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Love it I wanna buy the album
Especially the stories about his Dad growing up. Just wish he had more podcasts or albums I could buy.
1) i'm in love with this podcast, and 2) please post more. thanks!
This is a very funny set of MP3's, but its a shame Tom hasn't put together monthly or weekly rutine for us.
I like 347 Steps as a good comedy podcast, but I like Tom's too. His is different, he can really tell a story, like the old time comedians, Bill Cosby and Bob Newhart, but different. I recommend him. Please put up new podcasts Tom
Tommm!!! where are you??? I miss getting new podcasts soooo much! Please make more!
I adore Tom Shillue. I have ever since I saw his Comedy Central Presents special. He has the mark of what I consider a truly talented comedian - I could sit and listen to this podcast with my grandmother, and we would both laugh. Sure, he doesn't update as much as I'd like. (There are generally a few months between updates.) But who cares! Every episode has on average at least 10 minutes of live stand-up, and it's FREE. How can you go wrong?
I enjoy the jokes, stories, and in general, Tom Shillue's work, but its a bit infrequent isn't it. I'm afriad to replay the podcasts too much because I might get bored of them. Please, Tom humor me, add a few more casts.
I am very into comedy and ever since I saw him on comedy central presents, I needed more!
Please, please, ease my pain. The unbearable lack of Shillue is like a weight upon my soul. Bring your comedic light and shine it upon me, your humble and lowly listener.
I miss your podcasts - dark side or not... come back!~
Tom Shillue is a master story teller. Also he makes me laugh out loud, which is rare these days. My only criticism is that he doesn't release new episodes often enough for my craving...but he apparently has a busy travelling schedule as a stand-up comic, so I can't really blame the guy. Seriously funny stuff though-- Listen if you don't mind laughing alot, and possibly wetting your pants.
two years ago a friend took me to a comedy show called moonwork at the greenwich village center and i saw tom shillue live. i have never, ever, ever written a testimonial or review about anything - i'm too passive and blah and whatever - but this guy.. this guy had everyone - and i mean everyone - in the audience wailing, doubled over, wetting themselves. it was vicious. he made a huge impression on me. to this day i laugh just thinking of him and sing his praises without hesitation. these podcasts are priceless.
Shillue has become one of my favorite Pod Casts. His ability to pull the audience into his stories is second to none. After hearing one or two of his episodes you'll begin to feel like you’re hanging out with a couple of your oldest friends reminiscing about the crazy things you've done together over the years! The only negative is new episodes only come out once or twice a month. The wait is excruciating.