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In the war games episode people have to remember that those countries we go have no sanitation infrastructure. Its the only real option to burn trash. And it is not a new thing at all to the military to burn trash and human waste.
This is an excellent news effort, but I personally find it impossible to listen to more than five minutes of this podcast. Despite great sources and fascinating subject matter, the two main newscasters have awful voices. It is very sad that this excellent project is ruined by the shortcomings of its newscasters. Guys, please go hire somebody with a decent voice! I don't want to hear my news drowning in a lisp!
I recently met some of the people who are currently working on WNR and it truly is a work of the heart as well as the mind. I'm not sure why I haven't heard about this more in the news. The whole concept is new and exciting. Listen in.
I've been listening faithfully to this podcast for over a year and depend on it to get a human perspective on this terrible war. These kids find innovative ways to get to the stories behind the headlines, often taking us deep inside Iraqi and Afghan society and allowing the people involved in the conflict to speak for themselves. I only wish that my Congressman listened each week as well.
The first person interviews from everywhere in WOT....to die for!


I first heard of this podcast at a Swarthmore college visit and it sounded very interesting. After listening to it, I was very impressed. Good job Swatties
We have unfortunatley reached a point in the Information Revolution where we must be selective about the information that we let inside of our heads. I urge all of you to renounce all cable news networks and to take advantage of the new advances in technology to stay informed of what your country, and your species (i.e. the human race) is up to. Do not fall prey to the drive-by media, the media of frenzy and paranoia. And regardless, be critical and sceptical about everything you hear. Don't fall prey to cynicism. I believe that WNR shares these concerns.
I always feel so much more informed after listening to War News Radio. They cover the lesser known issues about the war and get very in depth. It is one of my favourite podcasts.
Informative, in-depth reporting on Iraq and US policy by promising student journalists. This show is always worth listening to.