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I’m a woman who works in construction. If I wanted to hear about how three queens have broken up over not being able to agree on issues, that from what I can tell, they really don’t know anything about, I’d go get an office job. Build a bridge and get over it.


I would give it 5 stars if you shoot Debra and bring back Wanda wizturd
So happy to see this podcast return from years on pause. Funniest, most acerbic look at culture, politics and turds. Madge Weinstein is, of course, totally OG.
The most original and entertaining show on iTunes. Very funny
Always marvelous discussions with valid points of views on various topics. Entertaining, enlightening, and engaging episodes for the listeners. Informative and yet always amusing too. These three distinct personalities know how to make it work.
These three absolutely fabulous people hit the mark over and over. Dynamic, truly heart felt (at times), and funny. Fantastic!
Even if you aren't a fan of all three of these ladies, the combination makes for great, and often informative, fun! Also, after getting an impression of their personalities, you can listen to each of them seperately on their respective shows - Madge at Yeast Radio, The Progrum with Wanda Wisdom, and Vera Speaks. I became addicted to listening to Madge at Yeast Radio once the shows ceased being recorded in 2011 and found a fourth personality, the absolutely hilarious and oft frightening gem, Cheryl Merkowski (Cheryl's Whorehole). Give this a try and you might find a handful of other podcasts with which to fall in love love.
I truly miss this podcast. I always check back just in case.
I love this show! its hard to find a group of gays that can talk about politics and religion and actually be able to defend and see the other point of view. I miss the show when it came out ever week, but then again its hard to arrange for 3 different people to al sit down for over an hour and talk about some harsh subjects. I give a link to this show to all of my friends and post on social sites because this show is worth the hour long show. A+++++


This show is a shadow of it's former self. All they do know is batch at the audience and ask for money.
If you are looking for a podcast with three classy ladies, this is not it. Instead you get the three best woman on the planet. First you get the bloated lesbian Madge Weinstein, Next you have everyone’s favorite Aunt Auntie Vera Charles. And finally you get the ever delicious drag queen from God’s country Wanda Wisdom . This is a must listen to podcast, if you are looking to have a great laugh and feel like you are sitting around with your pals talking about the things we are normally afraid to talk about.
These GIRRRLLLLS are mad crazy hysterical & I just love them!!!
The more I listen to ETHS, the more I love it. I always enjoy the differing viewpoints, and yes, sometimes even the spats. Keep up the good work, ladies!


By Brackie
My favorite podcast next to yeast radio.
I'm grateful for podcasts like this - funny, stimulating & essential There needs to be more programs like this!
Please, fellow listeners, join me in praying for these three lost souls. I've listened to their program for many months now and have heard in their collective voice the willingness and desire to be Saved. Their enthusiasm tells me they can be led back to the path. It only takes our effort and, God willing, they will serve as an example to others stumbling through the shadows.
I keep wanting to turn it off, but I can't. It's like audio crack. Like a train wreck. And I can't look away! When they stop talking over each other, it's a damn good show. The sane one, Wanda. The pessimistic one, Madge. And the one in denial, Vera. Together they make a powerful show. A must listen.
Eat This Hot Show has been around a long time and for good reason. Each of the podcasters have fantastic solo programs and when they come together they put on an even better show. Topics range from the superficial to the profound, more of the latter than the former. Drama has run high on this program, but the remaining podcasters have been able to deal with it constructively and in a way that furthers the conversation rather than taking personal offense. I shall continue listening to this show until Madge's Alzenheimer's gets the best of her! Five stars!
I came to Hot Show by way of Madge, who I've respected for a number of years, and ended up staying for this eclectic mix of intelligent nutbags. Easily one of the smartest and funniest podcasting groups out there.


These three are so great when they're not arming the nukes against each other (okay, I lied, they're even great then). I don't know how to describe this show other than to say this: if you sit through an episode and don't get emotionally charged in SOME direction, you need to check your pulse because you're probably dead.
IT NEEDS MORE WANDA ALREADY! Gotta love that girl!
I have to say what a treat these gals are. I think the interaction is great and they aren't afraid to argue but still go home friends. I can't wait for the next course.
That's it. This show has nothing to offer except the 3 hosts who love to hear their own voices. It's pretty awful.
I must say I do enjoy this show. They are willing to take chances and they have interesting topics. I like all three podcasts separately as well, and I'm gratified that three such different personalities can be so supportive and obviously loving friends. The worst part of the show is the Skype-iness. If they could only get that figured out...but I fear it's a hopeless cause.
Each one of these podcasters, on their own shows, are a five star rating. But together, on this show -- not so good. It is like the All-Star game in major leauge baseball. It is great to see the all-stars out on the field, but the actual game is terrible. That is what Eat This Hot Show is like. Too bad, because it does not have to be that way.
FMK! FMK! F Wanda, because she could whisper sweet Japanese proverbs in my ear. M Ragan, because we could banter each other all night and day. K Madge, because the afterlife is run by progressive Democrats.


three of the most talented podcasters around join force once a week to enlighten America with cyncism, satire, and love. Wisdom, Weinstein, and Fox are it. nothing else to be said. this was my first podcast and it still ranks as one of my favorites. these gals will definitely set your iPod on fire... in a good way. just don't bring up potatos.
Some of the shows that I listen to have asked their listener base to come over here and vote. I however, came here of my own volition because I have to say that Eat This Hot Show is, if not THE best, one of the best shows out there. As a queer-identifying straight guy (that's right- I'm graight), I must say that every one of the hosts, both in their own shows, and especially in this group show, makes me grateful that podcasting has come into my life. BRAVO!
These three are a treat. I enjoy each time a new Eat This Hot Show loads up in iTunes. It will be the first one I listen to that day!
best on itunes
Ragan Fox, Madge Weinstein and Wanda Wisdom combine their talents to discuss important topics, culture and go crazy on guest hosts. They are hilarious! This is probably the best group podcast on the internet. I look forward to it every week.
Okay the only thing I like better than my ipod is this show playing on my little nano. Wish Cheryl was on a bit more.. she has such a sweet voice.
5 Stars for you! One Of The Best On itunes.