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We get it, you guys investigated the "Facebook files" but kind of tired of hearing about Meta and their internal research every. day.
The voices and pronunciation of the presenters made me turn off the podcast. Please teach them crisp diction! They are slurring and sound like they don’t know how to speak English.
Unfortunately there’s way too much coverage of the fake whistleblower and fake investigations of Fakebook
I like the podcast, but it’s starting to become all “What’s wrong with Facebook”, which is getting very repetitive and boring TBH.
WSJ Tech provides excellent reviews of relevant technology that impacts our lives. I have one grievance though. The female reporter, Megan has adopted the fashionable throaty voice of her generation. I doubt it is the natural tone of her voice. The gravel like voice is annoying to hear, muffles her prononciation and so some of what she says I could not understand what word she said. Ditto on raising the pitch of her voice at the end of sentences. It suggests some type of emphasis on the content of the sentence spoken needed to happen when in fact it was just another sentence providing objective content. Sorry Megan, I will turn you off in the future regardless of what you are reporting on. Lose the false voice and get real. I can hear your natural voice and you will sound just fine!
I like your commercial voice and your podcast. Keep doing a good job and I’ll keep listening!
Guys, you need to get trained to read. I really have to force myself to listen but I couldn’t. Take a look at what Gimlet does or Barrons.
In reading some of these reviews from male listeners, they seem to have a problem with ANY female host’s voice. 😆 Keep the female hosts, they are GREAT. The content is always timely and informative. 15 minutes per episode is the perfect length for me.
The repetition of the same ad is very tiresome. There must be a way you can write multiple sets of copy for the same advertiser to keep listeners engaged. Thank you
The valley-girl vowel drift makes this unlistenable for me and I really liked it with the prior host. It sounds like Amanda Lewellyn is saying “tack” instead of “tech” and it ruins everything. Get a new host or a voice coach, please!
I like your tech news briefing, but hearing your voice on commercials makes me want to claw my eyes out. Amanda Luellen, please stop doing commercials.
Great content with headlines and deep dive into one topic per day. Losing a couple stars for the host’s and guest’s vocal fry, sibilance, and sometimes lower than average audio quality.
Great quick bites of info with little fluff. In depth enough, but not overly verbose. Always informative!
I’ve been waiting for a show like this for years!!
I want to love this - great content I’m interested in and I try every day but I cannot listen to the host’s (Lewellyn’s) vocal affectations. Really disappointing.
Always enjoy your fair reporting on tech topics even if they can be sometimes dumbed down
Amanda Lewellyn Tech News Briefing is on my short list of daily listens. About 15 minutes of always interesting briefs and commentary on a broad range of tech issues. Definitely recommend it!
Such a good morning tech brief. I wouldn’t mind if it was longer but that’s fine. Love the host and the signature speed with which she says her name!
I like the host, the subjects spoken on, and the analysis provided. wouldn’t change a thing!
It seems that every woman uses various vocal fry speaking patterns which makes them sound far less intelligent than they are. Amanda’s voice is so unusual sounding that if she spoke like that in person, people would instantly tell her to cut it out. Intelligence isn’t enhanced by ending declarative sentences with it sounding like a question, nor using vocal fry. It makes one sound like the proverbial “valley girl”. Again, I enjoy the podcast and the speakers, but for God’s sake, use your real voices and speak like a normal person.
Love the format, the content and the way topics are selected and presented. One of my morning podcasts, a perfect introduction to a new day. Amanda is a great presenter.
I’m ‘Manda Llewelyn =)
My morning go to before my job in IT. I feel like she smiles through the mic and that makes me smile. Great quick insights and guests.
Love the concept and content, need a professional to deliver.
Really enjoyed this podcast and liked that it was a short podcast that gave you the info that you needed but still kept it short. Looking forward to upcoming episodes. A job well done.
The story about about Clubhouse was really interesting. Stories like these make it worth listening to the pod. It gave great insight and really tried to be balanced. Thanks Joanna and Amanda
In stories about NewsCorp, this podcast isn’t crystal clear that the Wall Street Journal is owned by NewsCorp, leading to the perception that such stories are being reported through the lens of NewsCorp’s interests.


Great context, but can’t stand Amanda L’s/Ms “Know it All” style!🤕
Great content. Would appreciate professional announcers. It would seem important to say “tech” not “tack”, as an example.


By Twt1991
This is one of my go to podcasts. They do a great job summarizing tech news. 10/10 recommend
Love the host Amanda Lewellyn!! Great concise, accurate reporting!
A great way to get detailed information quickly


I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal , NY Times, and the WP with their digital content. This podcast is a jewel. Informative , in depth, and very succinct reporting. It’s part of my daily podcast lineup. Excellent!


By AHB28
These should not be any longer than 10 minutes. Also, need to focus on a broad swathe of tech, and not just Facebook and Amazon. Stop with all of the politics. Is this the WSJ or the Washington Post?
Short, informative and stays with what’s currently going on.
Informative, balanced and timely reporting on all the tech news I was looking for to keep up to date in this space. Great podcast!
I just hope the hostess can talk at a slower pace-maybe it’s just me, I prefer hosts and hostesses who talk at a clear sort of everyday type of speed. Happy to discover this app, anyway.
One of the best News podcasts regardless of it’s tech orientation. Great snippets of news/info in a short pod
The tech news brief is a wonderfully distinct, informative, and balanced news program that keeps you informed on the increasingly essential tech stories shaping our daily lives. The podcast provides in-depth expert analysis on topic from ranging from space to cyberspace and everything in between. When paired with other news sources, the Tech news brief provides the resources and tools I need to stay informed and succeed.
Good Lord, this podcast has good content but is overshadowed by their refusal to rotate their advertisements. If I have to hear the same advertisement for Verizon 5G again, I will scream. They have run it at least twice a podcast, for at least a month. Talk about ad fatigue.
This app keeps me updated on the news in the tech industry and is so helpful for staying up to date.
Relevant tech news and information in a short and simple presentation. Solid info every time. Love it, thanks.
As an IT professional, this is a very useful easily digestible bit of information to start my day. Makes me aware of some things I may not have been tracking and are relevant to what I do
i was about to end it all when I heard the words “this is your tech news briefing” and realized that life really is worth living
This talk was spot on! And there is a lot to unpack here. An excellent discussion on: a. capitalism v. communism debate b. Government role regarding innovation c. the Influence of large companies and regulatory capture to artificial monopolies d. Too many MBAs and unresponsive customer feedback loops
This is clear, concise and informative. Very polished!
This keeps me up to speed more than you know!
The shows in last couple couple of months continue to lose objectivity. Apply the same rigor to left leaning companies as you do to conservative stories