MoMA Audio: Special Exhibitions

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I expected more from MoMA.
Pictures without explanations would be preferable to explanations without pictures. For the most part, useless.
If you're planning to visit MoMA, be sure to download these podcasts first -- with few exceptions, they contain the same audio programs available on the museum's listening devices. The commentaries are by the curators and by the artists themselves and often offer invaluable glimpses into what the artists were thinking while they were creating their pieces. And if you're not visiting in person, you can view the pieces discussed in the podcasts on MoMA's website.
You need visuals when talking about art. Step into any art or art history classroom in the country and you'll see desks and projectors. Without seeing the work, the discussion is pointless, unless you already know what the work looks like. Please stop assuming that we all know what each work looks like and add some visuals.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could see the work of art as we get the narration? It would certainly be easier than searching for it on the museum's website, either before or after the fact. And technically, it's not too difficult to accomplish. This would greatly enhance the experience of this podcast, especially for neophytes.
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) podcasts provide some interesting background and insights into MoMA's wonderful collection. It is like having a MoMA curator take you on a personal tour. If you have never been to MoMA, or are not familiar with a particular piece being discussed, be sure to visit and search for it. A great resource.