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My favorite is when she puns and immediately says “sorry” But seriously I really enjoy all your stories and interviews. Keep it up please! Thank you
It is just fantastic to listen to Deepa Seetharaman snivel and whine about hiring people for their skin color rather than the reason the person was hired was to actually get the job done. There are journalists who actually report the news then there are those who whine and snivel rather that actually report the news. For those of us who actually hire and fire people it would be great if we could get the news rather than listen to sniveling and opining about such things. Quite frankly if deepa does not like what’s going on simply start your own company.
The podcast is great and the previous album artwork was great. Why did you feel the need to hire a hack designer to phone it in?
Great content, the introduction of host & location in the beginning AND end seems unnecessary as each episode is just around 6-7 minutes.
Tanya is the best host for this podcast. It’s awesome when she gets together with other journalists and they end up joking and laughing with each other. Lots of personality, and a super informative podcast. Highly recommend.
Wow just listened to someone talk about gmail being the best email experience. Are you kidding? Outlook in 365 runs circles around any google office product.
Gives you everything you need to know about tech (at least big tech) and does one deep dive each time to make it not just day to day news but also informational enough that you could listen to it months later and it’ll still be valuable. Like if TechCrunch and The Economist had a love child.
Fast and dynamic information about what really matters!


By digby18
I’d rate this 5 but for the repetitive ads. How many times can you listen to the same ad? Every podcast seems to be the WSJ position!
For a quick update that you can use in light conversation, nothing that will get you a job at Amazon or Google, but nice. The ads are terrible, repeating the same one for weeks is bad form
Content is decent. Light on detail, but a good, quick overview. The ads however are totally out of touch. Not relevant at all and totally annoying. Serve something more relatable if you must serve ads..
I listen regularly but skip whenever the same bny advert comes on 2/3 through the story. Listening to the same bny advert every day is maddening.
Good reporting.
If advertisement is removed 5.
Daily briefs about the developments in tech markets and trends. Entertaining and informative.
Have the producers ever listened to a good podcast? Anything by NPR or NYtimes? Hire Guy Raz, or Guy Raz's 12 year old niece, his doorman, his barista, or his plumber. All of them could make a better podcast. I mean dumpster-fire level bad.
The podcast was enjoyable, until the volume disparity between the podcast and the inserted ad nearly blew out my eardrum. I have dropped this podcast from my list.
Good info but the ads seem twice as loud as the podcast audio so very annoying
On a sort of Conservative Platform ,Tech discussion & on point. Not Hopeless tech talk. Informative. Good Info. Reliable Info
The info is decent, quick news I usually listen to this podcast while driving so while the moderators voices come through clearly, I often have difficulty hearing the interviewees' voices. They need to improve the sound quality of the interview.
I really enjoy listening. Succinct, timely and mostly objective. But please stop putting ads in the middle of the podcast, it's beyond annoying. I am fine with quick ads at the beginning but stopping in the middle for a word from your sponsors really turns me off. The ads in the middle are intermittent, but that makes it even more annoying.
WSJ TNB is a much better podcast than TWiT, in my opinion. They get in, tell you the news, and get out. There's no 2-hour ordeal where you have a panel with opinions clashing and story time. It's simple and effective.
Great way to get quick snippets of news
This is the only podcast I have that restarts my iPhone in the middle of it. Sometimes it also requires me to stop and play again (if listening to more than 1 episode). How annoying is that if you are trying to listen while commuting? (and yes, my car is integrated with the phone, I'm not text driving). It might be the Ads trying to load at the same time and breaking the whole experience. The content is nice though - just a waste of good content.
Love it, thanks very much wsj. Today, 3 years after writing this review, I just opened it and it still stands. I really wish there were more podcasts like this one. Short and sweet!
I have not seen a new podcast since Dec 31,2014.
Great little podcast to listen to in the morning to catch up on all tech news. Please, please bring it back!
I like how short and to the point the podcasts were as I listened to them on my way out the door. I hope they bring it back.
What happened? I listen to this podcast 2 times a day both morning and afternoon and now it hasn't updated since 12/31/14. I contacted the wall-street journal by phone and they said they are having technical difficulties. What does that even mean for this long a period of time?
I love these little snippets… one in the evening, one in the morning. For some reason they simply stopped with no explanation on Dec 31. I can’t believe that WSJ ran out of $$$…. bring this back please.
no more after december 31???
I thought it was only the print Journal with stupid ads-namely the "dollar clipper" with coupons for $1.00 off Steak and Shake and other, similar ads, inserted into the Saturday Journal-the same paper that advertises multimilliondollar homes and watches in the 5 figures? No, the ads in the podcasts are really annoying too. June of 2012 all podcasts using the same consumer cellular ads-over and over and over and over--not so bad they repeat but the ad itself is annoying--the woman's voice is worse than fingernails on a blackboard-and it is just plain stupid!! Murdoch has tons of money I don;'t mind the copmmercials, but get some better advertisers
Long time listener abused by months of poor treatment... One of my favorite podcasts before it became POLLUTED with the as seen on TV style white shirt ad. Twice I have to listen to this annoyance in a single podcast that is far less than 10 minutes?!? I get that you have to sell space, and that repeating commercials is an accepted method, but this is nothing less than implying that your listeners are dense, ignorant and slow. Not only will I never listen to any WSJ podcast again, I doubt I will be able to purchase a white button down shirt.
The May 2nd, 2011 Late Edition has in the notes "Obama's death celebrated on the web..." This is no typo this is a sick editor trying to use the death of "Bin Laden" who was a mass murdering, twisted Human being, to somehow make fun of or "Threaten" The President of the United States of America who helped plan and who directly authorized the mission that lead to Bin Laden end. This is NOT funny and I expect more from the Wall Street Journal; I've reported this treat against the President to the Department of Homeland security and I'm no longer subscribing to this feed. This is disgusting behavior from a news organization. Having a verbal slip up and typing one out are two different things. U.S Secret Service Office of Government and Public Affairs 245 Murray Drive, Building 410, Washington, DC 20223 202-406-5708
I like the quickie format. Makes it east to catch up on the trends.
The WSJ Tech Briefing has been in decline for about a year and I just gave up on it. This is nothing more than a "radio brief" recorded and sold as a podcast. The current embedded ad format is so invasive and the advertisements so annoying that I fast forward through the whole podcast rather than hear the same garbage targeted to 50-year old Wall St types. The current "Archerfish Solo" ad (in place for more than 2 weeks!) is the worst ad yet. Tedious and insulting. WSJ: Nice job alienating you listeners.
The best way to get the scoop on the tech world in less than ten minutes while walking somewhere. The commercials are a little annoying, but the info always hits the most interesting stories of the day and even includes stock reports. Me like.
I like this podcast for the relevant content, but there is too much duplication. I wish I could subscribe to the Late Edition alone, since many of the Early Edition topics are just repeated. Maybe WSJ doesn't understand how podcasts work...I receive and listen to every episode, so repetition gets annoying, especially if I'm listening to a couple days' worth in one setting. I want to give this 5 stars for content, but I'll give only 3 stars because of duplication/annoyance.
Very useful information. They usually play a small ad at the front that's not very annoying.
I love this podcast -- can't live without it! I never write suggestions but I want this podcast to stick around, make ad money, and be here for us. So, here are two things that slightly annoy me, that I think might annoy lots of other users: 1. Can't see the titles of the briefings on the iPhone and sometimes in iTunes. All we see is "Wall Street Journal" but, because I save & mix with other briefings, I'd like to see it retitled "WSJ Tech News Briefing - Wall Street Journal." This will still trigger searches, build brand, etc... but be more functional. 2. Segment the early and late editions as separate podcasts. I automate and sync, and always have to delete one (and since I can't see the title, sometimes I have to listen to the first 10 seconds figure out which one to delete... and 10 seconds is enough of a pain to make some people stop listening, believe it or not). Otherwise, GREAT podcast. Please comment below if you agree with my two suggestions everyone! Thanks!
I love this podcast for its great content and regular updates (twice daily). What I don't like is the annoying and monotonous music that plays under the voice over. It would be awesome without the music.
The content very generalized news compared to other tech podcasts. The background music is tolerable, but the Simpson's samples at the beginning of every show is annoying and reminiscient of morning radio.
I unsubscribed; it's not the same without the ereport guys chatting on contemporary topics. I really miss them. I'd rather they got their own podcast. I wish they were back.
I agree that one narrator's voice (Bill Fantini) sounds like a 1950's game show host. He doesn't sound "tech" or "hip" at all. Because his voice is a bit monotonous, my mind starts wandering and I have to constantly replay segments when I hear a story on something that's interesting to me (rewinding is not easy on an iPhone). Their other guy is okay, but his voice is kind of Mr. Roger-ish and it's hard to take him seriously. Even though they write the story, the reporters who call in over the phone for little 10-second soundbites don't really add much value. It's almost like they are calling in to break up the monotony, but it kind of backfires -- they sound like robots reading from a script. Leave the narration to professionals who are trained to use their voice. I also find it annoying when they have 10-second plugs on EVERY PODCAST to "listen to WSJ podcasts," because I'm already listening to them. They don't need to plug something I'm already listening to. I never get why they to do that. That would save alot of time and avoid insulting the audience. Remember, people are probably listening to 4 or 5 of these things in a row on the train or plane, so make sure all redundancy is taken out. The WSJ's best narrator is their small business guy (different WSJ podcast). He has a voice and style that is informal and more engaging. I wish they would use him on the Tech report. The "e-Report" with Paul Herman and Tom Dubek (sp?) is okay, but way too long sometimes. Remember, we're trying to plow through these podcasts to get news -- 10-15 minute segments where they are just talking among themselves slows us down. Overall, the content is good, and the substance beats their style, although it would be good to have better style as referenced in all the points above.
the content is good - but what is the deal with this guys voice?? It's narrated like it's a 50's variety show - his comically cheerful voice it just too much - i can't listen to it. This guy should look for a job at Nickelodeon.
Excellent, like all of the WSJ podcast offerings I've taken the time to listen to. I sometimes enjoy the non-professional looseness of the static filled telephone conversations, it adds an element of reality, i.e., most of the world is still analog. Please, if you do not like it, make your own! Well balanced, a good listen.
I actually think the music fits well with "moving right along" nature of the podcast. The content is useful and informative, and they spend just the right amount of time on each subject. If there were no music, I honestly think I'd find the content less interesting. Great job WSJ!
WSJ has been enjoyable, but the advertisement needs to go.
I love the podcast, but I frequently get messages that the URL is incorrect. I frequently cannot download the episodes.Unsubscribing and then subscribing doesn't solve the problem. E-mails to the WSJ not responded to. If not for this frequent problem would give 5 stars.