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these 8 little episodes define perfection. there's no other way to say it....
That the podcasts don't come fast enough! the movie is amazing and was better then i expected and the podcast is equally as great. I have come to know arin and susan and relate personally to different aspects of their artwork/lives. keep up the good work, and tell us what happens next!!!!!!
This is genius. So many people do not understand what goes into a process to make something. This gives you such a deep, intimate look at what it takes, and what can happen, and how people get through it. Human and thought-provoking. Check out the movie on YouTube. It's beyond words.
They take the art of video to a whole new level in this digital era!
I love this podcast, I love you guys. I'm wrapped up in the story. The only downfall is that the p-casts are really infrequent, often with 1-2 months between episodes. The only reason this bothers me is because I'm allways so eager to see the next episode!
i really adore this podcast and i really want to see the film. i feel sad that i'm finding out about this now. what's happening next? is this all over or are you still promoting the film? love kiwi
I really like these people. I just think they're neat. up to the part where they start literally crying about the net neutrality act, but that's okay because i like artfags even if they cry about the internets.
Watching most video podcasts should be considered torture. I generally will not download a video podcast that is more than 3 minutes long. There are many podcasts that I cannot stomach watching more than 30 seconds. Appartantly it is difficult to create good video entertainment. Who knew? However, I went out on a limb on these and have enjoyed them so much that the 5 minutes seems to fly by. The issues of this podcast I have seen are great! They actually have a story line and engage the viewer. They have a nice flow, cool editing, and leave you wanting more.
This is probably the best podcast I have download yet and believe me, I have downloaded a lot! Everything about The Four Eyed Monsters screams genius and the songs in the episodes are phenominal. I highly recomend this podcast, 5 stars!
And not as entertaining. Maybe I'm just too old, but in the few minutes I watched their trailer, podcasts and perused their website I saw more allusions and rip offs of stuff I thought was cool in my twenties! So, basically, their notebook paper background (boring), F.E.M (a lowly rip off of R.E.M, which I listened to in during the I.R.A days), and rip off editing of everything that WAS art noveau filming, amounts to a big waste of their parent's money. Could it be that they couldn't really make it a real film school and make an interesting movie that they had to drum up excitement about a boring movie (yes, boy meets girl plotlines are not original, no matter how many eyes and arms you put on it). For all of those other 20 somethings (or less than) that think this is the greatest thing they've ever seen (and yes, some of you will actually THINK this) you need to get out something interesting, unplug from the stuff you are watching that you think is original, because surprise, all of your other neo-melodramatic-obnoxious-self-absorbed-mom-dad-can-you-fund-my-boring-future are already watching it.
This is Podcasting. Real people, real issues, real art. I love you guys!
i agree that much of the footage apprears to be staged, but perhaps it is just the result of two ordinary folk who perceive themselves to be extremely exceptional just being a stylized, contrived, sad way. it would seem that they need to be observed by me...a nameless stranger...more than they desire to connect to the world around them. oh, and comedy? no.
I love your podcast! I loved seeing the film! (Saw it both nights it was here) and I can't wait for more! Keep it up!
I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to request a showing of FEM's movie in New Orleans. I cannot seem to fill out the form you have on your website and I could not find any other way to contact you with such problems. Please let me know what I can do in order to make this happen! I love what I have seen thus far and think it would be a welcome movie here in a city where the arts are appreciated if not worshiped! If you cannot find a way to fix the form, go ahead and add my zip - 70130 - to the google map! Thank you for sharing your artistic and relationship process. I think you guys really have something new and refreshing for our generation. I hope I can see the final product!
This podcast has to be the most well-cut, organized, fantastic piece of work that has ever passed through my eyes. Episode 6 literally inspired me to take up acting, other episodes influenced my creativity and work habits. Everyone who's anyone or no one, that is, should subscribe. It's a masterpiece on your screen. I hope only for the best for you two - you have some real talent and I truthfully can't wait until you screen your movie somewhere near me. The episodes are enough to keep myself up for fourty-eight hours to experience what you're going through. Thank you for the inspiration. =Aoife
This podcast is great. The intense DIY energy, as well as F.E.M. allowing the viewers behind the “smoke screen” of film, is an inspiration to all artists. Yes, there are a few verdant moments, in the podcast and in the characters (Arin and Susan), but most of the limitations are part of the podcast’s (and the movie, too, I’ll guess) charm. The things F.E.M. does well (matching music to moods, certain angles and lighting), they do VERY well. Good job.


By orthis
Four Eyed Monsters is one of the greatest podcasts because not only does it document the ups and downs of the movie making, but goes thoroughly through the process with an artsy(?) manner without the sugar coating. The music, the dialogue, the editing - everything. is so. beautiful. Although new episodes lag, it is well worth the wait.
One episode about every month? Give me a break. While the content and storytelling is solid - and the characters are interesting - I'd rather see an ad at the beginning of the show if it meant not having to wait six weeks for an update.
This Podcast is definitely worth checking out if only to see the two most self-absorbed people in the world go about there business. The gist of this Podcast is that Arin and Susan have maxed the credits cards making a movie about their relationship, which played well at festivals but wasn't picked up for major theatrical distribution. The two navel gazers are so gab smacked that the rest of the world aren't as interested in their own lives as they are so they borrow money from their parents... because they 'like have something to say about like interpersonal relationships and stuff and just have to get their story out there.' It's a shame, these two seem to have some talent, they just need to step away from the hipster hair gel for a few seconds to realize that Four-Eyed Monster had it's moment... and that moment has passed. Plenty of first feature don't see major distribution, but the real artists who excel in this business or the ones that pick themselves and move on to the next story to tell... or is the problem that these two only have one to tell?
I tried to avoid subscribing to this, because I didn't like Arin and Susan's faces. I finally decided to give it a chance, knowing I was going to hate it. I was wrong. I am now addicted to watching two other people's well-edited (edited-well?) lives set to music. Now I hate waiting for new episodes. You should hate waiting for new episodes too.
It's difficult to describe in a brief 6,000 words, but I am able to easily sympathize with these two, FEM. They are brilliant in their own respects, spontaneous and creative, and just as pseudo-jaded by everyday circumstances as I would consider myself to be. Again, difficult to articulate, but this video podcast is, oddly enough, a source of hope. I wish the best them, too!
This is as real as it gets and I'm hooked! I can hardly wait to see the next Podcast. I feel like I'm there with them as they go thru all of this... Comedy, Drama, REAL.
In a world where personal stories are almost always mediated, meaning there is someone between the person and the audience (tv, news, movies, etc.) who adds their lense, it is refreshing to see these people tell their own story. And whether the story interests you or not is almost irrelevant, because it's theirs and they've chosen to share it in an authentic way we almost never see. Thank you Crumley and Buice for the energy and effort you've put into this. It's beautiful and it's a glimpse into the future of storytelling.
right place right technology fab publicity smart marketing predictable and UN-engaging don't care
these guys definitly know whats up. they bring an intersteing twist on life and the ideas, which is nice. good job..never give up on your dreams,
Unique and interesting. The best thing on the podwaves.
Excellent excellent stuff. I absolutely love the way you've edited your films. It flows beautifully from one thought to the next while still keeping that strange messyness that is like a dream almost. The way you are able to analyze others lifestyles and even your own is what is truly spectacular though. Your ideas and observations are profound enough to make your viewers look at their own lives and try and see what it is that causes them to do certain things, to think certain things. I look forward to more episodes soon. -Dudewave
It is sublime to see a relationship - a film production - and the difficulties that each bring, brought to life with such vibrance. I thoroughly enjoy each podcast, noting how well the pieces are edited and touched with perfectly chosen music. Bravo. The challenge comes in looking at the value of the exercise. Arin and Susan have made this film, the podcast, their own lives. What person are we seeing on the screen? How real are the emotions that they are giving us? At what cost to our F.E.M's is this entertainment?
This is exactly what video podcasts should be! Arin and Susan are true pioneers of video podcasting! Not only entertaining but compelling cinematography and edited well! I look forward to continuing to see more great episodes!
They do a great job at shooting, editing and telling a story. The problem is the subject. Self-proclaimed artists tell a boring and self-indulgant story. This seems like it's more for the "artists" to enjoy than the audience.
Each new episode sort of has a different emotion. Going into the project, the motivation is high and outlook is positive. Along the way, there are bumps and turns that are unexpected. I can't wait to see what happens next and hope the new episode goes up soon.
Not a comedy but it has a lot of meaning to it. It is a great podcast no matter what anyone else says.
A beautiful depiction of relationships, art, and passion
Arin&Susan are some of the nicest and most inavative people i know. There filmmaking shows that real indie style films can still be made! you dont need 500,000 dollar cameras or a big ape in your film to make it good....alll you need is talent...and arin&susan have that. They show a side of cinema that is very rarly seen anymore(Its the same side im tryinf to show) which is the Experimental/Art/Human Emotion side of film. Low-Budget filmmaking at its best! Keep up the good work and as the band sterophonics once said "Have A Nice Day" Mike Krumlauf


I love your podcast. I love how artistic all the video is and everything about it. Its truely insperational. What your doing is something I'd love to do someday... if I could ever get to. But I just want to engourage you to not stop and know that I (a tottal stranger) cant wait for the next episode.
I was an indie filmmaker for a long time and I think the way you present your experience thus far in your podcasts is extremely creative and potent. To me, it captures the marketable, entertainment value of reality TV, while maintaining the truth and emotional depth of real life...that, mixed with good editing and score makes this a truly entertaining, professional product.
I am really excited to see what this duo puts out. I think they are on the brink of some really awesome filmmaking. I wish them the best and I hope that they can get the movie out soon.


if you think that this is a podcast of them wining , uhave never tried to make a film. making a movie, editing and trying to get it distributed is extremly hard, and if you babies think that 3.5 is bad it's not. it's them showing the pressure of the film. they are doing a podcast, because they want to for there film, and i thinkeach episode is a work of art, and if you dont like it, dont watch a podcast about making a movie unless you want to make a movie, so get off there page!
A guy, a gal, a DV camera and an invitation to the Slamdance movie festival come together to create a bittersweet tale of moviemaking and young love. One of the ten best video podcasts of 2005
Probably the most talented two you have EVER seen! No holding back....the "heart on your sleeve" story of their lives on the road to success.


This podcast is so wierd.........basically its stupid


By Dubnick
I love this podcast or vidcast or whatever you'd call it. I think it speaks volmes to the experiences of anyone involved in the creative process in a fresh, honest and inventive way. Addresses the relationship between the art and artist and artist and outside world in a really beautiful way. Hope they keep going. I especially related to Arin's concerns about becoming too introverted and Susan's bumming out about having to edit the footage of Slamdance. This is great.


Arin amd Susan are brilliant. They are inspiration to a generation being lost to apathy.
First of all, we love this new feature in iTunes, interaction is what we are all about... but we just wanted to clear up a few things that a reviewer here had wrong.  Susan's parents did not pay for the film, we made the film using money we saved up from freelance video jobs in NYC as well as several personal credit cards that we maxed out.  Thats why when we got into the Slamdance Film Festival we took an investment.  We couldn't turn down the opportunity to go but we had no financially ability to do so. Also just for the record, the footage in the video podcast is real except shots that are obviously set up like the dancing and what not.  Our video podcast is not a work of fiction but it is an expression so we try to represent our own internal perspectives when we create the episodes. As far as giving ourselves 5 stars, well 4 1/2 would be better but that isn't an option. We really are trying to push this new medium as hard as we can and are really happy about how they've come out. As for the delays between episodes, we'll this stuff takes time and it's just the two of us working on this.  We have almost 200 hours of footage and are constantly shooting more footage for future episodes, so stay subscribed and spread the word, they will come... Arin & Susan
For several months now I have been feeling an unparalleled level of excitement simply because I have had the pleasure to be involved with these filmmakers. Susan and Arin's feature film had its NY premiere at the Gen Art Film Festival and ever since I've been moving at fiber-optic speed into the future of entertainment. This series - documenting their adventures on the festival circuit and trying to sell their feature film - all the while struggling to pay rent, eat and simply get along is catching quite the buzz both in industry and audience circles. Rarely have I found filmmakers who can so effectively balance artistic integrity with the demands of reaching an audience and the excitement of new technologies. While the video podcast is captivating content in itself, Susan and Arin are doing much more than showing off their talent. They are taking the lead in the revolution of how independent filmmakers can reach their audiences. And people and companies are taking note. By the way - they will teach YOU how to do this too if you visit their website. Their altruism is at the heart of their talent and their success.
Watch two of the most self-absorbed people on the face of the earth discuss the challenges of promoting a film that was funded by their parents while giving the audience an inside look at their melodramtic lovelife done in the classic staged documentary montage style.
This is definitely the best podcast on itunes. I cant wait until the movie comes out. Im waiting for a new episode!
This has been really interesting so far. The ideas and editing are really good. Good job! When is the next one?