Apple Quarterly Earnings Call

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Why do you delete the episodes 2 weeks after they are released?
good morning
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Why do they delete the podcast two weeks after it is finished
It is really difficult to make out some of the words said by Luca & Tim too. 1 Trillion here we come!🌟🌟
Love the passion and transparency of these earnings results!
Q3 FY13 conference call dated back in 2000. Thus, the app did not show it on the new list.
Great idea to post the earnings call as a podcast. Great convenience. More companies should do this.
I have the volume turned all the way up on my iPhone and I still can't hear clearly. This is useless until the volume is louder.
This is wonderful, so easy to listen to when I get the time! Easy to find,download, and stay informed! Another reason Apple is the most customer/investor friendly company around! Thanks Apple
Can keep the podcast there forever? I keep on missing out on the earnings call
glad to hear about to the call. i love hearing steve jobs talking !! very informative.
CONGRATULATIONS! Great job on another record quarter!
Totally awesome! I can now listen to earnings call while walking or in my car at a time that is convenient to me. Other companies need to get with the program! Great job!
One thing I love is that this is where we can get the most accurate and exciting news direct from the horse's mouth. However, it always takes a while for the call to get posted as a podcast.
that's very cool
This is great. I love being able to listen via podcast since it is difficult getting home from work in time to catch the live Quicktime stream (but I have a few times). As a shareholder, it is a powerful tool. I do wish Apple would have one podcast that could be used to listen to and watch all of their communications including the earnings calls, keynote speeches, and special event presentations.
Conference calls are one of the best ways to really hear from a company. I think this is a great idea for Apple to release their conference calls this way, so way to go Apple! The conference calls have a wealth of information that you just don't get through analyst/news reports.