The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat

Reviews For The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat

I have been listening to these conversations for over a year now and each one is like a new gift at Christmas. I love the spirit these bring and for the musicians represented. Steven Kapp Perry is a gifted musician and orator himself and brings out life enriching insights.
some fantastic episodes, make sure you listen to "bullet-proof Washington" ...also the bio of Joseph Smith by Lucy Mack Smith
I really enjoy listening. Thanks so much. I have purchased items just from listening to the different things or people you are talking about. I love it.
This podcast is uplifting and inspiring!! Living in the "mission field" it is great to hear from LDS authors and musicians everyday lives. Thank you so much for this podcast!!
I have enjoyed every episode that I have listened to. About 20 so far. It is wonderful to hear Steven talking with some of the most talented people in the church and in the world. It sounds like they are sitting around the living room, just having a good time. His interview questions seek the information that I would want if I had the oportunity to speak with them myself. He is consistent with the quality of the podcast and produces it regularly. I hope that he keeps this up for a long time.


By Tennor
Thanks, Steven, for putting this podcast together so regularly. It's great to keep up with LDS authors, artists, and other happenings in the LDS church. Keep up the good work!