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Love the interactions between everyone. A natural, free flowing discussion of games
I feel like this podcast is boring now days, all they do is fight and moan about one another. They say it’s joking but it’s pretty annoying to hear. Pete and Paris already said they are only PC guys this next gen so why are they even doing a video game podcast? Doesn’t make sense...if they are not into console just make a PC podcast! Also they always have to throw in the democratic and liberal views into the podcast...
If you want to learn more about tech and the gaming industry in a way that connects to the common man this is your podcast.
There’s not much POC representation out there amongst the higher tier of gaming podcasts. I listen to many, but GTR always feels familiar because it reminds me of the discussions that I have with my close friends. I’ve enjoyed it for many years and continue to do so. Thank you - Danny, Parris, Pete, Mandy (alumni), Paustin (alumni), and David (alumni)!
A bit to Microsoft biased for my taste Parris is good enough to be a broadcaster or radio for real The other two guys are amateur hour big time
These guys have been at this for awhile and it shows. Great insight on the video game industry from Parris and Danny as they continue to evolve and expand their reach. I don’t have issue with Pete’s takes but he comes across as very unprepared quite often. Overall a solid podcast that’s definitely worth a listen!
Gamertag Radio is definitely a must listen if you enjoy anything gaming. They are not only critical but they are also respectful regardless and they are in no way biased to any one platform. Keep up the great worK! Yours Truly, ITSYAGOOH
First having political discussion on a gaming podcast never is a good thing. Second to have a guest that is politically intolerable just shows which way the show leans. Long time subscriber out!
I’ve been listening for the last year on Spotify and I don’t know why it took me so long to rate.. The whole crew has great chemistry and the contrasting thoughts/views creates interesting debates. The guys are very knowledgeable and make me the alpha nerd whom friends seek gaming wisdom from. Keep up the great work GTR and wish nothing but good energy for you and your families!
Parris, Danny, and Pete are a joy to watch. Their shared knowledge of the industry and the chemistry they share makes Gamertag radio a must listen for any fan of gaming/entertainment.
Having hosts that challenge each other and don’t have this whole PR friendly thing afraid to say something to would tarnish their relationship with the big companies is great to listen to
GTR is an example of consistency. They’ve been in the scene for quite a long time and have always produced great content and interviews. Danny, Parris and Pete have great chemistry and bring a refreshing view on the gaming scene every time they talk. This has been my go to podcast for gaming for more than 6 years. Recommended!
I was a long time fan but it’s just not as good anymore. Their reviews and opinions just seem bought.
Listening to episode 1006 and you guys sound like such PlayStation fan boys. In 2013 all people did was talk trash about how much more powerful the PS4 was over the Xbox One, now the shoe is on the other foot and “no one cares about power”? PlayStation hasn’t officially announced anything other than a logo and y’all talking like they are gonna have some kind of crazy launch lineup full of features, while Xbox has already confirmed their next gen will be equal to a powerful PC. And as someone from Oklahoma for you to keep questioning why would GameStop test their stores in Tulsa after it was explained during your interview just sounds like hate on a city you know nothing about. I’ve been disappointed in your content since the Phil Spencer interview.


Man man man man man man
Great podcast.
Hi, just found this podcast and it’s kind of boring.
Being sick during the Thanksgiving Break meant i got to discover some new podcasts. After countless recommendations from my man Adam Leonardt I gave the show a try for the first time. Not only is it a well crafted show but each host does an amazing job articulating their points, counter points, and even when disagreeing there was never a heated moment. They made a fan out of me and you should give them a listen!
I discovered GTR about a year ago now and it is hands down my favorite podcast. Danny and Parris have a chemistry and flow that makes this show so easy to listen to. Many of my gaming podcasts struggle with maintaining the tone of a real conversation but the guys on GTR have it down. They balance the real conversations and opinions with relevant news and games and it all meshes together in the best gaming podcast on my playlist.
These guys are great! I really like their perspective on games, the game industry and gamers. Funny guys and I’m glad that they have different views at times because it adds to the conversation. I look forward to hearing more from them.
I just recently, 8/09, began listening to this podcast. I like the debates they hold not just on games but the effects the gaming industry has in America and in other countries. ref. ep. 8-25-09 Thanks for giving me something to listen to on my way to work!
These guys are great! I can’t wait to hear them every week. Keep up the good work guys! Their E3 coverage is better then Main Stream guys.
I listen to just about every episode and can’t stand when the guys miss a week. Keep up the awesome content fellas.
The GTR crew are real & passionate. That’s the epitome of this team who are constantly giving out FREE high quality content for over 10 years. Danny, Parris, & Pete always deliver the best topics w/ 100% real opinions. They don’t always agree & that’s how you know they aren’t getting paid to hype up what they talk about. Been listening for years & I’ll never stop listening. What are you waiting for. Press play, listen, call in, & ENJOY!
I have been listening to them for more then a year now trough apple podcast and Spotify, and was curious to go look at the review. I found it funny that all the reviews where 12 years old so I though I should make my own. To sum it up these guys are really entertaining and have really grown a lot through this podcast. I like them because they each have there own personality which brings there own point of view to each topic. I am also a student and is usually very busy and does not get time to look at gaming news so going to bed and listening to them is always great. Thank You
I’ve been hosting my own podcast for years (Videogame BANG!) and these guys at Gamertag Radio are the O.G’s of Gaming podcasts. They are an inspiration!
Lemme start, I love this podcast and Danny is a great and inspiring host. However, Danny and Pete mess up words and occasionally give out inaccurate information from time to time. They could both do well with a broadcasting class to polish their skill sets. That being said, Paris Lilly is awesome; great voice, perfect annunciation, and doesn’t talk about subjects he is not familiar with. Also, as a bilingual person, I’d love it if Danny did a Spanish show as well.
Parris is great, Pete is... there. Danny has no clue. And, they are all annoyed with each other constantly. That said, I listen to this mainly for the bickering at this point.
I listen to the podcast while I’m in my studio working, and I appreciate the in-depth knowledge of the gaming lifestyle. I don’t get to watch a lot of shows or in the gaming world and this podcast has been great to have on the go and while working. Keep up the good work GTR.
Like what I here from Gamertag even watch them on twitch keep it going
Great podcast! I love the hater between Danny Pete and Paris. Keep up the great work
The podcast is great at interacting with fans and staying interesting
Great podcast but danny interrupting the guys is very annoying like yo let the guys finish their opinions!
13 years later, GTR is still around.
Love listening to Paris making Danny trip on his own arguments lol
These guys work hard to bring us great content and reviews, I can honestly say I purchased a Nintendo Switch after listening to this podcast, best decision ever!!
Really enjoy Godfree’s work
Danny, Parris, and Pete put on an amazing show twice a week and say what’s on their mind every time. The content they put out can not be compared and look forward to their shows. 100% recommend subscribing to them.
Unbiased opinions, hilarious, just listen to it.
Use to really enjoy the podcast. Now they just constantly fight with one another or joke as they say. I guess I don’t get the humor especially seeing it’s half the show like that.
They said PewDiePie was paid for a review on shadow of Mordor and didn't say it wasn't sponsored when in The description of the video says he got paid for it This podcast never research and just follow other news like sheep.Do not follow this podcast
First off the whole podcast culture is ruined by these all too common entitled beggars who think they should be compensated for doing elementary work. Get real jobs that pay and stick to doing this as a hobby because you guys are not gamers. Stop with the ads this and twitch that. No one with a brain cares or will fall for this and skip over your annoying intros and breaks. Now to some info on Danny who is unqualified to speak period. He can’t formulate sentences or say words the right way. He can’t or won’t answer the questions Paris asks him (not ax). He is nothing but an Xbot kid like mentality who also pushes Nintendo that hasn’t been relevant in 20 years. He has a clear agenda but won’t admit it and dances around logic. His low skill communications skills are serious and it’s baffling that he has been around so long with some questionable followers/associations in tow. Now to Paris who essentially only plays Destiny or other casual games with grinding like a hamster wheel elements which BTW don’t count as gaming. I wouldn’t trust this guy with tech/game knowledge either though he hijacks every conversation. His PC elitist push is flat out annoying. Most people have better specs than his obsolete machine and still prefer console. The whole PC culture is rotten by guys like this with the elitist attitude yet with broken or cancelled to abandon games to offer. Overall this is a very casual yet argumentative group with very little industry knowledge who talks more than plays actual games. Pretending like grinding does not count as gaming. (Note to all the guys if you don’t have 3,000+ trophies or 75,000 Gamerscore by this point you don’t play enough games to be considered a well rounded gamer to have a valid opinion on anything in the industry.)
I love you guys podcast 👌🏾
I started listening about a year ago but as of recently there just seems to be a lot of annoying bickering back and forth between the 3. Don't get me wrong I can get with a good back and forth argument on a certain point but this is just annoying now.
I rarely write reviews and this is actually my first time writing a review about a podcast but if you're into gaming and need something great to listen to on your way to work (or whenever for that matter) these are the guys to listen to. Keep doing what you're doin, love the work, and I can't wait for the next episode 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Update: I've added two stars because they're making an effort to get better and it's noticeable. Keep it up! Honestly I'm writing this review so people can understand exactly what they're getting into so let's begin. The show features Danny, Parris and Pete. Who all seem like they would be good guys if you meet them in person but my goodness you can tell by listening to their podcast that they're trying to get numbers based off of being controversial. Danny is a Xbox fan, Parris is a closet PlayStation fan who attempts to be in the "middle" by saying he's a PC gamer. Yet take a glance at his twitter and you'd see he associates with PS fanboys and 90% of the time agrees with them. You don't even have to look hard. When Parris lets his PS fanboy come thru on the show no one calls him out about it. All you hear are the other two host in the background giggling like school girls. Honestly, if you're a PS fanboy looking for confirmation on your purchase then this podcast is for you. If you're looking unbiased discussions then there are a lot of other podcasts out there for you cause again I repeat, these guys try and get numbers by kissing up to the "larger fanbase" and telling them what they want to hear, which means bash the other console and it's maker. Also, don't call them out on it or they'll get defensive quick! There's better out there gamers just browse iTunes. ✌🏾
I gave this podcast a look after it was name dropped by IGN. After 2 episodes it became clear to me that it's Paris's show. If the show runs for an hour 45 minutes of it is Paris talking and giving his biased opinion. Danny and Pete get some time, but it's annoying when 1 guy talks the whole time and the others listen. They can bring up 1 topic or discussion and Paris will talk on every single one and either Danny or Pete abstain from the question/discussion. I love discussion shows, but one guy hogging the air time makes it hard to listen. The show does offer great interviews and up to date news. One thing that annoys me though is they frequently address Twitter comments that clearly bait them on their show, no one cares about your personal social media beefs. Otherwise it's just an average podcast.
From the Host Danny and co-host Pete and Parris a joy to listen! Very entertaining show with lots of relevant news, the chemistry between this guys is amazing and the way the interact with their fans is just awesome. Fan Mail is an amazing thing, reviews are honest and the way the show is run it makes you feel like you're just having a conversation with a couple of friends! Follow them on twitter the interact and answer to all your questions! @godfree @peterocc @vicious696 thank you guys for bringing so much fun each and every week !