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Thanks W /Street Journalists!??
You’ve gotten too political. I’m u subscribing.
I’m not surprised at Eric’s arrogance, but I can’t believe his criticism of the handling of Covid and praise for Cuomo. Cuomo’s admin mandating positive patients sent from hospital back to nursing homes is criminal. Quit being so partisan Eric! Look at the facts!
10-20 mins of ACTUAL news that is relevant!
I’m tired of these 25+ minutes episodes. If you’re gonna do an interview show release it over the weekend or make a new podcast for it. I’m here for a <10 min overview of the tech news of the day. Not an interview with whatever worker on X or Y company was available to chat with you. Keep it shot and simple please!
WSJ Tech News Briefing is the first feed Alexa gives me every day. I don't work in the tech industry, but the issue - personal tech trends, corporate competitiveness, government interventions- impact my every day life. Tech News Briefing is the perfect start to my day.
It helps me stay in the know
Part of my morning, every morning. To the point, informative, and fresh.
Good show
Very good, short and to the point, tech podcast. I like it best that politics is generally left out. I want tech news and reporting not political stuff like left leaning tech podcasts. I listen everyday.
Quick, informative, and easy! A great pod for those on the go!
I try to listen to this podcast several times a week because it gives a great and short overview of the important happenings in the tech sphere. The information is plainly stated and well explained. Furthermore, the show goes beyond just reading off headlines by supplying interesting perspectives on issues that you might not take into consideration if you were to just quickly skim an article. Since the episodes are roughly 10 minutes long, they are easy to fit into your day.
Good, informative and Quick source to get tech new.
Very informative
Very well produced podcast + filled with great orators, keep it up.
Listen every morning
Listen each day. Thorough reporting, usually accurate information. Sometimes a bit too long.
Haven’t listened in a while. I thought I had the wrong podcast. The new music adds such a good element, like the perfect compliment to the content. Love Amanda too!
It’s now part of my daily routine and accurate information!
I listen every day. Relevant topics delivered exquisitely
Each episode is succinct with the presentation of the facts. Relevant topics covered each and every day.
As a person who is on the go and would like to keep up with the Tech World this podcast does it. Easy to listen to and really well put together interviews.
I just listened to a ten minute ad for Peleton. If WSJ needs to ignore journalism to make money then you get out of the business.
My daily routine involves listening to this podcast! Worth downloading!
Is Kateri Jochum still doing Tech News briefing?
Top notch investigative reporting
Great coverage. Balanced. One of the few places I can hear true reporting call Lynn dimension both liberal and conservative viewpoints.
love it, love it. Nuff said.
Very good tech update with a financial focus. Not just about the tech but about the industry and companies.
Thanks for your coverage!
They provide the most useful tech information of the day.
Concise and highly relevant coverage.
The hosts deliver sharp and informative pieces. All the news is relevant without being repetitive if you also listen to other news podcasts. They keep it concise so it’s the perfect listen while you’re getting your day started. Highly recommend. Pair it with Money Briefing and What’s New.
Packed with highly relevant and interesting content, delivered in a Q&A format. Love it!
Very informative, concise, well-produced and well executed. No problems with delivery and playing. Ads are more listenable and briefer than most. Wish all podcasts were more like this!
Informative, concise... exactly what I need!
What happened to Tanya?? She is sorely missed. Had such a great voice on all the WSJ podcasts. This show lost all its personality. I used to like this podcast.
Very interesting and educational podcast. In one hour you can quickly catch up with tech news. This is a no nonsense podcast that is stimulating and informative


By AHB28
These should not be any longer than 10 minutes. Also, need to focus on a broad swathe of tech, and not just Facebook and Amazon.
In the recent episode of “Doomscrolling” you kept saying the on going Black lives matter protest is “bad news” and I feel by saying that, you’re being racist. This movement has been going on for centuries and I think now that their social media (podcast) to shed more light on the issue, you’re in turn being racist about it. Get your priorities right.
Voices and content are annoying
Ex. Amazon employees using seller info - the cleaning section was pretty generic and easy to find from a simple search. Why does it have to be on a wsj episode.
If you intend to be treated as journalists you are going to have to ask tougher questions when you interview and report on Facebook. Is it not relevant that a fact checker for Facebook in this matter worked with the Wuhan lab and has a conflict of interest?
I really want to like this podcast but I can’t get over the voices and speakers. It’s my own preference so not the fault of the podcast. Unfortunately unsubscribing.
This podcasts transition during COVID-19 has greatly distracted from the information that this podcast used to provide. I will likely try this podcast again in a couple months to see if it has transitioned back, but for now I will be unsubscribing
Great work, folks! Keep it up.
I listen daily and I find the topics useful and newsworthy until this morning...Kateri Jochum made a personal comment against her Colleague! Joanna Stern (whom I equally enjoy). Not newsworthy and inappropriate. Kateri should be concerned with how excited she should sound or be to do her own job. I will continue to listen but with a lot less respect for your host.