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Sigh WHY!
but cut out the trashy the rock music background
We began listening to your podcast on the drive to school back in November. The content is wonderful and Bible-Based, but I have to tell you that heavy metal guitar music in the background is a terrible distraction. It is sometimes difficult to focus on the Word of God present here because someone thought that particular music would be a nice touch. It is not. I recommend finding something a little less loud and turning it down so that it is truly BACKground music. You can even get rid of the music all together and it would be much better. Sometimes we have to turn the volume up on the Bluetooth in the car to hear the speaking part better over the music. I’m hoping someone takes this review and other reviews seriously and gets rid of that distracting music. On a positive note, the intro song IS wonderful!


By hutfxtf
Is the music needed ? It’s so distracting.
I was excited to see a podcast with I ke stories and then felt like I was listening to a rock band! Is that really necessary for kids?
I downloaded a few episodes, listed to one (Jesus spits), and then deleted the rest. I was hoping to find something that the whole family could listen to. My kids are 9 and 11. But this is targeted toward toddlers. So the target audience is a very limited age range.
Keeps the attention of my first grader. The short stories are perfect for on the go or during breakfast.
I am so enjoying these wonderful stories and could listen to this young woman's soft spoken voice all day long. What a great podcast!!!
We love this podcast and the narrator. Wondering if they could make the background music more peaceful or cut it altogether???
I listened to the episode about Jesus spitting with my 8-year-old son. He said it was "pretty good. The lady spoke like she was talking to a 5-year-old."
I'm open to various musical styles for praise and worship. But the background music was so repetitive and distracting it is the equivalent of listening to an old video game play in the background over and over.....and over. It's just too much.
I couldn't get past the GoDaddy commericials at the beginning of a Christian podcast geared toward kids. Have you even SEEN the GoDaddy commecials? Not something that should be affiliated with this AT ALL.
Background music was distracting and unnecessary. Wasn't able to enjoy the stories due to the constant whine of the rock music playing in the background. Too bad.
I had to delete this because while I thought The Word alone was wonderful, they added horrible distracting background music that trains my kids that they need "entertainment" when reading or hearing the Word.
Phenomenal!! Please have more I listen most every night!!!!


Now a days is really hard to find ways to keep kids minds busy on good things and I thing this is a very fun yet Christian way to do it