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The reporting is so bias. I don’t want it to slant right or left. Just give the facts and I will make my own determination. I an unsubscribing and will not watch on TV.
A great way to get your daily dose of ANTI Trump propaganda. Would be wonderful if they could do A show without the words Russia and trump . Not sure why I waste my time same stories nightly . Months later now all they talk about is kids separated from there law breaking parents . I wonder if I were to break the law and get detained for a few days if I would be able to take my kids to jail with me !!! There news network is a JOKE !!! .
Getting extremely tired of one sided opinionated “ news”. Not factual many times just opinion. I need to hear the story with facts. The facts must be too hard to do.
Ra quel Maddow is a total moron. Who put all these FAKE NEWS GARBAGE...I don't want these asinine PODCASTS. HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM??
I’m sick of your bull**** news pertaining to everything anti trump and feeding liberals fake media just to fuel the democratic agenda. Go to hell. I’m neutral and yet I can see right through the bs you’re trying to spill
Good news presentation but updates are sometimes show up on playlist 1-2 days late. Unsubscribing now that they play ads.
I get it, nothing in this world is free. But this new additions of ads ends up taking more time than the actual broadcast of news. Terrible addition. I used to enjoy getting my Nightly News Fix every day. Sadly, I am unsubscribing now. Good luck generating dollars with fewer listeners.
This podcast is running commercials and still not investing back into it! Weekend shows don’t get posted with consistency, Some shows are cut short, and shows during the holidays are posted with very poor frequency. ** hire someone FULL TIME to manage your podcast because the intern who doesn’t work weekends or holidays isn’t getting the job done! **
I have not fed horrible audio over the past couple podcasts, as if the audio feed is being taken from ambient microphones instead of mics close to the host.
The audio really needs work. Example: the podcast from 10/08/2017. The audio is so awful you can’t hear the newscaster at all
I like listening to the news and this cast seems to be the best summary of last night's news. That being said who ever edits this is seriously incompetent. It seems almost every episode has something wrong with it. Some days has random periods of dead air. Other days the episode ends midway. Today the audio for the announcers are tuned to a whisper while the music is cranked to a level that will make your ears bleed. Seriously do they even listen to this before they upload?
I used to enjoy this news podcast. Over the past few weeks the production quality has steadily decreased. Music overlays that are so loud the person speaking cannot he heard. Endless minutes of the opening theme music. Volume dramatically going up and down. I will now be looking for a new news source.
Not sure why, but the audio levels have been messed up recently. The intro music is really loud while the voices are super low.
The last 2 nights, at the beginning of the episode, all you could hear was the music. None of the voices were audible. Please fix the sound! Otherwise, love the full nightly news podcast.
I give this podcast 4 start for quality of production. I give NBC zero stars for quality of content.
I don't like this podcast. NBC often doesn't update it for days on end. It's 8 May, and the last update was 5 May. Meanwhile major news has occured around the world. Maybe NBC should should change the name to "News When We Can Get Around to It"
Lester Holt and crew provide great info on what is going on in the world and on the different issues in politics.
I enjoy the newscast but listen on my schedule but with this broken app and an obvious "don't care" attitude from NBC to keep this podcast working, it's time to move to a different network. I miss the video podcast but now the show hasn't been able to download in a week. Time to move on.
This is a great podcast! Unfortunately,I've switched to ABC News as NBC isn't able to keep this podcast updated every evening. If you like news a day delayed or even omitted entirely- this is your podcast. ABC World News is my new go-to source.
No news oct 20? I guess they wanted to show everyone that complained about no video that it could be worse?
Would of been 5 stars but for some reason they took away the video podcast and only have audio now. Please bring back the video please.
Lame that NBC is only providing the audio podcast, guess I will soon have to get my news from elsewhere.
I guess I will have to consider ABC or CBS
Why hasn't this audio podcast been updated by the video one has?
yecchh!! enough of the bloody english baby!! bloody hell! and enough of that silly bush, his silly socks, and his new haircut!! i want some real news!!
Cliff's notes on the biggest news stories of the day
My goodness - how long does it take to post the days news? Seems like a number of podcasts have gotten slightly lazy and have failed at making available their podcast on a regular and timely basis - cant believe this would be the case as you would think they are in the business of attracting audiences - especially NBC
The audio editing is amateur, unprofessional. There are many basement podcasters who do a better job at sound leveling and editing.
Daily updates around 7 eastern should be plenty enough time. How can it go days with old news? Someone should be fired. Brian Willams is the best there is.
I find it incredibly annoying that most of the time there's an old episode and not one at all available. It is my favorite news program but the audio podcast is very poorly managed.
This is the excellent way to get update with the news, I love this podcast ,Thank you.
Its nice listening to the news in the morning at work. Wish there were more than one episode to download. Other than that is great.
I leave from Internet for couple of days, and return for all missed news. But I can never find them for there is only one day's news available. Come on! Put at least 5 items on the list!
We disconnected the cable cord a few months ago and I can't consistently view the news online do this podcast is a great option! I plug it into my stereo dock and listen to it while I make dinner. Keeps me updated on the days events and is updated enough for me. I know NBC has some issues with the today podcasts. Overall love it and love hearing Brian Williams each night.
3 days without a new episode for a program that happens every night?...time for another network
Excellent news program. I look forward to each download and appreciate the professionalism.
Keeps me watching evening news, a relic of the olden days that I otherwise would have already written off. Keep it fresh, keep it coming!
I really appreciate being able to listen to NBC nightly news on my iPhone . Thanks NBC for making this available!
This 20 min podcast is the perfect way to start the day. It's a brief but very informative broadcast of the top news stories from the previous day.
This is a great daily podcast, but now it the news a day late!!!! What happened!!
Thanks guys for posting via audio only! I listen to these on my commutes and am very grateful!
I love this podcast I listen to it every night
Can't watch so I listen the next morning at the gym thanks
This has been really helpful in keeping up with current events, especially if you listen to talks shows like Diane Reehm or Fresh Air. The news is serious and entertaining, which is a relief compared to many of the other main stream news. I would give them half a star less only because they need to be a little more regular in updating their posts. They've been skipping some days.
This program spews liberal propaganda ......full of Global Warmers and Obama Droolers
NBC nightly news is a great place to get a once daily dose of the day's top stories. I dig it.
I subscribed to this podcast during the campaign and relished in watching nightly news each night on my commute home. But suddenly, on Election night, this podcast fell a day behind somehow, and hasn't caught up. So now you always have last night's news. A lot of good that does. Also, I thought NBC was ahead of it's game in this podcast as they give you a full 22 minute podcast of the news compared to ABC's watered down 15 minute version of their nightly news. But as it turns out, NBC just padded their podcast with more commercials to make up the bulk of that 7 minute deficite. ABC at least is encoding their nightly new podcast in 4mv format and they have chapter markers in case you want to skip straight to the story of interest to you. NBC doesn't, so unless you're adept at moving the time slider around in minute increments, you pretty much have to watch the whole podcast from beginning to end. What happened NBC? Why is your news podcast a day old now? If you're going to postpone podcasts for 24 hours, fine, but don't call it "News" then.
It is sad when anyone dies, but when I listen - and I suspect when most people listen - to the Nightly News, we expect to hear all the news, not just a excessively long obituary for someone who means little to most listeners. A few minutes would be fine, but the whole broadcast? Ridiculous. If it had been more aptly titled "NBC Nightly Obituary", I would have deleted it and gone on to something else. Not a word about the disgraceful Supreme Court decision. No news at all. ...Several days later: My indifference to T.R. has turned to contempt after all this sickening fawning.
Is it possible to only release one show instead of two. I understand that you film one for the east coast and one for the west. Most of the times they are only 10 seconds difference. It would be okay with me (on the east coast) to only get the west coast's news because some of the election news could have changed between recordings.