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I absolutely adore this podcast, but someone just got the bright idea to “update” it, and killed 164 episodes worth that I had saved to my phone, that I listen to with regularity. I lost classic dharma teachings like “We have wine, but no cups” that repeatedly made me laugh, inspired me, made me think deeply, produced real moments of insight, and gave me comfort in hard times. I appreciate all these new eps, but why on the Buddha’s green Earth would you delete all the others going back as far as 2010? Please bring them back from oblivion! I was using them for mind training in the spiritual desert that is Los Angeles. Also, please give us full talks, not a mere 3-15 minutes of mostly intro & outro music. I used to sit & listen to multiple long talks & it was a source of sustained bliss. In fact, if you would like to earn money for the sangha, sell full talks or series of talks we can buy and own permanently on iTunes.
This podcast is very insightful and helpful for my daily Buddhist teachings. Thank you
Very important podcaste
Great for beginning Buddhists!
Others gloss over complexities and write wordy tomes but these lectures go right to the heart of complex issues: death and the Buddhist, what is mind? This is a fabulous set of lectures, but not for those who prefer their "mystery". The more I listen to, the more I value this set of lectures. Do not be put off by seemingly excessive intellectual complexities. The subjects discussed are, by their very nature, complex.
I loved the talk on the Three Visions of the Buddha. I wish we would hear more from this particular speaker. Not only are his talks well thought out, but very well presented. I would really like to learn more from him. Please encourage more talks from this particular speaker. Thank you very much.
A reflection of the quality of the practice of real western buddhists. Real western people engaging in real western practice, no dilettantes here. Buddhism is not simply its cultural trappings as many practioners might have you believe. Culture provides context for our own lived experience in the present, it should not provide pretext. Humorous and insightful, an absolute jewel amidst the rubish of dharmatunities. Heh. And I want Abhaya to be my Grandfather.
This is very informational and interesting stuff. Thanks so much for putting all of the time and effort into it. I can't wait for the long car ride to work so that I can listen to more.
These are simply excellent!!! I like the variety of speakers. The content is very rich and well presented. I only wish they would publish more of these more frequently. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.
The series is a concise summary of Buddhism's basic precepts, that is intellectually consistent and uplifting. Sometimes there are dreary side roads, but in the main the speakers stay on point. Although I am a skeptic when it comes to metaphysical hand-me-downs, the ideas expressed here are solid and will help any honest seeker to advance on the path to understanding what the heck is going on. I wish there were more in the series.