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Entertaining and usually up to date lol.
Great podcast that discusses anime and manga and also does a cultural analysis of sorts about the whole fandom or whatever it would be. The hosts are a married which differentiates it from many podcasts about movies and cartoons.
Hey guys, keep up the good work. You do throw in a lot of info, but over all you layer it with a coating of good hummor, so it's all good.
Good: humor, interesting reviews on otakus, cons, manga and anime. Bad: often get off subjected, sometime expect the listener to already understand term or subject being talked about.
This show is amazing! Erin and Noah are the nicest people and you can really learn alot from listening to them. You learn about anime and they also draw in lots of interesting information about other things too. The Ninja Consultants cover everything and provide excellent entertainment as well xD Definitely worth listening to! Their rants are amazing... I personally reccomend all episodes containing the Otakon Artist's Alley debacle x3 Download it. Now. Please? It's totally worth it... You don't know what you're missing! ^__~
It's amazing that I haven't seen a review for this podcast that isn't below 4 stars. That's nice. But that's probably because you guys rock, and have one of the best anime podcasts I listen to. Now, if I could find a anime fangirl to call my own, just like Noah . . .
I like some of the banter that goes back in forth. Yet the show seems to do better when it is used to describe new info in anime and manga. By far my favorite parts are the manga recon episodes which are lively and helpful. Later
Becoming a ninja is hard work. Similarly, becoming an otaku is a difficult process that requires standing under waterfalls. The ninja consultants provide helpful advice and companionship on the arduous road ahead.
Lots of witty and interesting commentary on anime and life in NYC. I have only a passing interest in anime, but these guys keep me laughing.
Is this ever gonna talk about Naruto? Cause I am a HUGE fan! Just wondering cause it says Ninja Consultant. Well other than that this is an AWESOME podcast and in Manga Recon 004 we you talking about MewMew Power in the beginning cause I think it was well that is all. Best Podcast EVUR!!!!!!!
Your podcast is awesome! It is the best anime podcast out there! I listen to it all the time! Anyone who wants to hear a great podcast should listen to this!!


Anything by a ninja is cool.
Great podcast, funny and informative. The hosts are fun to listen to. It's a great way to learn about other geeky things, and anime stuff I dont know about.


Love the pod cast, you guys are always tons of fun. You've amused me ever since the time I found out about jerksquad when one of your pins got stuck to the bottom of my shoe at otakon X.


you guys are gay
Great nerdy anime show.