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This podcast will never get updated now since Jim Louderback has left Ziff-Davis and moved to Revision3.
Great podcast, whenever it's updated. Used to be a weekly show, but I guess it's now monthly. Doesn't matter, as all they'll probably talk about is the stupid iPhone.
As a fan of the old TechTV gang, I wanted to like this show - but when's the last time they DID one? When they do a new episode once in a blue moon, it's Louderback pointlessly and endlessly Apple-bashing (well, he IS EiC of *PC* MAGAZINE, so I suppose there's no surprise there!), while Patrick Norton and Roger Chang try and bring some actual news to the table. Okay, Jim - you don't want an iPhone. We get it. Now give us some REAL news, okay? Oh, and that substitute teacher who may go to jail for 40 years b/c Lieberman-loving Connecticut prosecutors and judges wanted to make an example of her? Her name's Julie Amero, and she's owed one HELL of an apology....
While often a rehash of issues covered on TWIT and others, it's always a must listen podcast. Snarky, interesting, and fun, but not always regular. L:(
At times It shows up late or not at all and that's annoying.
The content of the show can be good, but it's never a "weekly podcast." Try, every two weeks... occasionally... or whenever Louderback decides he's in the mood. The fact that they have ads on every other tech podcast known to man saying that it's weekly, then to see it every two weeks or so is just silly.
real information, funny, awesome! excellent, smurfy, wiiiiiiii.
I just listened to my first What's New Now Podcast. These guys remind me of the Muppets "Grumpy Guys". They seem to spend much of their time just complaining about anything they are reviewing, wheither they have ACTULLY seen one or not. It seems they complain about products they have never touched and really don't know anyonw who has actually seen or touched one. If this podcase is supposed to be a "Grumpy Guys" for tech, well, they did it, if they are supposed to be seriously reviewing produsts, well... Get your hands on one first, try it out, then do what they do best, complain! Andy409
This podcast is pretty much just a advertisement for the magazine Jim Louderback works for, with comerical breaks. While they do give some actual information out every now and then, whenever they are about to go in depth into a topic, they say "to find out more, you will have to get the latest issue of the magazine". There are better podcasts out there if you are interested in tech.


I love these guys. Better than all the other nerdy tech podcasts.
Louderback and Norton make a great tech team that present the news in an easy to digest format. The shows are informative and absolutely hilarious. The back and forth between the guys is what sets this apart from most dry tech shows.