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Anyone who doesn’t realize that Trump is a moron is also a moron.
I can’t make it home in time to watch the news so this works perfect! It allows me to listen the next morning to stay in tune with world and national events. One constructive criticism - try to upload sooner as it really seems to vary. For the west coast sometimes it’s uploaded at 630, sometimes 7, sometimes later.
I appreciate finding out what happened around the world in a short span of time. I especially appreciate the stories that close the podcast of regular people. I also might just say that I notice how have a way of sounding biased to bending ears.
I am not sure how or why they could issue a product with such a huge discrepancy between the sound levels voice of the journalist, interviewing, and the industry expert (muffled, unclear, not loud enough. The effect is jarring. Does NBC consider the product — Podcast bonus — “The Water Prize” to be too unimportant to expend sound engineering hours upon?
Interesting, colorful and appreciated reporting including sound effects, in minds eye feels like one is actually watching TV.
Don’t waste your time!
I think this is the best evening news podcast. Much better than CBS and ABC. Even better than PBS, because of length. But the reason I can’t and won’t give it 4 stars is that it never arrives before 10pm ( I think I understand due to the west coast crowd) but even worse the frequent missing days. It’s like the ones in charge of publishing the nightly podcast don’t know what their doing or even worse don’t care. YouTube is just as bad. Why would I want last night full broadcast in my feed tonight. Talk about stale and old news. NBC you have the best nightly show, but some people don’t have cable or a tv to watch it. Having a timely podcast would really make my life a lot better. 😩🤬😡
Very unreliable. 50/50 shot on whether or not there will be in episode to download.
The reporting is so bias. I don’t want it to slant right or left. Just give the facts and I will make my own determination. I an unsubscribing and will not watch on TV.
Thrilled that there are reporters out there who aren’t under tRump’s orange thumb. I will keep listening and I’ll tell my friends. We need to wake up and fight overt fascism.
A great way to get your daily dose of ANTI Trump propaganda. Would be wonderful if they could do A show without the words Russia and trump . Not sure why I waste my time same stories nightly . Months later now all they talk about is kids separated from there law breaking parents . I wonder if I were to break the law and get detained for a few days if I would be able to take my kids to jail with me !!! There news network is a JOKE !!! .


First 10 minutes talk about Donald Trump each time, am going to find a Podcast with more variety and facts surrounding world events.
Getting extremely tired of one sided opinionated “ news”. Not factual many times just opinion. I need to hear the story with facts. The facts must be too hard to do.
Ra quel Maddow is a total moron. Who put all these FAKE NEWS GARBAGE...I don't want these asinine PODCASTS. HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM??
Super biased against the President. Very obvious. Can’t listen anymore
I’m sick of your bull**** news pertaining to everything anti trump and feeding liberals fake media just to fuel the democratic agenda. Go to hell. I’m neutral and yet I can see right through the bs you’re trying to spill
Audio quality is the worst. The lasted episode only has audio from the left. It’s happened on many previous episodes. I can’t take it no more!!! As a major network I expect better.
Good news presentation but updates are sometimes show up on playlist 1-2 days late. Unsubscribing now that they play ads.
I get it, nothing in this world is free. But this new additions of ads ends up taking more time than the actual broadcast of news. Terrible addition. I used to enjoy getting my Nightly News Fix every day. Sadly, I am unsubscribing now. Good luck generating dollars with fewer listeners.
This podcast is running commercials and still not investing back into it! Weekend shows don’t get posted with consistency, Some shows are cut short, and shows during the holidays are posted with very poor frequency. ** hire someone FULL TIME to manage your podcast because the intern who doesn’t work weekends or holidays isn’t getting the job done! **
I have not fed horrible audio over the past couple podcasts, as if the audio feed is being taken from ambient microphones instead of mics close to the host.
The audio really needs work. Example: the podcast from 10/08/2017. The audio is so awful you can’t hear the newscaster at all
I like listening to the news and this cast seems to be the best summary of last night's news. That being said who ever edits this is seriously incompetent. It seems almost every episode has something wrong with it. Some days has random periods of dead air. Other days the episode ends midway. Today the audio for the announcers are tuned to a whisper while the music is cranked to a level that will make your ears bleed. Seriously do they even listen to this before they upload?
I used to enjoy this news podcast. Over the past few weeks the production quality has steadily decreased. Music overlays that are so loud the person speaking cannot he heard. Endless minutes of the opening theme music. Volume dramatically going up and down. I will now be looking for a new news source.
Not sure why, but the audio levels have been messed up recently. The intro music is really loud while the voices are super low.
The last 2 nights, at the beginning of the episode, all you could hear was the music. None of the voices were audible. Please fix the sound! Otherwise, love the full nightly news podcast.
The last two nights of the podcast are impossible to listen. There is only one track of a two track feed. Please fix! Otherwise, love the feed.
Unlike some other network nightly news podcasts, NBC hasn’t included ads for other podcasts. Unfortunately, the past few days, they apparently have someone mixing the sound who has no idea what they are doing. The main vocals are very difficult to hear, the opening music lasts over a minute, what should be the sound from background video is blasting, especially compared with the newscaster’s vocal level. Someone really needs to check the podcast before sending it out, otherwise, I would remove 3 of the 4 stars.
I love the news but hate the delay sometimes. Don't understand why I sometime can't get yesterday's 6pm news at 6am est the next day. Why is the turn around so slow. The TK show turns it in 2 hours.
Gave this a try but right away the news that was reported was lousy. Waste of time was my impression. Hope it gets better!
I don't like this podcast. NBC often doesn't update it for days on end. It's 8 May, and the last update was 5 May. Meanwhile major news has occured around the world. Maybe NBC should should change the name to "News When We Can Get Around to It"
I just want unbiased news. This isn't it.
Lester Holt and crew provide great info on what is going on in the world and on the different issues in politics.
Deleted app from phone after Lester Holts unabashed bias for Hilary last night (1st debate). Fire Lester and maybe I will download the app again. #disgusting
Becoming more and more unreliable as 'nightly' news. I like to listen to the news every night before I go to bed. How hard can it be post the audio feed from the nightly news cast. This should be an automated process.
I enjoy the newscast but listen on my schedule but with this broken app and an obvious "don't care" attitude from NBC to keep this podcast working, it's time to move to a different network. I miss the video podcast but now the show hasn't been able to download in a week. Time to move on.
Bring back the video version of this podcast!
I just unsubscribed after hearing a segment about a creationist's ark project described as being built "to god's specifications in the bible." Is that a fact? Think again, NBC. You just lost a viewer/listener. This is not news, it's free publicity.
This would be a five star review if I could count on consistent daily postings. News isn't NEWS if it's delayed.
This is a great podcast! Unfortunately,I've switched to ABC News as NBC isn't able to keep this podcast updated every evening. If you like news a day delayed or even omitted entirely- this is your podcast. ABC World News is my new go-to source.
This is my preferred daily US news program, but updates are inconsistent. Often not posted until the following day or skipped entirely. Occasionally the same one will be posted multiple, consecutive days.
I love the show, but TOO MANY TIMES it takes an entire day (or more) to get the show up. And many times last calendar year, it was never available.
No news oct 20? I guess they wanted to show everyone that complained about no video that it could be worse?
Would of been 5 stars but for some reason they took away the video podcast and only have audio now. Please bring back the video please.
Please bring the video podcast back.
NBC doesn't want to give you the news. Try took away the awesome video app when Brilliams went away. Now this pathetic audio podcast posts too late to be considered "news". And forget about streaming from their crap website - choppy and constant reloads. I may turn to Fox Spews! I'm that desperate!
Update: 4/23/15 - Decided to trial one week to see if improvements have been made in last 2 months. Advertisements are a necessity to fund their operation. Give them that, but not: 1) Having to wait for enough download to begin watching. 2) Not having the ability to preload video so it can be watched without internet connection. 3) Many missed episodes, especially on weekends. 4) Stalls (to load up) between “chapters”. 5) No ability to fast forward, rewind 30 sec, nor on screen volume control, time remaining to end (user does math [total time minus elapsed time]). Still a big NO for NBC app. A big step backward without incorporating customer issues. Initial review 2/14/15: OK, this was good, nay great! But now that they have discontinued this podcast in favor of their app, I now will no longer watch NBC Nightly News because: 1 - As of 2/14/15 their podcast doesn’t allow me to D/L for use in areas without i-net. 2 - Their app makes them special(ly annoying) in that they leave iTunes requiring special action to run their app. Consolidation had it’s value, respecting my time and making it simple, one update button to update all iTunes podcasts. GOOD BYE NBC NIGHTLY NEWS!