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This is without a doubt my favorite podcast. Hilarious. Would love to grab a beer with these guys one day & just listen to the conversation. I’m so glad it’s back from hiatus.
Long time listener. There are no other voices to which I aspire this much. It’s the cozy recliner with a glass of scotch of podcasts... provided you like your scotch with viewings of Manitou and The Boy. Keep it up!
Listen to one episode, and you'll be a subscriber for life.
If this thing was put out at normal intervals it would be my favorite podcast. May very well be anyway. Love it!
Best show out there, always entertaining and gloriously crafted.
I've listened to the show for quite some time but on episode #122, Nick's takedown of Devin just rubbed me the wrong way.
How many podcasts are named after the 1980s horror film, "C.H.U.D.?" None, except this one. Nick Nunziata is one of the funniest dudes writing about film on the web and he's just as funny as a podcaster. Listen to the CHUD Show or I'll lose a little respect for you.
Been listening since 07. One of my favorites. It can get a bit off topic but that's what makes it stand out. Funny show. No pretension. Thanks for turning me onto the manitou and ghost story. I hope you can keep it biweekly. Always look forward to a new show.
Fewer things in life as entertaining as listening to two grown men discuss film minutia with Hibachi Surround Sound. The only thing missing from Ep 104 was the soothing sounds of chewing.
Only Christy Canyon has given me more pleasure over the last 9 years. Every podcast is saved and treasured.
In fact you would solve all your problems by simply removing your face and replacing it with the CHUD Show podcast. Not unlike John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in Face/Off.
My favorite podcast. Discussion is random and hilarious. Do yourself a favor and listen to them all.
I was a long-time reader of CHUD and got into this podcast through their website. I like to listen to the episodes that stick to the core three hosts - Nick, Justin, and Steve - as they are hilarious when put together. The news is secondary to the pleasure of listening to them talk about whatever the conversation brings them to.
Ive been listening to these guys since the start. I work at home and Nick, Steve, and Justin always keep me entertained. Its a three friends who like movies getting together to make each other laugh. They go from commentary with insight, to abusrb and obsucre nonsensical jokes. Plus, you'll never find more love for Peter Dinklage any where else.
If you are looking for intelligent film criticism and commentary... Look elsewhere. What you get with the Chud show is three dudes name dropping such cimematic luminaries as Robert Z'Dar and Andrew Divoff. Nick, Justin, and Steve are all funny guys who get in some great comments. This is a show for people who love crazy movies like The Manitou and Phantasm. You will probably hate this show if the only movie called The Changeling you know about stars Angelina Jolie.
I've been listening to the CHUD podcast for years and have enjoyed it the whole time. Even when I have no idea about the obscure actor they're talking about they manage to say somehting funny about it. I don't listen to many podcasts but this one I will listen to until they stop doing them.
Better than Doug Loves Movies, How Did This Get Made? and The Tobolowsky Files combined, The CHUD Show is an excellent film discussion podcast that is full of laughs. Subscribe to this one immediately and enjoy!
Best podcast ever!!!!!
Fantastic podcast, with three guys that compliment each other perfectly. Nick, the host, has a wonderful acerbic wit. He talks a tough game, but seems to be a big softy. Justin, has great comedic timing and can turn a failed joke into great bit. Steve is a real dichotomy, he's equal parts, the weakest and the strongest part of the show. One of the first podcasts I discovered and one of the only ones I've listened to old episodes multiple times. Don't miss this gem of a podcast! Rest in peace Rootok McBasket.
One of the funniest shows out there. Seeing a new episode show up in my feed is one of the joys of my life. If only the episodes would come out more often… BUT, in any event, Nick, Justin, and The Steve Murphy are affable, quick witted, full of useless and interesting film knowledge, and talk about the Manitou. That is a potent combination of goddamns. LISTEN, or be demolished in the coming CHUDpocalypse.
Been a listener since the beginning and I hope that it never ends. BEST THING EVER!
if you love awful puns and discussions of z-grade actors, put this inside of you. keep up the great work, nick and steve and justin!
Nick and his co-hosts rarely complete a thought, let alone a comment on film. The chudcast idea of humor is to say random movie stars (really really obscure ones) and then some lame title joke of the movie they were in. The sound quality and editing is childlike. And the intro somes up their idea of witty and biting. Avoid this self-indulgent train wreck at all costs. It's the equivalent of a fat balding ex-jock telling you how cool he was in high school 30 years ago. The only good thing is when Devin Faraci lowers himself/repays Nick a favor by stopping by.
The best podcast on movies period. If your looking for a succinct and concise review of a movie go to the CHUD website because the show is light on the reviewing movie side although they never shy away from giving you a real and honest opinion of the ones they do discuss. What it does manage to do great is bring the hilarious and irreverant writing style from the site onto a more chaotic show. It really fires when they get into the outer edges of movies whether rummaging through a character actors IMDB, Interviewing "Ted Levine",reminising about D&D character sheets or just talking about genre movies in general it never misses in my book. Hell they even throw extremely funny songs in the mix sometimes. Give the "best of" episode a shot and I'm sure you'll be back for the rest.
Like movies? Like craking jokes about movies? Let these guys do it for you! If you want movie talk that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't drone on and on about the same damn subject. Who knows, maybe you'll be treated to a wonderous discussion about Jeanne Tripplehorn's looks! You'll love every part of this podcast except Steve. Tell your friends about it! Or don't and just steal a bunch of jokes from the podcast. Give episode six a listen. If you don't like it you probably have scurvy.
The new format is a success? Yes.
The best film podcast and best overall podcast there is. It is like sitting in a room full of your friends talking about movies. Give it a chance and you will subscribe.
If you're looking for intelligent film discussion, look elsewhere.
The only podcast worth listening to. They're long and full of inside jokes and obscure references, and contrary to what you'd think, that makes it extremely fun to listen to. I listen to this while I'm at work on my ipod and often times make myself look like an douchebag for randomly laughing out loud. Trust Me. Just Trust me. Chud rules.
anyone who has to go to a "film critic" to decide whether or not they like a movie makes them an &%#@
This is easily my favorite podcast. I love the obscure references and points of view. The frame-by-frame dissection of Josh Brolin's destruction in "Into the Blue" will live on in my heart forever.
This is hands down my favorite podcast. Nick, Steve and Justin are hilarious and do a great job of entertaining the listener. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next episode.
If you love puns, Jennifer Hudson jokes, Robert Zdar trivia, Peter Dinklage, and/or Jeanne Tripplehorn, then this is the podcast for you. Seriously, the funniest thing on the internet.
Start with the "Best of Chud" episode to wet your whistle. Thank me later.
Man alive, do I love this PodCast. Jumped in late last year and went back over the old ones too. Solid gold! (Solid gold?)

By Mark
The show probably isn't for everyone, but once you realize that the name of their site (Cinematic Happenings Under Development - CHUD) is partly an homage to a cheesy 80s horror flick (in which CHUD stands for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers"), you can see why perhaps not everyone would appreciate the show. However, if you share their odd, pun-saturated sense of humor and if you're a fan of cheesy horror movies and obscure actors, you'll have a blast. Some of my favorite moments include an epic interview with Ted Levine and a brief discussion of Sylvester Stallone's celebrity collogne (which was spelled Stallogne). Brilliant, if a little unhinged.
This podcast is simply the greatest form of entertainment in this space time. Period.
Whether or not the discussion lends itself to film, film subjects, or personal reflections, it is the most consistently entertaining podcast out there. Jokes are heavily sewn into the fabric of every discussion, tangential discussion is appreciated, and laughter is difficult to suppress. Where else can you hear people discuss the careers of B or even Z list actors and directors from the past and present, then take the time to analyze their films blow by infectiously hilarious blow? Or where the names of the great and not so great are equally skewered or revered? Surely there are other podcasts out there that thrive on the same subject matter, but they are pretenders to the crown. The CHUD Show is a gem of a podcast that probes both obscure and popular entertainment. And for that, the world is a better place.
These guys are hilarious and their knowledge of movies is ridiculous. Good stuff.
Quite possibly the funniest movie podcast ever. Listen!
There might be a better podcast that doesn't exist, but if you want to be able to listen to something, this is the end all be all. Hilarious too!
This podcast will give you an eargasm. Or a Phantasm.
Although, I wonder why the guy who wrote the longest review of the show, and said it was his favorite podcast, only gave it four out of five stars. I also just noticed in the "Tips for writing a great review" they state "Do not use language that can be construed as hateful, especially in regards to lifestyle, religion or race." If you agree with any or all of those sentiments then you probably will love this wholesome show. My suggestion is to not listen to it first, then play it in the car while driving your kids to soccer, school, or a bounce house. They'll love it.
The funniest and best movie podcast in existence. How about more than one every eight weeks? Nick! More!
This is an amalgam of high art and Art LaFleur.
CHUD covers very obscure films as well as major Hollywood news. The show is absolutely hilarious. The web-site is very good too. This is probably the funniest, most original podcasts on the internet. Big Ups to Nick and his contributors.
These shows are funnier than pretty much any of the comedy CDs you can buy here - and they're free! If you enjoy continued references to Peter Dinklage and Robert Z'Dar, and quite honestly who doesn't, this is the show for you.