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I love the teaching at CCCH. I just wish that pastor Jack would read the Bible and not the congregation because when listening online and podcast, you can’t understand the congregation. I see that others feel the same. I’m sure that pastor Jack has a heart for the brethren and that is why he has them read, but for the sake of audio listeners, we need to hear the passage of scripture as well.
I always enjoy your Bible sermons and would ask you to stop having the people read every other verse for us listening to your podcast. We can’t understand them at all. I know you mean well but when driving you can’t pull out the Bible to follow along. Praise God for your preaching, Zfreeland
thank you for everything that you do!!! - for being bold + sharing the truth and light with the world! your messages have been a safe place for me throughout this last year. thank you x a million!
A much needed message for our current time. This message is powerful and urgent for all to hear. Thank you pastors for you knowledge, encouragement and wit !
Love Jack Hibbs, not afraid to say the truths that need to be said. Love his passion for the Lord and His Word. Would never want to live in California, but Jack Hibbs and makes me want to reconsider...
I have been listening to the preachings of Jack Hibbs since I was a young girl. By the time I was 9 I was skipping children’s group to listen to his sermons. For me he always made the Bible relevant. He connects the old with the new. His worldly knowledge with his Godly wisdom makes him a delight to listen to. I enjoy listening to his sermon on podcast now as I gave 3 young children and reside in Riverside. Such a blessing and peace to hear his sermons and watch my children’s faces as we listen in the car.
I found Christ this year, so 2020 is by far the best year ever for me. I’m overwhelmed, overjoyed and starving to learn more about His word. Discovering Jack Hibbs podcast has been an amazing addition (listening from Texas) to all of the information I’m digesting! I love his delivery and his passion!!! The Holy Spirit is working through you!!! Thank you!!!!! 🙏🏻🌏
Jack Hibbs and CCCH in general is a beacon of faith, hope, and love in a dark world. Jack’s wisdom and insights bring the Word of God to life in the modern world, tying prophecy, Biblical history, the teachings of Christ, and the words of the Apostles to current events. He always works within proper context; maintains revelance to modern life, and well communicates the hope that passes all understanding.
The season is here for the return of Christ for His church ,this Pastor gives us truth and encouragement in an hour of darkness!
Pastor jack is a racist who only speaks on things that appeal to white evangelicals. I used to attend this church and was brainwashed into hating Obama but to see him openly supporting trump is sick. I will never go back or listen to him again!
I saw the light, and God had it okay out like a movie in my mind. I live in a condo complex, so I wanted to go share it with my neighbors. My heart was thinking we were in different times. If you go out talking about God people aren’t afraid of you, so someone called police on me. Meanwhile, I have a stalker so I thought the police were there to help me. I ran out to them through the gate where people walk through. I was in no way going towards the street, but they accused me of it. I got falsely 51/50d near you here in Fullerton. I can’t even trust police anymore. I am pro-Trump. That was also in my dream, and this was back in December. I really want to try to come to one of your services. God bless you. Deanna
Thank you Pastor Jack and CCCH for being a light of truth in a dark and deceitful world! God recently showed me that the church I was attending was false teaching and promoting known false teachers... this has been a difficult time for me. But Pastor Jack has helped share the truth in the gospel & has given me so much hope! Thank you for speaking so much truth. Thank you for sharing the hard things & never sugar coating the gospel. God is truly doing amazing things through this church!
Thank you for your courage and keeping your church open! God bless you!! My prayers are with you !
Pastor Jack is a humble servant raised for such a time as this. 😇
He’s a fighter for the lord and America!! God Bless you Pastor Jack!!


By Igleafy
Scary to hear this little man talk about God being a “hunter, stalker, sniper” out there taking aim at the “looters.” I was there in person when he said that and watched his pleasure pantomiming the act as “God.” The audience laughing. It was my first time in church in 20 years and I walked out. That is not compassion or wisdom. I also found it very scary to hear him tell everyone that there’s nothing good to read or learn on the internet. This preacher is clearly a classic revivalist huckster, seeking out the most shocking convolutions of the Biblical text he can, and cobbling together his preferred message from a pastiche of verses across many books of the Bible. Not for anyone serious about the pursuit of wisdom, compassion, or God.
One thing I really appreciate about Jack Hibbs is his ability to speak absolute truth while showing compassion for a hurting world. He does not compromise on God’s truth so as not to offended, but he understands the current state of the world. Only Jesus can heal and he represents that belief constantly!
Thank you Pastor Jack for sharing God’s Truth with us. These are amazing times and you are leading us to walk with God.
I look forward each week to listening to Pastor Jack preach. He is fearless in the pulpit and it is so refreshing. I tell everyone I know to listen to his podcasts. Thank you Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, for posting these messages to the podcast every week.
I love love love getting to hear from Jack and guests on here... I live in Idaho and attend my own church here but there is something about these services that I look forward to. Really hoping they will start posting again. I really feel God speaking to me through this podcast and it’s speakers.
The last service was 9/18/19 - I miss having the latest
Every Sunday and Wednesday Pastor Jack Hibbs preaches verse by verse through the current book of the Bible being studied. He is probably one of the top Bible teachers and definitely the top communicator of God’s word (in my opinion) in America. He’s not shy at expressing where he stands on the current cultural insanity and is expert at tying current events to Bible prophecy. Pastor Jack’s teaching, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has changed me at my core over the past 5 years. Praise God. Maranatha!
Love the happening now I can listen to these conversations all day
God used this podcast to get me back into church. Jack Hibbs is able to preach in such a profound and easily accessible way. Praise God for this church and what they are doing.
Jack Hibbs teaches The Word like God intended it to be taught. Verse by verse, chapter by chapter. The way pastors are supposed to do it... He is extremely knowledgeable, speaks the truth, and gets into the true meaning behind the root of the word in both Hebrew and Greek - very eye opening. I listen to his podcasts daily on my drive to and from work, and I am blessed to have his teachings in my life.
Good messages. Real answers for life.
We looked for a Church for years and discovered him and to this day, we have never regretted it. I urge you who live near CH, to come to one of his services and I guarantee you will leave pumped up. We love you Pastor Jack.
I love pastor Jack Hibbs! God bless him!
Thank you for the truth
It is such a blessing to be able to listen to Pastor Jack's sermons throughout my day on my iPhone. I only wish I was close enough to be able to attend this wonderful congregation. He is unafraid to talk about subjects that unfortunately many pastors chose to avoid. He speaks God's truth in politics which I wish more church leaders would do. Thank you Pastor Hibbs for all you do in glorifying God.
Always the Truth! Never water down. Biblical teaching like all Calvary Chapel pastors are. Thank you Jesus for these real men of God.
Always up to date. I wish he come to Ohio. Jack delivers a great message.
Pastor Jack Hibbs sticks to God's word. He is not afraid to teach the Bible, or any other truth. He is focused on pleasing God and not people. If you want to know the truth then listen to these podcasts. Pure, raw, biblical teaching. Jack is a true vessel of God filled with the Holy Spirit.
Great pastor! He is close to God and you can see it in his life! Great church. Fire us up Lord through your word!
No other way to describe pastor jack other than on fire. You are my commute sermon and after listening to about 100 sermons I still can't wait to hear more. I was sad when I got to the point where I have to wait for the latest sermon to be put on podcast instead of having a supply i hadnt heard yet. your passion for God never fails to help ignite mine. Thank you!!!
I stumbled on these podcast and what a find! God has been ministering to me through these messages and it has been AMAZING! This Pastor has a word from the Lord! It's fresh and anointed! May God truly continue to bless the man of God
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your boldness and deliverance of God's word relevant to today.
I finally got to meet him on Resurrection Day and it was such an honor meeting and talking to him. He sends his messages so clear, and his energy is terrific. I've been saved since Dec '10 and I've been attending his church since I moved. He had me sold when I was looking for my home church. He's an intelligent man with a big heart! Definitely worth seeing in person!
I am so grateful for these studies... Thank you!!!
I love these podcasts! Due to my crazy work schedule, these podcasts get me through the week. Pastor Jack can make you feel like you are in the middle of the story that the bible is telling.
I am so grateful they have the messages on itunes it allows me to listen to the sermons even when I can't attend, allows me to follow with the messages so when I get to attend I don't feel lost if they mention past sermons!
Having experienced Pastor Jack's concise, effective, Bible-Based teachings for many years, The Bible has come to life in a way that no other pastor has been able to teach. I'm grateful for Jack's care and accuracy in bringing the Bible to our daily lives with unmatched relevance and detail.
Jack is faithful to the Word and his teachings always points to Jesus and away from him. A great bible teacher and a lover of God. My I-pod is full of his teachings and I am blessed by his calling.
after years of teaching the bible and being a pastor, the ministry of calvary chapel chino hills and pastor jack hibbs has changed my life. the bible is now more than a book, it has come alive to me and now all things have become new.
Jack Hibbs is an absolutely amazing Pastor! He is a wonderful teacher and a Godly man! He always keeps his teachings very interesting, and he really knows his stuff! I recommend his podcasts to anyone interested in a good, honest teaching of the Bible and sometimes even a laugh or two!
Jack Hibbs is one of the greatest teachers around.  His straight-forward, no holds bared style combined with his love for God's Word makes these messages an excellent resource.  The teachings contain enough "Meat" for the serious bible student yet are simple enough for anyone wishing to find out what the bible has to say.