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This has been quite a treat to follow. Sad to hear that the host has departed the podast.
Diego Meozzi’s love of archaeology is very engaging. There’s not an archaeological topic he doesn’t understand in depth. He presents each news item with enough background to really put it in the staggering perspective of all of human history.
My favorite podcast, they do a wonderful job--good sound quality, great history, and a fun sense of humor. Love it, keep up the great work--and thanks for all your hard work!
This is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to it every week. David Connolly has a great BBC-esque voice and there is a wealth of information in each podcast—in tone and cadence, if not accent. Another great feature is the regularity. David and Diego put out a podcast every week unless David is out on a dig. Even if you have only a vague interest in archaeology, you should subscribe to this podcast; I think you will find that discovering where we all come from is important and interesting for everyone.
This is a fantastic podcast which features a personal touch to reviewing recent publications and finds.
This is a great podcast, not only is the presenter a good speaker, but the global view presented by the subject matter gives me hope for the goodness of humanity, visiting the past in the present leads to a better future - thank you for all your effort