occurred in our politics. Chuck asks just as perceptive questions, but they are read differently today’s environment.
Although I do agree chuck is extremely biased. Most noticeable when interviewing R’s vs D’s. I do appreciate many of the views voiced on the show. My humble opinion from a right leaning moderate independent.
He has a hard time keeping silica in his mouth when talking his left wing nonsense
Chuck Todd couldn’t be more biased. The words alone that he chooses to use just bleed liberal bias. Stopped watch this show after he took over, thought I’d give it a chance again this week...to no ones surprise here, he’s still biased. The media got it wrong in 2016 and it’s people like him who are pushing some made up false narrative in the media that will once again prove to be incorrect. This isn’t hurting Trump, it’s helping. He’s raising more money, polling higher...Trump 2020 is inevitable by the actions of people like Todd. I watched every minute of these hearings and I can’t help but shake my head at every single point Chuck tried to make. Good luck Chuck, coveting Trump for another 5 years.
Chuck Todd really blew it interviewing Senior Rand . Please “read the ALL of the transcripts Chuck. You seemed to have completely missed multiple points. Trump is the President Trump tried to extort the President of UKraine by withholding money that did not belong to him . In fact is was the taxpayers’ money . And did so for his own gain. Doing so used the power of his office in a manor that posed a security risk to our country. He has obstructed congresses attempts to investigate . Used his office to intimidate witnesses . Lied 🤥 NOTHING to do with any Biden NOTHING to do with any Clinton NOTHING to do with anyone’s corruption but his own
Chuck Todd is a grandstander and yells a lot rather than setting a tone of intelligent inquiry. I’m unsubscribing and opting for discussions that are less about the ego of the moderator and more about substance
I have watched Meet The Press since the 1960s, and Chuck Todd is the worst. He is often caught off guard and unable to push back with insightful questioning. Find someone with some intelligence. And his “analysis” of national politics is pitiful for someone at that level. I barely watch this show anymore, as no serious analysis going on. Oh, and stop yelling, it is so very annoying.
Wow, Chuck! Why did you let him get away with dishonest points on today’s show? Comparing Trump’s lawless behavior to Biden’s actions as VP is a joke. Why didn’t you call him on that? You said “two wrongs don’t make a right.” There is absolutely no evidence that Biden did anything wrong or illegal. I thought a journalist’s job was to report the facts.
Chuck Todd’s personal hatred for our president is evident in every show. To bad this iconic program has become so biased.
Tim would be very disappointed. Chuck was once such a force but now he huffs and puffs when dissenting views are expressed. When we shut down and refuse to listen, civility is minimized. Very disappointing. jbe
Chuck has a tough job trying to play fair while politicians run spin games. I appreciate his knowledge of political history and obvious enthusiasm for American politics. I'd complain that he doesn't push these politicians hard enough, but let's be honest, they will never admit their faults. Keep it up. Thanks.
Chuck. What if your first question was: do you believe there is an active deep state that is behind the whistleblower?” Then you could have been playing chess...
I understand why you did not turn off Ron Johnson’s mic even when he deserved it. First, you cannot do that and get guests in the future. Second, when you allow someone to sound so silly they lose any chance of being taken seriously.
Mr Todd stand strong!!!! There is nothing more annoying than when someone doesn’t answer a direct question. I am happy that news media is standing up to BS. It seems as if the GOP doesn’t know right from wrong. Not only does the republican party lie, cheat and steal elections but apparently they don’t care if Trump commits treason. Sad!


By Mdb633
Thank you thank you for offering your show as a podcast! I haven’t been able to watch on Sundays for some time now and have missed it. Thank you for allowing me to catch it later.
Grateful for the calm, brilliantly eager person of Chuck Todd and Meet The Press. Others, would have crumbled under this mess of politics. Three cheers for you all. We need a week of days,, to honor your sacrifice and talent given for our country. Forever grateful. I want to place a square royal blue flag, complete with gold stars out on my lawn to honor reporters, in search of truth.
After watching this week’s review of activity of this administration I am incensed at you inviting Senator Ron Johnson to spew his poison and blame everyone except The POTUS! He was obviously playing to an audience of one. It’s as if he is trying to position himself for VP Penses’ position when Donald TRump throws Pense under the bus! I’m giving 5 stars to narrator Todd for not allowing Johnson to rant on and on! Thanks Chuck!!
This would be a much better program without the endless political analysis and statistics. Instead use the time for quality and depth of important issues. And boot off anyone that is nasty and just spewing talking points. Leave the tabloid for Rupert Murdoch and his band to toxic talking heads!
I listen to all the Sunday show as podcasts and Chuck Todd is so by far the worst host. I still listen because it usually shows up first in my feed and I’m a news junkie, but seriously how does this guy have this job? Sooo many people could do it better, his both-sides-ism is infuriating, and often idiotic, he’s just not any good, who even likes him? Seriously get a better host, I would vote for a woman, but whatever just someone competent, I freakin’ love John Dickerson, George S. is also really good at his job there are better people out there.
World events are moving even faster & national politics is confusing & complex. Chuck Todd is doing such a great job pulling together all the bits & pieces to help make sense of endless news-noise. I count on his show to help me reset my perspective every Sunday!
A once-great show is now just an hour with an unprepared and scattered host interrupting guests. I’ve tried, Chuck Todd, but there are better places to get the news.
I listen to the Chuck Todcast and when MTP is a recap it is disappointing.
If you’re a liberal nut job you’ll love this show. Chuck Todd is so far to the left and it’s apparent in his interviews. Sad day for America! 🇺🇸
But I listen every weekend because he has credible guests on to clown him and demonstrate the weakness of his agenda driven narratives.
I would say this is Fox for the left, but Fox is not as far right as these guys are far left. This is an Antifa echo chamber.
Your production team needs to fix the timing of the commercials to actually align with the breaks in the show.
Chuck Todd is a really bad journalist, and even worse NBC Political Director. He allows Trump to lie to his face, unchallenged. In fact, he never challenges any Republican or conservative guest when they lie to him. NBC should either replace him with a moderator worthy to continuing on the MTP legacy after Tim Russert or just end the longest running political news program on TV. Either way, Chuck Todd has no credibility left.
How does this guy have this job? Surely there are better, more inquisitive hosts. Incompetent & annoying.
Chuck Todd is a spineless coward who allows GOP talking heads to come on and continually misinform the audience while spreading their own version of disinformation propaganda. Rather than calling them out or pushing back, Todd just gets rolled over and allows the sham to continue. I am unsubscribing after the latest episode where he allowed Steve Scalise to straight up lie about the Steele Dossier without bothering to correct or fact check him. Todd should be ashamed of himself, and he’s turned a once-great program into meaningless “both sides” drivel.