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Come on guys someone needs to listen to the final cut of your podcast and get rid of the clickety-clacking in the background it is really hard to listen to your podcast with all the clickety-clack
Inconsistent in posting times and there is a ticking noise every few seconds. I wind up stopping the episodes because I can’t listen to the ticking.
NBC podcast volume is muted, but advertising is loud and clear. NBC’s bottom line must be advertising and not reporting the News.
NBC Nightly News has become blatantly liberal with a strong theme of inflammatory spin. They do NOT practice unbiased, fact based reporting. I am deleting this app and going over to CBS news. Absolutely disappointed in this ‘news’ outlet.
I agree with previous comments. Inconsistent getting podcast posted. At present most recent episode was posted on Sunday. It’s Tuesday night! Who wants to listen to the the news from 3 days ago. Now that I went back and looked whoever posts the new content needs to get a calendar. They dates are all screwed up. There is no Monday Aug 7. Again. Very poor performance by podcast staff and reflects poorly on NBC and Lester Holt. Step aside and get someone to post the daily newscasts as soon as they are finished and proof read your detail, dates, and descriptions. Without current news and correct dates on each newscast this is podcast gets 1 Star and is worthless. Get your act together. You make Apple NBC and Podcasts al look bad when you can’t get a newscast posted or have the correct dates on the ones you do post.
Portland is on day 75 of full on RIOTS. Chicago is also experiencing rioting and looting. Seattle is facing continuous rioting and violence. Where is the news about this? Why aren’t these events being reporting on, during the nightly news? Really makes you question the authenticity of your news source.
Biased news...always. I’m out.
Relentless reporting of COVID-19 and Anti-Trump propaganda. Definition of - FAR LEFT news
Fake news
My only complaint is they aren’t consistent on the time it’s made available. It’s generally consistent but there are relatively frequent times it’s delayed hours or even until the next day
Somehow this is the only podcast that I’ve heard where the ads are placed in the midst of a news segment. Please put them back to in between the stories. It is making this sound like a very unprofessionally crafted podcast.
I thought shows weren’t allowed to double or triple the volume for commercials. I am disappointed ESPN has to do this. Very annoying for the listener who is trying to relax.
I thought this was America one of the greatest countries in the world. However I don’t know where I am is this bizarro world?
Accurate information, strong & compelling news delivery and compassionate reporting when appropriate.
Good information, as well as a positive news event in the end
Please ask the public to throw away their used mask and gloves in the trash and not all over the street. Thank you.
I’m only a kid, but I’m a know - it - all. I watch Lester Holt every night. The only thing is that I wish you STUPID PROTESTORS would just stop caring about your idiotic problems! You are going to encourage the governors to open up the WHOLE U.S.! More than 44,000 deaths, BTW. And also you’re all stupid idiots with no brains. Thanks Lester Holt!!
Why should we still take advice from The crooked WHO! Is there another organization we can take advice from? Preferably an organization inclusive of Taiwan.
The gold standard in news reporting, particularly in times of crisis.


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Sorry i thought i was writing a review for tyt
Thank you NBC for providing dependable fact based news that I can depend on! I appreciate your efforts to tell all sides of a story as objective journalists. I especially like how you end each show with positive and inspiring stories!!!
Love listening to this!
The program is a quality program. But, a warning to those subscribing, in addition to news it also downloads unrelated audio files that seem completely advertising.
I’ve come to rely on the NBC nightly news podcast for getting my news because I live abroad and want to stay informed of what is happening back at home. I’m disappointed when I can’t download the latest podcast even though it just aired on TV in the US. I usually download the latest episode before going to work in the morning after it airs on the east coast of the US. But more often than not the episode is not ready to download. It’s sometimes over an entire day late - by then the news is stale and I’ve gotten it from other sources. Please upload your content sooner!
Reporting the daily news is NOT biased. The news just doesn’t suit your ideals. Thank you Lester Holt!
Bruh this is a podcast against the president. If you like the president don’t watch
Good except more commercials than competitors
Super biased against the President. Very obvious. Can’t listen anymore. Could you ever give both sides? Sickening
This podcast does a great job giving me my daily dose of news I may have missed that day. I usually start my day by listening to the nightly news from the day prior and it helps me feel involved with current events not only in the US, but globally.
Good but too many free advertising. So, so boring to keep promoting shopping. It has NOTHING to do with News. Should have Ben paid for all those commercials (sois anout shopping and “deals”)
The stories seem to be fact-based and politically neutral. If I want more detail i search for online written stories.
Excellent concise review of the day’s news. Lester gives an authentic thotful revue of the news.
I moved out of the country and enjoyed keeping up with the domestic news, but I realized how terrible the “headlines” are and they really grind my gears. Continuous incomplete sentence urgent phrases flowing out of hosts’s mouths!
Too one-sided it's not even funny. I try to stay open-minded, but these guys lean way too far to the left. Almost sensationalist.
Stories seem fair and are a good variety. My only complaint is that they keep the bumpers for a story (“coming up next...”) and play the story immediately after. While I understand why these are needed for tv, the podcast has no breaks, so it makes little sense to keep those in, just go from story to story.
Great way to listen to the news if I don’t have time to watch. Love that it’s all 7 days a week not just M-F!
I was hoping to see a podcast for the Democratic Debate aired 7/30 & 7/31. It was so convenient to listen to June’s debates, I had my hopes up to listen to July’s.
I don’t mind the audio issues or commercials. However, it would be ideal if they released the episodes right after the broadcast. Releasing the podcast the next day is useless. A lot can change since the release and the whole point is to get the nightly news. Disappointing.
Anyone who doesn’t realize that Trump is a moron is also a moron.
I can’t make it home in time to watch the news so this works perfect! It allows me to listen the next morning to stay in tune with world and national events. One constructive criticism - try to upload sooner as it really seems to vary. For the west coast sometimes it’s uploaded at 630, sometimes 7, sometimes later.
I appreciate finding out what happened around the world in a short span of time. I especially appreciate the stories that close the podcast of regular people. I also might just say that I notice how have a way of sounding biased to bending ears.
I am not sure how or why they could issue a product with such a huge discrepancy between the sound levels voice of the journalist, interviewing, and the industry expert (muffled, unclear, not loud enough. The effect is jarring. Does NBC consider the product — Podcast bonus — “The Water Prize” to be too unimportant to expend sound engineering hours upon?
Interesting, colorful and appreciated reporting including sound effects, in minds eye feels like one is actually watching TV.
Don’t waste your time!
I think this is the best evening news podcast. Much better than CBS and ABC. Even better than PBS, because of length. But the reason I can’t and won’t give it 4 stars is that it never arrives before 10pm ( I think I understand due to the west coast crowd) but even worse the frequent missing days. It’s like the ones in charge of publishing the nightly podcast don’t know what their doing or even worse don’t care. YouTube is just as bad. Why would I want last night full broadcast in my feed tonight. Talk about stale and old news. NBC you have the best nightly show, but some people don’t have cable or a tv to watch it. Having a timely podcast would really make my life a lot better. 😩🤬😡
Very unreliable. 50/50 shot on whether or not there will be in episode to download.
The reporting is so bias. I don’t want it to slant right or left. Just give the facts and I will make my own determination. I an unsubscribing and will not watch on TV.