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Been a listener since 2007, these guys are timely and sincere. As outrageous and absurd as they can be, my life would not be the same without them today. Unfortunately these guys have had some tough times lately but I know they will bounce back! It's a part of the process of this show to laugh and feel joy with these guys as well as feel their pain when they get UTI's from getting too friendly with the jacuzzi. (heavy on the cuzz!) Not to be confused with Scuzzi.
Funniest podcast out there for gays or straights.
Because you will drop weights on your face. These guys are consistently hilarious and I've really enjoyed getting to know them over the past EIGHT years through their podcast. From Cher jokes to Chinese Splits, to stories about JUDY! and Mary, Patrick and Noah make me laugh so hard that I often look like a crazy person at the gym or on the subway. If you don't listen to this podcast, then you're not living your life to its fullest potential and frankly, I don't want to be friends with you.
This podcast is like hanging out with friends at your friendly neighborhood bar and laughing it up over pop culture. Equal parts hilarity and heart, with a good amount of filth (no more filth than your standard morning show romper room, with better sound effects) These guys have a quick wit and a smart head on their shoulders. Enjoy!
Do yourself a big favor and listen today.
Noah and Patrick teach my little girl everything she knows and I couldn't be prouder.
The steady stream of hilarity that pours forth from the P and the N and the sometimes R is nothing short of genius. They BLOW all the other pods away(FOF). From kotexmex to Annie fever, the will always have you on you knees... laughing. I have to go now and shoot some fireworks up into the steel magnolia tree. JUDY!!!!!!!
Always makes me laugh out loud.
Hi This is Chris from NJ I just wanted to say that you guys are AWESOME! My hubby Rob and myself listen faithfully and laugh the whole show! Finding this show has been like finding an ever flowing fountain of JOY(not the dish soap)LOL! It's comforting to know that there are other gay men out there that are as crazy as us! Keep up the GREAT work ,We love you Noah,Pat,& Rob<3<3<3
It's inherently a show about the interests of the two hosts (sometimes three, sometimes four) which range from musicals, to Internet sensations, to pop culture, to music, and then poop jokes. It is a show for people who are not easily offended definitely. A good listen, seriously give them a shot!
I've been listening for years and it keeps me smiling, shaking my head, and laughing out loud. It's filled with niche inside jokes and relatable stories of these young(ish) gays living their lives in Chicago. So much fun!
I want to be the sugardaddy of all these boys. I even donated to the podcast in the vain hope of meeting them in person I wish they would stop comparing themselves to Hardwick and Maron...I listen to PNS precisely because it isn't like those two
If you don't fall off your chair laugh while listening to this podcast, then I don't have time for you.
Patrick, Noah and sometimes Rob are hilarious.
I love this podcast! They are so quick witted, honest, genuine and funny!
These boys rock my cradle every night. I don't know how I can get to sleep after laughing so hard, but I do, and with a giant smile on my face. Listening to audio is such an intimate experience, so I feel like I am part of the camaraderie and the fun. Thank you Patrick, Noah, Rob, Chaz(zie), Mommy, and Lourdes. Just tell me: how is Scott? --southslope, NYC
been listening to this show for a while and i am addicted. there really is not structure to the show but it works for them. way better then those feast fools lol
Everything I ever needed to know about my '.' I learned from Patrick and Noah.
This is seriously one of the funnest podcasts out there! The guys keep me laughing and make doing cardio at the gym bearable while I listen to them on my iPod. Keep up the great work guys! Jason
I love these guys! They always have me laughing and giggling! Its not for the faint of heart thought. If you are easily offended these guys might not be for you. I wish they would come out with a new episode every day I love them so much!
Omg wear a depends cuz they are so craycray!!! luffs ya mean it
for these guys to become the #1 gay podcast in Chicago. They deserve it. They're witty, outrageous, funny, and yet cuddly.
Movies About Girls Podcast enjoys your chacha shoe antics and comentary of randomness!
I love this show.
This Trio of young men from Chicago produce one of the funnier programs on the internet. Bewarned they earn their explicit tag, but it is funny.
Rolling on the floor laughing my gay a*s off! These gentlemen are so damn funny! There improv abilities to riff off one another are such a delight. One of my new favorite podcasts!

By eawaz
2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink, 1 for my homies, and 1 cause I drink. Naughty squirrels need gloves too, and that's why I listen to the PNSexplosion. Tamp it to the Max!
Listening to Patrick, Noah & sometimes Rob is like being a pledge in a Gay Frat being subjected to finger banging by midgets dressed as Kate Gosslin
These guys are the greatest! My workweek wouldn't be the same without this podcast. Innovative, hilarious, and cute. They have great characters, funny songs, and lighthearted attitudes. Thanks guys for doing what you do. STILL the best gay podcast by far!
Love these boys! They keep things fresh and fun. Much better and more frequently updated than any other comedy podcast not put out by a corporation. These wonderful men are down to earth and make everypodcast feel like you're hanging out with them. I've been listening for about two years and have yet to be dissapointed!
I am a gay truck driver and I love this f'n show! I only wish there were more! Keep up the good work guys!
I've listened to this podcast for a while now and I always look forward to new episodes! These boys are entertaining, funny and they know their stuff when it comes to musicals and theater!!! I talk about them all the time and I recommend them ALL THE TIME!
Take this as a pub(l)ic service announcemnet. Do not listen to this show if you are on a bus, airplain or at a funeral. You will laugh so hard, you will just embarass yourself. Trust me, I speak from experience.
Noah with his quiet chuckles, Patrick with the fart jokes and Rob's drunken outbursts. It's like my family Thanksgiving dinners every show. Love Love Love this podcast from the guys in Chicago. It's light, funny and witty, never fails to make me laugh out loud and has something for everybody. Gay, Straight, whatever just Subscribe! LISTEN TO EPISODE #367 RIGHT NOW! Rob angrilly stating, "Black T*t!" in defense of Janet Jackson made me laugh so hard, a little pee came out. Keep up the good work.
I began listening to this podcast a few years ago though a friend of my ex-girlfriend. And since then the PNS guys have been there for me though a lot, break ups, nursing exams and even deaths. Simply an amazing podcast and as cheesy as it sounds I don't think I would be the person I am today without it over the years.
Patrick, Noah, Rob. These are the men of podcast comedy, I believe. I look forward to this show like the birth of my first child. Which I'll never have. But it's so incredibly funny, so real life.
This show is funny and always brings a smile to my face and a clench to my sphincter. I recommend it to all of my friends. That's what I would say if I had friends. It is just like sitting in a dive bar with your best friends a couple of times a week. And we all love that.
I loved this podcast and makes me so happy when a shows is posted. Anything where Cher pops up is amazing. LOVE IT!!


By mvjk
OMG I ttly LOVE this show!!! im just writing a general reveiw but this show is sooooo fuego!!!!! LOVE, Leon (lio for short ^_^)
Hilarious podcast. Those boys are talented and witty. Highly recommended if you like your humor on the adult side.
One of the best podcasts out there! Clever, witty, disgusting, shocking, and a must listen!
Careful, you *will* get addicted to PNS. Highly recommeded for the mindless yet stimulating discourse that keeps you coming back for more. Dirty humor at it's finest.
PNS is a must have pod cast it's a mess of so many good things.
These guys are great! They make me laugh so hard, they brighten my day when I listen to them. Cant wait every week to hear what they have to say.


this show is great patrick noah and rob make my day most days thanks guys
The content is pretty good at times, not so much at others. The audio quality is hit or miss, sometimes hard to hear when driving in the car. They tend to bash another (superior imho) gay podcast, which can be annoying. I tune in once in awhile but usually only when out of other stuff to listen to. But you should take a listen for yourself, and like most of the other reviewers here maybe you will really like it.