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One of my favorite technology podcasts!
Probably the most notable thing about this podcast is the ads. Radio network ads take up 25% of the runtime. Occasionally, the host comments on them, claiming that he has no control over the podcast and that every commercial radio producer does podcasts this way. He also shills for his premium service where he posts ad-free versions of the show. (I don’t know if this shilling is included in these.) Anyway, if you enjoy listening to ads or fast-forwarding by five minutes at a time, you might also enjoy listening to two people talk about tech news, current TV shows, actors, old TV shows, bad jokes about old TV shows, and bad jokes about age. Oh, and there are pointless tangents and horrible segues. It could definitely be more focused at times, but they DO talk about tech news.
It's a shame. I like the web site, was hoping for something engaging, special in the podcast. Instead, the one I started had two talking heads, with a semi-grating, semi-pontificating guest--and, then, Gene's story being interrupted by advert followed by advert, etc for *several* minutes! No other podcast I subscribe to does that. I have deleted the episode and unsubscribed-delete the podcast, too. Wish that Dvorak would bring back Cranky Geeks! Now, there was a tech show worth listening to!
The amount and type of commercials make this show unlistenable, a shame . It could be good.
Gene has on some fantastic guests and there’s always great insights into what’s going on in the tech world. Good stuff.
I listen to this show occasionally for a few decent guests (namely Daniel Eran Dilger). Otherwise, though, it’s nearly unlistenable due to the constant and bizarrely sleazy ads for gold buying, legal services, dieting products, etc. It’s a shame, since the guests are often interesting and articulate, but never have a chance to cover anything too deeply given the constant ad breaks (literally, there will be a 5-minute-long ad break for about every 7 to 10 minutes of discussion). My suggestion to the show’s producers is to listen to the ads on any of 5by5’s shows,, etc.: concise, highly relevant to the audience, and inserted at natural lulls in the conversation so they're as unobtrusive as possible. I actually look forward to hearing them! Proof that you don't have to run obnoxious lowbrow ads that everyone hates to pay the bills.
I thought it must be a joke--or The Onion--but it's not. UNBELIEVABLE numbers of ads--and incredibly obnoxious ones. If the show's team truly is willing to take money from these sleazy companies ("miracle" antibiotics with no prescription, "hide from Obama thugs" etc.) then I cannot respect them.
Until, of course, the shrill amd obnoxious ads kick in.
Not a bad tech podcast. But it is littered with so many repetitive annoying commercials that I always listen with the fast forward button ready! I have to hit it about 6 times every 5 minutes. Oh, and Gene could use a lesson on how to listen and stop interrupting his guests mid-sentence.
I like the show and listen semi-regularly. Gene interrupts his guests abruptly. Gene should let his guests finish their sentences as well as train of thought.
I understand the need for commercial messages, but come on! The format of this show is roughly 10 minutes of talk and 5 minutes of ads. And these are not even tech related ads, which might at least be informative. Lots of ads about end of the world stuff - food storage, water purifiers, etc. Very weird.
I enjoy this podcast for its Apple news coverage and commentary. The production quality can stand improvement, however. The participants often sound off-microphone and echoey. Other listeners have commented about the overabundance and frequency of commercials, many of which are rather annoying. But it is the syndicator, GNC, that is responsible for the advertising, not the show's host.
Ads are a bit crazy!! I'm unsubscribing.
I've been listening the show since the year 2006 and I suppose over the years I've listened enough episodes to state that: - the show is not entirely about Apple products - yes it has Apple's flavor but what show does't have certain inclination to some particular topic? - I like the line up of guests and I appreciate their take on various subjects discussed on the air. - As that famous song says 'if you don't like IPhone - don't buy it..." I mean switch the channel if you don't like the show.


Bland is the best way to describe this show. It's informative, but not in a way that keeps your attention. Also, it's not cool for the show host to come in and give himself a five star review in order to "correct" bad reviewers. Get some thicker skin and if you have confidence in what you're doing keep doing it without bad mouthing negative reviewers.
The problem with this podcast is that a lot of elements are outdated. As we've seen from Apple's latest moves in OSX Lion, they are pushing into the mass market and leaving behind the 'geeky' power users of yesteryear. I guess this makes some long time Mac fans uneasy. Some of the topics of discussion, such as the specs of the iPad2 no longer matter. In a mobile computing world, it's about battery longevity, usability and apps. The style of the podcast is outdated as well, with an intro that reminds me of wacky morning radio talk shows. Some have mentioned that the ADs are annoying and they really are. Especially the Buy Gold Now ads, which just reek of sleaziness. Daniel Eran Dilger comes on the show every once in a while and he's pretty insightful and fun. He can be a handful, but he's usually interesting.
I don't understand why some of these people are complaining about the ads. All shows on commercial radio have similar numbers of ads. That's what you pay for free professional radio, and The Tech Night Owl LIVE is one of the best tech shows out there. Give it a listen and you'll agree!
Coming from a newspaper background, I fully understand the need for advertising to pay for things. However, I have never subscribed to a podcast with this many commercial messages. If it were possible to move forward easily in a podcast in the same way that it is possible to move back (the 30 second arrow), I suppose I could deal with it. As it is, I am not going to continue my subscription to this one. That's a shame since I do enjoy quite a bit of the content otherwise; but it only takes me a few minutes to get to work and when I'm half way there before I hear anything related to tech talk, something is wrong. A 30-second commercial every 15 minutes or so wouldn't be so bad; but several minutes of advertising too often ... sometimes not even tech related ... is pushing the envelope.
If you really want excellent and in-depth analysis of the iPhone 4 antenna issues, then listen to the July 24, 2010 podcast. You won't find a better analysis anywhere on the internet. I've been listening to this podcast for over 2 years now, and the quality of the guests and the host is top notch.
Especially love Daniel Eran Dilger and David Biedney are on the show. (Sorry if I mispelled either name.)
The info in the podcast is great. However the ads are extremely distracting. They keep interrupting a speakers train of thought. info is worth 5 stars if you can advertise better, I'd upgrade my rating.
The title suggested to me that this show was about tech. It is not. It is about Apple and its products and failing of Microsoft. The episodes to which I have listened were focused only on Apple carried a decided anti-Microsoft and Windows tone. I am an Apple fan so talk about Apple is something I enjoy. I listen to other Apple-focused podcasts including MacBreak Weekley, MacNotables, Mac Roundtable, etc. . . The "Tech Night Owl" goes to far in direction of Microsoft hating and reality distortion. The guest are of decent quality and reputation but the talk is so one-sided, with many ludicrous statements being made, I can barely listen. It would be nice if the title or description indicated that is an Apple-focused show for Apple purist. Let me finish on a positive note. The production quality, audio levels, clarity, etc. . . is excellent. The show is professionally done in that regard.
The one podcast that anyone into mac-centric tech should listen to. Gene never seems to miss a week. He's got a show out every Thursday like clockwork. Like the David Biedny segment, and Gene doesn't hesitate to put Apple on the carpet when the need is there. Great contributing guests.


By sphns
Too little content vs. commercials and non-technical commentary...
Relaxed & informal format for interviews and discussions with guests who, for the most part, are leaders in their field of expertise. Not every subject discussed is interesting to me (games, TV shows) but the majority are very worthwhile. With a subject such as computer security I end up replaying sections to be able to absorb all the information.
Gene has been podcasting since before the term was coined. I've been a long time listener and am happy to hear he expanded beyond just talking about Macs. Keep it up Gene!
I'm not a tech junkie, but I love this show. The host is professional, as good as the ones on regular radio stations. He also knows how to handle his guests, and ask just the right questions and get out of the way. On this show, the guests shine, deftly guided by Mr. Steinberg. As to that person who complained about the show's jingles and such: Listen, the show is structured just like any other talk show, with jingles, bumpers and commercial breaks. I can't understand why this is a negative.
The slogan for this show is "you never know what's going to happen next." But in fact this show is show predictable, and so much of the same stuff every week, that you always know what to expect next. The structure of the program never changes, their stingers and sound efx never change, their promos never change (Oh, joy, yet another commercial for "the rockoids!?!" how exciting), and it just feels like the same thing over and over again. Gene Steinberg is stuck in the past, and most of his references are as outdated as the movie and tv show sound bites that are peppered throughout the show (Poltergeist? Superman TV show? Twilight Zone? Yikes.) They occasionally have some great guests on here, so you might find it worth listening to for that reason. But if you're like me, you'll get bored by the repitition.
The production value is of the highest quality and they never waste your time. I have been a loyal subscriber to Gene's newsletter, The Mac Night Owl, and I am now a loyal listener to this podcast. Keep up the great work.