Reviews For The Lord of the Rings Radio Network - The Return of the Podcast

I just found this podcast and I'm loving it. Like Tolkien, this is timeless.
Aaron provided some very good analysis of Tolkien's work, and was a fan who looked at the deeper, more symbolic side of the Lord of the Rings saga, which is something I think Tolkien himself would have approved of. I find his character description of Gandalf to be especially well thought out, and his discussion of heroism in JRR T's works had a very accurate sounding ring to it. Plus, he has a very calm and easy voice, which makes it hard for one's attention to wander, or to misunderstand him. I appreciate how he was very open to suggestions, and how he would have listener-read poetry incorporated into the podcast, but as a few other reviews have already mentioned, this podcast has been terminated. I understand he does not have time to revive a doomed project, but I still am of the opinion that this is a true jewel.
This is the best LOTR podcast out there. Aarons views and thoughts on Tolkien are very interesting and fun to listen too. Once you get started, you won't be able to press the pause button. I learned a lot about Tolkien and his works. I even bought a book that Aaron recomended (the Tolkien Reader-excellent) This podcast is a must for all Tolkien or LOTR lovers. Keep up the spectacular work, and please make more!!!!!!! (ps, I LOVE how Tolkien himself sings the theme song!!)
This is a wonderful podcast. I loooove this and if you love Tolkien's work you definately will to. I am completely obsesssssssed with this podcast! SUBSCRIBE TO ITTTT!
I can't believe this is the only LOTR podcast out there. It's great but I need more!
i used to have one of these podcasts and i rele liked it but it got deleted and wen i try and get it now it wont let mee=[. Any1 know y its not workinggg


By Tybes
With all the podcasts out there, you'd think there'd be more covering Tolkien. But this, as far as I know, was and continues to be the only one. While it wasn't the most polished podcast, it was earnestly produced and informative. Aaron's discussions of Tolkien characters and themes were well-observed, and it was a nice way to get Tolkien-related news. But sadly, it appears Lord of the Rings Radio has gone tets up. The last new episode was released in March and the Web site for the show seems to have disappeared. I maintain my subscription in the hope that it might return someday, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If Aaron does start it up again, he should maybe consider changing the name of the show to something with Tolkien or Middle-Earth in the title to broaden the compass of the show a little.


You need to mention Haldir who is in the Two Towers! He is my favorite character and I would love to hear about him! -Starburst *Haldir Rocks*


By Magxch
its good.


By Genipoo
Wonderful idea
This is a great idea... I love that there's info about the movies in here, but primarily the books, and that it is spoken by a true Tolkien aficcionado and not just someone who saw the movies once. Good, intelligent conversation :) Thanks for your insights!
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