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This is a horrible show hosted and produced by horrible and shameful people the hosts are horrible people and everyone involved is a hack
Sadly intense vocal fry makes this unlistenable
I love most of Slates podcasts and was excited at the prospect of a daily pop of content - but, this seems to only come out weekly? Then why call it the “Daily Feed”?
Jesse Eisenberg said he was a shooting guard. Michael Jordan was the point guard.
I subscribe to Slate Plus and suggest you do to. Part of the fun is the stream of interesting, ad-free podcasts, from Mike Pesca's "The Gist" to Slate Academy courses. Highly recommended.
I subscribe to a lot of Slate pods but check this every day for a new gem and I often find it. How else would I find so many Slate podcasts?
Josh had a great format - listen, read & not so important but interesting need to know news - he also has a great ‘radio’ voice. Thanks for reconsidering the ‘old’ format and the ‘cool voice’ dude! 😊


Enjoy this informed team
2/3 of the episode was very good and I enjoyed hearing John’s perspective especially. 1/3 of the episode was painful: pretty much every time Emily interjected anything. If she could turn her volume down and speak more thoughtfully without interrupting, it would make her presentation much better and improve the episode and podcast.
This is a good resource for finding new podcasts. Just when I think I have all the Slate podcasts I am interested in, a new one comes along.
This is a mediocre podcast that is fraudulently wrong. It was better when it was 90 seconds.
pledge week, really? you already have slate plus and plug it during every show and sponsors scattered throughout. You aren't a non-profit. Not feeling it.
Can't live in a Trumpy world without this podcast. Thanks, Jacob, Virginia, Jamelle et al...
As folks who refuse to normalize the malevolent idiocy of this kleptocratic blunderbuss of a President, Trumpcast makes each day of this administration a bit more bearable.
Great way to catch subjects or discussions you might miss if you don't subscribe to the individual podcasts. Love Pike Pesca's The Gist (usually, unless there is a sports segment) and 90 Seconds. Was thrilled to catch the one about how contemporary librarians (or one librarian in particular) see their mission in this presidency's knowledge-busting and research-destroying climate.
I really look forward to this every two weeks. It's like sitting around (possibly with a bottle of wine) with your really smart and funny friends discussing politics, culture, current events, etc., as they relate to women.
Slate's podcasts are the best of the lot. And this one is so great. It has almost surpassed the Culture Gabfest podcast as the leading one. Keep up the excellent research, the depth of the subject. Love it.
Love the reporters and their ability to impart complex issues simply. Thank you for this podcast
Enjoy listening to as I head out to Parking lot after work
I love Slate podcasts so I thought I would give this one a turn. Sounds like InfoWars for the left. What a joke!
Please, enough of that moron. You have some intelligent sounding ladies, let them do the talking. What does Pesca have on you all, anyway?
I really enjoy getting these shows, especially Political Gabfest, Money and Amicus
Great Podcast. Neat way to choose what to listen to on morning commute.
It's a lot of content, all of Slate in one channel.


By rowan2
Sorry, I expected more.
love the feed, keep it up guys
Find the process to rate ridiculous
... having to listen to the latest amateur editing, this time (8/30/16) the Sports podcast, stops and starts, "3 2 1" and all that, I'm done. And I don't mind adverts, but I do mind them pushing the capitalist propaganda foisted on us by the criminal organization JP Morgan Chase. Waste of talented people.
Tried to get though one episode and it was too painful. Obviously these people care more about the sound of their own voice then quality. I will never listen to this station ever again.
good stuff. Keep it up. Crown jewel of Panoply.
.... and corny. Thank you for the best drive-hour of my week.
Interesting guests but Mikes inability to let them be the center of attention takes away. Sometimes funny but more rambling and "brilliant" ideas he's come up with.
I like a trip into the past, and politics is a personal interest. John Dickerson does am excellent and satisfying job telling a good story and then also connecting it to current events that makes it very valuable.
Today's review of the incredible basketball weekend we just saw, mixed with great chatter from Sue Bird plus locker room kids and then to finish with awesome reference quotes to music from Drake & Future easily make the hour I spent with you guys the "best" I've ever listened to in sports broadcasting. Definitely my preference over ESPN for fun broadcasting. Thanks!
Always lively, interesting, fun. I've learned a lot about their economic topics and look forward to their weekly podcasts Thanks!
I listen to this podcast religiously. My favorite host is Emily Bazelon. She is so well spoken and intelligent. The topics they choose are interesting and their discussion is enlightening.
Katy Waldman's voice is hard to listen to - it sounds painful. Has she seen a doctor? Seriously, something's wrong with her vocal chords. It's a shame because I generally am quite interested in what she has to say. There must be treatments or therapies that can help her voice sound better.
Informative, smart and funny.
The pilot episode should be the last. Gay bashing, straight bashing, exclusionary self righteous psuedo cool. Nothing substantive. Nothing interesting. Totally Disappointing.
Always on my "to listen" list every Monday. Great rapport between all three of the guys, though if you are a novice to the show (and not used to the accents), Mike's and Stefan's voices are hard to distinguish.
Convenient way to get the best podcasts.
It's great stuff, and catches you up on the news and culture.
Playing "is that Bulls---" is probably easier if you know nothing about the subject in question. The ASMR podcast contains a number of inaccuracies- you can get asmr just from audio, and you can get it from unattractive people, both men and women. Why would I want to listen to people dismiss something they don't understand as "bulls---" when so many other podcasters explore a subject in an interesting way and- God forbid- do a little research.
Please remove The Gist from the Daily Podcast feed. I can’t stand the podcast (it’s basically annoying word vomit to me) and I’m tired of deleting it *every* *single* *day.*
I enjoy listening to most of the podcasts and gabfests and enjoy having all of them in one podcast box, but the recent change in naming to only a title without the section is a looser. When I have a limited time to listen I prefer to skip over some things and listen to others. Having the sub-section in the title helps to find the subjects I prefer while leaving all of my subscriptions in one box. Please go back to labeling the Gist, Political Gabfest, etc. How am I supposed to know “Are the kids alright?” is the Hangup and listen podcast now without reading the full description or listening?
How does Mike Pesca do it? Love his stuff, I’ve become addicted, hope he can keep ‘em coming on a daily basis.
Weigel cast is 11 minutes of audio skip, the intro over and over. Why does no one listen before putting it up? Why does it not get fixed once it is up?
It's like eavesdropping on informed people. I like hearing their perspectives even if I don't always agree. The casual format is refreshing from the usual talking head "experts" you get on some talk radio.
Each podcast used to have the topics of that particular episode in the "info" or "description" section but now there is just the general daily podcast description. The podcast title doesn't give the information--e.g."doe-eyed triangle"?? Can you please put the topics back in the description of each podcast so we know whether we want to download and listen?