Faith Bible Church Sermons

Reviews For Faith Bible Church Sermons

Glad to be able to listen during the week when we’ve been unable to attend due to illness!
These sermons are wonderful. I never have to fear that I am going to hear something wrong or man-centered. This is the Bible being shared and taught by those who don't take it lightly and are very learned, trusted Shephards. I love that the Women's Bible Studies are not coming available too. Hope that happens more to compliment the Sermons.
I had the opportunity to serve under Chris Mueller for about 11 years. He remains the most influential person on this earth to my christian growth. He spends quality time in God's word and cares deeply about ensuring that he preaches accurately. He is a faithful, loving servant of God and I am so thankful that I can continue to hear God's truth through Chris, via these podcasts from Faith Bible Church, Murrieta, CA.